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Southern California's first convention specifically for fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. All bronies welcome!

With the ever-expanding popularity among all ages and genders of "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic", pony-themed conventions have been started around the US. My aim is to create this experience in the Los Angeles area through a one-day convention targeted at the MLP community.

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Funding priorities are securing a venue (most important), inviting special guests, and other general event expenses (badges, equipment, etc.)

Planned Activities:
*Opening & Closing Ceremonies
*Panel discussions with various producers of My Little Pony-related fan content such as animators, artists, musicians and voice actors
*Live question and answer period with special guests
*Live musical performance by featured guest DJ(s)
*Brony meet-n-greet
*Pony Cosplay Competition
*Vendors & artist tables
*MLP Music singalong

And more! Remember, the only limits are imagination and funding!

Tier 1 Sponsors ($100 or more)
Cameron Davidson
Richard Thomas
Ryan Marshall
Victor Frost
Victor Daworker
Kevin McCarver
Samuel Jeffries

Tier 2 Sponsors ($50-$100)AprizzleAK
Jackelynne Chubin
Mr. Alaska
Stephen Magnet
Timothy Zarki
Chris Nakagawa

Tier 3 Sponsors ($25-$50)
Nathaniel Lind
Edwyn Tiong
Jon Molnar
Joshua Tomar
Allan Wang


  • Right now I'm looking at mid-October 2012, at a university or other event venue in the San Fernando Valley. The size and quality of the venue we get depends on the funding we receive, so please help us out! And if you know of any reasonably priced venues in the LA area, feel free to shoot me a message. :)

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  • Preregistration will LIKELY be between $25-$35 (but subject to change based on budget needs). Some cons charge 50-60, but we want to keep it affordable for bronies everywhere while still being able to provide a good event experience. Preregistration will obviously be cheaper than at-door cost.

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  • I have three special guests I am currently hoping to bring (in the best case scenario) but either way, we will try to have at least one guest of honor depending on what the budget allows. I cannot reveal what the guests will be until they are confirmed, obviously.

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  • Please like us on Facebook at and stay tuned for information on volunteering or how to be a panelist.

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  • Email me at with your favorite pony and what you want said in that pony's voice (please keep it appropriate!) I will respond to the message or forward it to one of the voice actresses who agreed to provide their talent to help out Equestria LA. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery!

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    Get a short customized audio message from your favorite pony! (Messages will be recorded and delivered by our voice actor team)

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    Win a 1-day date with Dashie of the My Little Dashie show. (Yes, seriously!)

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