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Collecting, at last, all of the previous Champion of Children stories, plus a brand new story by Corance Davis & Rasheed Hines.
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Ladies and Gentlemen: K.L. Robertson!

K.L. Robertson is a driving force behind Champion of Children. He not only drew the first story, "I'm Known as the Champ", but is responsible for much of the world's look and tone. Who's K.L. Robertson? Glad you asked:

K.L. Robertson

Code Name: Big Steelo     Strength: 7     Speed: 4     Agility: 7     Intelligence: 8     Energy: 8     Powers/abilities: beat boxing, vectors, can shoot lasers from eyes     Weaknesses: Krispy Kream

Born in another world called Austin, K.L. Robertson was sent to Dallas to use his powers for good. With his power over vectors, he can transform simple pencil drawings into shining beacons of dopeness.

AND NOW, THE K.L. ROBERTSON GALLERY curated by Corance Davis


Thank much.

Coming in August from Ghostwerks Comics:

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