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Explore a unique world of epic powers, moral challenges and insidious darkness. For gamers, coin collectors and art lovers!
Explore a unique world of epic powers, moral challenges and insidious darkness. For gamers, coin collectors and art lovers!
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Team expansion and Friday night forays

Posted by Gareth Hodges (Creator)

Hi folks,

It's been a busy two weeks since our last update! We’ve got new recruits on board at Team Cosm, our Friday night playtests at Gatekeeper Games are up and running, and we’re putting together a community event to create some great new characters for the world of Crucible.

We do have an apology to make: due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to showcase Crucible at GaymerX San Jose. We’re still keen to demo the game for supporters in the USA, but in the meantime Aussie backers can look forward to our booth at GaymerX in Sydney in February.

Team update

Our new Cosm Games recruits will be supporting the development team as we produce the game that you've all so kindly helped support. We had a meet and greet with them last Monday and would like to show them off to you as well. Please join us in welcoming:

Ben Mellor, IT guru and code cruncher extraordinaire, is the new backbone of our website awesomeness and a sounding board for all tech-related queries.

Emma Hespa Mann, a park ranger and bird nerd who moonlights as a fantasy writer, will be combining her two passions to bring the Crucible-scholar’s Notebook to life.

Karthik 'K2' Nair is a business analyst with manic energy levels and optimism. K2 will be working on community development, operations and marketing.

Friday Night Gaming

#CrucibleRPG Friday Night Gaming
#CrucibleRPG Friday Night Gaming

The first two sessions of playtesting at Gatekeeper Games have been fantastic. The gamers who attended have already amazed and inspired us with the perspectives and twists they’ve brought to our world.

Big shout outs to Diz, Luke, Paul, Claire, Amey, James, Keith and Damon, who have come up with truly brilliant new characters and Legacies. We’ve seen an Akrasi assassin who harvests their victim's highest potential, a Ïakshai gossip monger who can hear things said near water, and a Skirr fop who quad-wields rapiers and confuses people with witty banter, just to name a few.

If you’re in Melbourne and would like to be part of the playtest, please don't be shy. We'd love to meet you! The sessions don't run along a fixed plotline, so there's always room for new people to join.

And finally, more details about our community event will be coming up this week, so stay tuned here and at our Facebook for all the news. 

Lumen’s light bathe us,


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