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Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. is a line of highly articulated action figures for adult collectors designed with play and customization in mind.
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First shot sample gallery!

Posted by Boss Fight Studio (Creator)

Hey Boss-Figthers! 

 We thought we’d give you guys a look at an exciting part of the process that’s rarely seen by consumers. Below is a gallery of the first shot samples of Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. These are some of the very first samples out of the molds, and while they’re shot in random colors, and look a little rough right now, we’re exceptionally pleased with the level of detail that came through! The fit and function issues will get there in short order through a detailed comments process. We’ll have more polished samples (and better pics!) soon, but until then, please enjoy!  

(PS: There's a couple Marauder Task Force figures and accessories in there for scale reference and fun!)

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    1. Rob Fritz on

      I really hope we can get extra heads, I want one of those bearded heads to make a Spec Ops MTF custom.

    2. Boss Fight Studio 2-time creator on

      In response to your comment, Chris:

      Medusa's bone knife will be a very hard PVC, although most of the weapons will be molded in ABS, the bone knife could not because of the very small points on the blade. The whip on the other hand will be molded in a softer PVC. As for the snake tail segment, our original idea was to include a hidden joint in the taller segment, around the knee location that would allow for a little bending if the outer section was a very soft PVC. After printing, molding and assembling several models for our paint masters, it was clear that the functionality of the figure worked a lot better without it. What may not be clear, from the photos we have shown, there is articulation in the hip area above the large section as well as a long pin that can shift around inside of it. We could have added another articulation segment to the longer section but it would have made it more difficult for the figure to stand upright. Sometimes when choosing where and what type of articulation a figure has, you've got to weigh the pros and cons. For us, we felt it was more important that the figures be able to hold those upright poses with ease.

    3. Missing avatar

      chris gawrych on

      Out of curiousity, what material and hardness is the skeletal sword? As a side note, I wish I had mentioned it earlier on, but man I really wish that snake body had one more articulation segment in the middle of the long snake-body section. The straight up-ness of it makes it look a little awkward, like too stiff or something. But of course, knowing about tooling and costs and such, I can understand. Darn it why can these not be in my hands NOW? lol