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Back by popular demand! Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos.
Created by

Jeffrey Crouse

128 backers pledged $4,035 to help bring this project to life.

Only two weeks left!

Hey everyone,

First I just wanted to thank everyone who has contributed so far. It's extremely gratifying that 111 people thought this project was worthwhile enough to donate to. I can't emphasize this enough. But we're not done yet!

As of today, we have exactly 2 weeks left before the end of the campaign, and we still have over $500 to raise. In addition to your awesome contributions, I'd like to ask all of you for one more favor:

In the next week, please tell as many people as possible about the campaign. Tweet it, Facebook it, write it on a dead tree and send it USPS to your long-lost relatives in the Ukraine. I really believe we can push it over the top so that I can finish this project and make the world look a little less like a Nascar racer.

Thanks again to you all for contributing. You guys rock!

In other project news:

As you probably know, one of my goals of this project is to make it a successful free software project - as community-driven as possible. In order to do this, not only must the code work, but it must be accessible, well documented, and conform to well-known standards/conventions. This is what I've been working on for the past few weeks, when I can find the time. It is kind of tedious, but completely necessary, and easier to do sooner rather than later.

To this end, I am looking for collaborators: people who would like to get involved with the coding -- particularly people who are familiar with c++, GNU autotools, and computer vision techniques. If you happen to know anyone like this, please send them my way.

Lastly, I just came across this project, and I thought you guys might be interested:

It uses an interesting analysis technique that I haven't looked into yet, but it seems might be useful for Unlogo.

Have a great week!