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A weekly, in-depth interview series featuring video game designers and game industry professionals.
A weekly, in-depth interview series featuring video game designers and game industry professionals.
520 backers pledged $17,017 to help bring this project to life.

Sup, Holmes? site launch impending! Physical rewards mailing! OMG!


Hey everybody!

It's been a while! Holmes and I hope you've been enjoying the new episodes of the show. We couldn't have done it without you. I just wanted to drop a line today and give a couple of updates relating to the Kickstarter campaign.

First up, physical rewards are being mailed right now. Holmes has been sending them in weekly batches and expects to have the entire group out by mid-November. So, if you have not received your comic, shirt, or whatever other strange crap he puts in your package, don't worry (yet). It's probably on the way soon!

The other bit of news is that the Sup, Holmes? website is in a state of soft launch. Right now, you'll find links to the episodes we've released since the start of the new season, but more unique content is in the works and will be rolling out there soon. And, as a backer, you'll get occasional thing meant just for you! All you have to do is register for the site using the same e-mail address you supplied in your backer survey to get your upgraded access.

Check out the site at

That's it for now. Thanks so much for watching, listening to, and supporting our little show.


Tune in to the premiere of Season 3!


Thanks to all of you, Sup, Holmes?  will return tomorrow, June 1st! Our first guest of the new season will be Mike Kasprzak, lead organizer of the Ludum Dare game design competition!

You'll be able to view the show live on our new YouTube channel, starting at 4pm Pacific.

See you there!


Sup, Holmes returns in June!


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A few more wonders in our final days

"Lil Holmes" comics by Adam Tierney and Lindsay Collins
"Lil Holmes" comics by Adam Tierney and Lindsay Collins

The campaign is nearly at an end and we're edging ever closer to the $15k mark designated for making all of Holmes' website dreams come true. Just a little further to go and we'll have that nailed! Thanks so much everyone!

To celebrate we're giving everybody a totally free game!

Holmes Ball by James Montagna
Holmes Ball by James Montagna

Our good friend and game designer James Montagna made Holmes Ball over a weekend. This rather fun PONG variant based on Sup, Holmes? tasks you with keeping the ball in play when you're supposed to talk and allowing it to fly past when it's time to listen. 

Download Holmes Ball (2.17 MB)

Three cheers to James for making the game! While you're here, check out the interview Holmes did with him back in 2012.

On the subject of cool things people have made for this campaign, Michael Lambert sent us a mesmerizing web animation of Holmes dancing like a maniac for your support. It's almost the most adorable thing I saw all weekend (I spent a good chunk of my weekend with my cat asleep atop me; the competition was fierce). Thanks Michael! Click through the image below to check it out!

You may remember in our original campaign video that we heard from a variety of past guests, expressing their support for the continuation of the show. Included in that was a video shot by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer and Andy Schatz of Pocketwatch Games. To fit it into our campaign video, we had to cut their submission up a bit, but I personally think that their earnestness comes across better in its original form.

It's just about over, folks. There are still a few days left to contribute to the ongoing success of Sup, Holmes?, with all further contributions going toward the development of new videos and other content for the forthcoming Sup, Holmes? website. We'd like to make it a really unique and special place and we hope you'll join us in doing so.

Also, if you're going to be at PAX East this coming weekend, Holmes and I will be in attendance. Should you spot us, come say hello! 

More soon!


One week left to go! New backer reward! What's next for Sup, Holmes?!

"Lil Holmes" comics by Adam Tierney and Lindsay Collins
"Lil Holmes" comics by Adam Tierney and Lindsay Collins

We've been hemming and hawing over where to go next with the Kickstarter as we go through week two, tossing around ideas for additional projects we could pitch into expand Sup, Holmes? beyond the podcast. We wanted to commission some new music and a new animated sequence, so we were able to immediately decide to set some of the additional funding aside for that. Then the money kept coming in and once we'd more than doubled the funding goal, it started to become more difficult to figure out what else we could or should do. 

After much consideration, we've decided that what people came to this project to support was the continuation of the show, and that the best thing we can do to repay the faith and generosity from our backers is to simply make more show. Holmes and I are happy to announce that the success of the campaign will enable us to carry the show through 2015 with a further 50 episodes.

And we're still ahead of the game in terms of the money raised, so we have one more target we'd like to hit. As part of Season 3, we'll be building a website to act as a home for the show, posting new episodes with show notes and commentary. Holmes would like that to be something more than a barebones listing of our shows, describing his goals as such:

"There may be video game news written by ten year-olds. There may be a show where Samus and Sagat talk about what it means to be a 'hardcore' gamer. There may be an advice column and/or video series for people who want to live their lives right starring Holmes and Caitlin Cooke called Holmes Alone! What's Cookin'?

"The Sup, Holmes? site will be a place for writing and videos that follow inspiration first and worry about the end results later. That's the spirit of Sup, Holmes?, a show where two or more well-intending strangers talk to each other live for an hour and a half every week and hope for the best."

Holmes' plans for expanding the new Sup, Holmes? website with this content will be attainable if the campaign reaches $15,000 and all additional funds the campaign generates from this time forward will be used in the development of content for the Sup, Holmes? site.

New Backer Reward!

We're also happy to announce an additional backer reward. Gordon Midwood of Different Tuna reached out and offered to provide a copy of Derrick the Deathfin for PC or Mac to every backer who pledges at or above $20 in support of Sup, Holmes?.

Much thanks to Gordon for his kind generosity! We had him on the show back in 2012 to talk about Derrick, Lilt Line, and his other work and found him to be as charming as the games he makes. Check it out!

Holmes-approved Kickstarters

Holmes also wanted me to pass along a couple of other projects currently running campaigns on Kickstarter right now that you may want to consider backing. We're not trying to tell you that your money could be better spent funding a project other than Sup, Holmes?, but these guys deserve some love too:

Spaceteam Admiral's Club - Spaceteam developer Henry Smith is seeking to fund a year's work developing games, with all of the resulting games to be released for free to everyone. 

Hex Heroes - A mash-up of real-time strategy and party games in development for Wii U by Prismatic Games, one player commands an army controlled by their other friends in the room.

Thanks again to everyone for all of their support in getting the show funded. We'll have some more updates shortly, including information on when we resume broadcasting. Talk soon!