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A weekly, in-depth interview series featuring video game designers and game industry professionals.
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Stretch goals coming soon! New backer reward! Holy cow, we're really funded!

Awesome Sup, Holmes? art from Alex Berry!
Awesome Sup, Holmes? art from Alex Berry!

We're fully funded! 

We've already sent out an update to our backers thanking them for their unbelievable enthusiasm for Sup, Holmes? Season 3, but it's worth repeating. The level of support Holmes and I have received upon launching the Kickstarter has wildly exceeded our expectations and we're deeply grateful to everyone who has contributed. Whether it be through funding the project or just saying a positive word about the show on social media, people have really come together behind the show and the experience has been incredible.

Here's a quick message from Holmes, which we recently released to the podcast feed:

New backer reward added!

We've been contacted by Brian Provinciano of VBlank Entertainment, one of the very first Sup, Holmes? guests and a longtime friend of the program, who wanted to offer his support for the Kickstarter in a big way. And so, it's with no small amount of excitement that I'm happy to announce anybody who funds Sup, Holmes? Season 3 at the $15 tier or above will now also receive a Steam key for the riotously fun Retro City Rampage in addition to their other rewards.

Huge thanks to VBlank Entertainment for their very generous contribution! Make sure you check out our interview with Brian, which is an amazing tale of one man overcoming considerable obstacles to make the game he truly wanted to make.

What's next?

Well, as Jonathan mentioned in his message, we're still working out exactly what to do with all of this generosity we're being shown. We expect that we will have stretch goals finalized by the end of the weekend, along with some exciting announcements about for improvements we're already going to be able to accomplish due to the tremendous success of the funding drive. Keep tuned to the project for a much bigger update to come!


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