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Southern California's first convention specifically for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All bronies welcome!
Southern California's first convention specifically for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All bronies welcome!
63 backers pledged $2,789 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Date and venue announced!

Well, we met our goal - AND reserved a date for our event!

Equestria LA will be held November 3, 2012 inside of the Anaheim Convention Center.

It's great that we met our first goal (funding most of our venue rental) but we still need to raise a lot more funds for special guests and merchandise. So please spread the word about donating!

Many of you who have donated have yet to let us know if you'd like an audio message from your favorite pony, so if you have yet to receive one, please email with the details!

Meet the core staff behind Equestria LA!

Thanks to the group called "SoCal Bronies", I was able to get in touch with three other ambitious, experienced people who are dedicating themselves to getting this convention off the ground. I know that when considering whether to donate to something, it helps to get to know the people behind it, so here's a bit of information about us! (Please note that staff positions are subject to change based on the best interests of Equestria L.A.)

Want to meet us in person? We'll be discussing Equestria L.A. at the March Mare-a-thon in Anaheim so come on out!

(And remember, if you've donated to the con and still haven't received your audio shoutout, message me at with the details of what you'd like!)

Kira Buckland (Rina-chan)
Previous experience: Founder of Senshi-Con (Alaska's first anime convention) as well as the smaller-scale Usagi-Con. Tournament/gaming director for various events.
What got me interested in this con: After seeing the success of other MLP-related conventions, Southern California bronies were talking about how we can't afford to travel out of state and how a major area like Los Angeles needs its own convention, I decided to take the initiative!
Staff Role: Master of ceremonies, programming/scheduling coordinator, panelist, assisting with guest relations

Karen Padilla (glittering-pony)
Previous Experience: I've mostly attended cons like SDCC and Blizzcon for the last 12 years. On ocassions I will work at SDCC to help promote movies (like last year's Cowboys & Aliens) or promote the prop company I work with, HMS Creations. I do special effects makeup, so you might have seen a zombie or vampire of mine if you've attended SDCC in the past couple years.
What got me interested in this con: The Brony community. I attended a meetup and there was all this desire for a con to happen closer, so I decided I'd be the one to set things into motion. Also, BronyCon (bronNYcon) factored in a lot. I watched the livestreams of BronyCon and I thought it would be a great idea to hold one in LA; not just copy them but improve on what they offered.
Staff role: Co-event planner (to include managing staff and stage directing) and hopefully Artist Panel director.

Grant Geiselman (Grant G.)
Previous Experience: I've worked with numerous tech companies to put on large events out here in LA and work with multi-video displays, light boards in several theaters, and have been an audio engineer for numerous community events and theatrical productions. My current employment is a member of the technical team that works on a 30ft display rig with concert arrays to run a movies in the park event for the city during the summer. I also have experience in live video production and interned for an editing/ production company in previous years.
What got me interested in this con: After seeing some of the technical problems at BronyCon and desire for a similar local event, I decided I should help out from the live tech aspect to help alleviate difficulties.
Staff role: Head of Technical Operations (Soundboard/Display/Lighting Operations)

David Cuyno (gear9242 / TheIronPony)
Previous Experience: While not an avid con-goer, I've been to several cons on all ends of the spectrum. For those of you who are familiar with it, I was a regular attendee of Key Club International's District Convention from 2007 to 2010. These were highly formal and regimented events. I've also been to Califur and more recently Further Confusion, which were more open and fun than the former conventions. Having documented all five of these I've garnered a lot of experience. In addition, my job will often ask me to photograph official events when they arise. Any equipment that I don't have I am more than willing to rent myself. Outside of this, photography has been a serious passion of mine for the past 5 years. Also, I have a little experience with short video production.
What got me interested in this con: Seeing the popularity of BroNYCon explode in the past few months, I was always wondering when Southern California would host it's own Brony convention. I was pleasantly surprised to see that a few others were wondering the same, and their willingness to put forth as much dedication as I am.
Staff Role: Media Director and Organizer (Photography / Panel Livestreaming / Working with Head of Tech. Ops.)

How to get your audio message!

First off, thank you SO much for all the donations and spreading the word! We are almost 1/4 of the way to our goal already!

Now, for those of you who donated $10 or more and have not yet received your audio message, please e-mail me directly at with your favorite pony and what you want the message to say (just to give you a couple ideas, we've already done a voicemail message from Twilight and a "thanks for supporting us" from Applejack.) I recently got two new voice actresses to help me out with the voices I can't do (you may know them from Epic Cupcake/Pie Time), so I will be posting their samples on the page soon as well.

Thanks again for supporting our venture!