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The Town is under Quarantine. Zombies are everywhere. Supplies are scarce. Can you survive?
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Shipping is Finished (Finally)

Posted by Alloyed Creations (Creator)

Well that took way longer than it should have. (And was significantly more expensive than it should have). Here's the status of our main remaining shipping groups. 

International Orders

We've finally finished shipping out all of our international orders. If you live abroad you should expect to see your order arrive within the next 2 weeks (hopefully sooner, but the post office doesn't give us such guarantees. We previously shipped out to our directors, but we've finally shipped out to everyone else who doesn't live in the USA.

Washington State

If you are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to live in Washington State and haven't received yours yet, it's on it's way. We've been trying to personally deliver as many packages as possible. Unfortunately there's been more than a bit of chaos, confusion and disorganization so a couple that we really can't hand deliver were put with those other ones. And I just found a box of Washington local ones that I though had been delivered already that clearly haven't been. Have no fear, we've shipped those out now as well. 

Domestic Agents, Double Features, Triple Threats and folks with shirts

Your stuff has been sent out via Priority mail. We eventually had to switch to using some off-size or over sized packing materials. Your orders should arrive shortly. 


We're contacting you individually by email in regards to your orders. We'll let you know what's up with those.

So, What Happened?

Simply put, Murphy's Law and money. I won't say that everything that can go wrong, did go wrong. But a lot of things went wrong. We weren't lying when we said that our shipping budget was shot to hell by the increased weight (and subsequent shipping costs) It became pretty clear once things arrived that we were going to need to do something to defray those costs. We ended up signing a carrier agreement with UPS (which took a significant chunk of time to go into effect) only to discover that in addition to only really saving money shipping to countries that had more than 20 backers (I'm looking at you Canada, Australia and the UK) they also neglected to mention that they would require telephone numbers from everyone, information that we clearly do not have.

Eventually, we ended up having to borrow roughly $2000, a process which also took a significant chunk of time (We received the money on Wednesday).  The irony is, while we had plenty of games that we could sell to make money, we couldn't justify selling any before we shipped out to all of our backers. Now we can start to hopefully make some of that back.  

Communication Problems

There's really nothing to excuse the poor communication. We've said before it's one of our biggest weaknesses and it's something that we're trying to work on. There were communication errors between me and Wyatt in addition to the communication errors between us and you. I'd like to apologize and I'll take responsibility.  Like with many things with this end of things, our organizational structures really weren't there so most of everything ended up going into my head as "Oh yeah, I need to do X." The main problem with that was that I had all of the "Oh yeahs" from actual fulfillment, budgeting, etc. I had a lot of balls in the air and it basically meant I dropped most of them. Both our communication and organization are areas that we need to dramatically improve before we run our next Kickstarter project and that's going to be one of my main focuses (I even got a couple of books on the subjects). 

I'll post a full detailed debrief of the whole Kickstarter soon, but for right now I'm going to pass out, since the only sleep I've gotten since Wednesday has come in a coffee cup. 

As always, thank you for patience and understanding and most of all your support.


A Hectic Week — The Shipping Update

Posted by Alloyed Creations (Creator)

This, but 600 of this.

This week we learned why the post office is going out of business: chaos. Utter chaos. We’ve got a lot of stories from the week, but first we wanted to get the most important thing out of the way.


On its way! The majority of games are out the door and safely on their way to your doorsteps/apartmentsteps/castelsteps (someone has a castle, right? I heard castle ownership is pretty common these days).

What’s left? We have a small number of the $15 level backers waiting to be picked up by the post office on Monday simply because of the sheer volume of that shipping level, and we’re working with FedEx to get all the international backers shipped out (hooray customs forms).

We anticipate that every tier will be fulfilled by Wednesday, June 5th.

But how about some specifics?

This is less than half... of the directors...

Directors and Special Directors: Excluding the non-US backers (sorry guys, the USPS wanted $60 to ship to you, so we had to scramble mid-week, everything’s pretty much sorted, but it meant another delay for you. We suck.), every single one of you is en route. We even threw in a little extra surprise for you as a thank you for your patience with this whole process.

We're gonna need a bigger boat...

Survivors: Also en route! You guys were the worst in terms of packaging — too much loot for the small boxes, too many of you to ship with the expense of the big boxes... But we’ve got it covered. Again, except for the non-US backers, your goodies are on the way.

Infected, Zombies, and Double Features: Some of you are out the door already and some of you are leaving on Monday. Want to know how to make a postal worker go... well... postal? Try and bring 600 padded envelopes to the counter. Thanks to you guys, we have a huge number of games to ship, but not quite enough to be a volume business. What does that mean? Small batches of envelopes over a couple days. If you’re curious, I’ve organized the post-office’s entire envelope rack.

Wholesale: There are only two of you, but we didn’t forget. Your goods are being packaged, and will be en route next Tuesday. Again, we’re dealing with FedEx in this case because of the size of box we’re using for your goodies.

International: Why do you guys live so far away? We’re working with FedEx because apparently the US government hates foreign countries. FedEx gives us discounts because we’re shipping to your various countries in quantity. In order to keep things as feasible as possible, we need to send out all the international packages at the same time. And we need to work especially with FedEx to do so. They’re mostly all packaged up and they’ll be going out shortly.

I ordered a shirt!: Cool! Depending on your pledge level, it may come with your game, or it may be in a separate package. If it’s in a separate package, it was mailed (or will be mailed) at the same time, but who knows how this black magic works. Don’t be too concerned if they arrive separately. Unless something doesn’t arrive. Then let us know. Which leads me to the next section:


Don't worry, it's here somewhere...

ARGH! Missing something you were supposed to get? Package never arrived? Too much stuff? Not the right stuff? You can send us a message through Kickstarter, or to and we will get to work rectifying the situation. Our goal is 113% satisfaction — no more, no less. (Wyatt, that’s... not... you...) (Shut up, math face).


The $1500 Ounce: This week, Charles learned that 13.4 > 13, and 13 is the limit for first-class shipping. What should have been $3.77 to ship suddenly jumped to a minimum of $5.60. There goes the budget... (In my defence, it was Wyatt’s idea of a larger box that put us over)

If it fits, it ships: But at a different rate! When we said that we’ll ship a flat rate envelope so long as it seals as intended, we didn’t mean we’d ship it at the advertised price. Oh no, that would be simple. $6? Try $15. There goes the other budget...

Extra large vs Medium: The volumetric difference between medium shirts and extra large shirts? Not insignificant. To the point where we actually had to revise packaging plans for anyone wearing Large and above. Moral of the story? Test your packaging with 5XL.

Big but not big enough: Continuing our lessons in sizes, 750 packages is too many for one trip to the post office, but not enough to make our lives easier with any of the fancy business-shipping methods the USPS has developed over the years. Go big or go home. Or make 5 separate trips.

It’s Al Qaeda’s Fault: You heard it here first. The USPS credit-card processors went down nationwide this week. The postal workers here think it was Al Qaeda. (We shit you not) ‘Murica.


This week we also held our official launch party at Card Kingdom in Ballard. We played host to nearly 40 people (I think it was more like 50 all told) who came out to play Quarantine Z, and play they did. From some of our local backers to some Card Kingdom regulars, we played more than half a dozen games of QZ, and everyone seemed to love it. For those of you who couldn’t make it, you were missed, and we look forward to hearing about your own experiences once the games arrive at your door.


We’ve gotten a lot of requests regarding the playmats. As soon as we’ve finished up with all this shipping madness we’re going to handcuff Wyatt to his computer and make him make a new playmat design. The general layout will be roughly the same, (as far as locations of piles, and play areas) but we’ll be using different artwork. We promised that the playmats we made would be Kickstarter exclusive and we intend to keep that promise. Stay tuned to the Alloyed Creations facebook page, where Wyatt will put up different mockups for feedback.

Thanks again,

CMBoyd & (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

New Arrivals

Posted by Alloyed Creations (Creator)

Hey everyone, we'll have another update tomorrow (or today, for those of you east of PDT), but for now we just wanted to send out a big thanks to everyone who showed up at the launch party. We played some games, met some great people (and backers), and had a ton of fun.

To top it all off, here it is: the actual game, on an actual shelf, in an actual store.

Yours are on the way, and we'll have much more information tomorrow. For now, we wanted to offer you our most sincere thanks. We quite literally could not have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

p.s. If you're gonna use the C4, make sure you can make your escape roll. You know who you are.

I think I just wet myself...

Posted by Alloyed Creations (Creator)

Disclaimer: This update was mostly pre-written ahead of time so we could post it ASAP. The current level of feels and disbelief is going to keep me from being up to my normal level of wittiness. Wyatt is of course, unaffected) (Damn Straight) 

The games have arrived. 

Figures it would start to rain before they showed up.

 First we need to get them inside and sorted/organized. We’re going to be getting everything ready for fulfillment. We’ll be fulfilling Directors first, partly due to the fact that they are our highest reward tier (we like to encourage that behavior) and also because their orders are the most complex and take up the most space. (We don't have much in the way of room at the moment....) We’re not going to be shipping anything out today (the Post Office is closed and we have some logistics to sort out. See figures below). But we are going to start shipping things out tomorrow. 

Note how there is practically no room to move or do anything. Yeah, that's a lot of boxes.

Since we’re going to start shipping things out tomorrow. I’d like to remind you again, if you’ve moved since October (or will be moving within the next week) let us know so we can update your address and send your stuff to the correct address. If you’re in Seattle or the surrounding area, please check out our Launch Party at Card Kingdom. If you’re thinking of attending, let us know so we can bring your stuff to the party instead of dropping it in the mail (have no fear, if you can’t make it at the last moment, we’ll just send it to you afterwards) Additionally, if you’re a bit North (in the Edmonds area) we’ll be dropping off games for some folks at Otherworlds in Edmonds. If you’d be interested in picking up your game there, let us know and we’ll take your copy when we head up there.

Holy Crap, you guys are all amazing.

Thank you so much,

CMBoyd                                                                                       (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Good News Is A Comin'

Posted by Alloyed Creations (Creator)

They're on their way!

Currently the games are in Chicago, pictured above (atleast I assume so, that's the image that Google spat out). All told we have one-thousand nine-hundred and sixty-eight (1968) copies of Quarantine Z headed our way, and if FedEx aren’t jerkface liars they should be arriving this week. (Anyone from FedEx reading this, that joke was for comedic effect, please don’t delay the shipment because I’m a terrible person)(He really is)(Full disclosure: Wyatt is currently out of town, so he's being portrayed by a sock puppet caricature) 

This is not actually Sock-Wyatt, merely a dramatic re-enactment.

That’s a ton of games. (Technically 1872 lbs, or 850 kg if you prefer)(Kilograms are for losers!)(Don't make me launder you) We’ve got our fulfilment preparations up and running in high gear, it’s a daunting task ahead of us but we’re up to the challenge. (Best Memorial Day Weekend EVER) On the day of reckoning we will be posting photos to our facebook pages as we make progress fulfilling everything (and we’ll have a nice sized update when we’re done with all the highlights)(INSERT BAD WYATT JOKE HERE)(FOLLOW UP WITH AMAZING RETORT) If we’re feeling particularly adventurous we might even use twitter and tweet about what’s happening. (Did I use those words right?)

Our total games in weight is roughly equal to the cheeseburger shown above.


If your address has changed from way back in September ‘12, let us know now. (Just send us a message either through Kickstarter, or an email at ) If you are unsure if your address has changed, feel free to send us a message anyways and we’ll happily make sure your address is good to go. If you’ve already let us know, have no fear, we’ve got you covered as well. 

 The Dolla-dolla bills yall

In total we’ve sent our manufacturer $14,499. (Because $14,500 would’ve been a total deal breaker) But what in all does this encompass? Well, of course there’s the cost of actually making the games, but in addition to that we also had proof costs, freight shipping costs, proof freight shipping costs (it’s a thing) which all add up. We won’t have the final numbers all told until we ship everything out to all of you. Once we have those numbers in, I’ll distill them into pure, refined data which you can consume by any means you see fit. (WARNING: Data is highly addictive for mathematicians, min-maxers, and numerologists. Handle with care) (You would make this joke)(Yes, yes I would)


Right, well we’ve currently got two release events in the works. i'll settle the final details of the main bash this Wednesday. We're looking at Thursday May 30th, but we want to make sure that we don't step on anyone's toes or anything. We'll be making a facebook event (because it's easy) once those final details are hashed out. Then, by atleast the 31st we’ll be heading to Otherworlds up in Edmonds (for all of you who have better things to do than fight Seattle traffic). If you’re thinking or planning on heading to either of those events, let us know (again, just message us here on Kickstarter, or drop us an email at ) and we’ll bring your schwag with us.


So, we’re starting to gear up to do some marketing and publicity. We’re going to send copies to a lot of the big reviewers, and try and get in touch with as many smaller reviewers as possible. I’ve been attending several social functions in the Seattle area that serve as networking for indie devs (and we’re working on putting one together ourselves) so we’re going to try and cash in as much social capital as we can. Of course, the two of us are not nearly as resourceful as all of you ( I would be on my own, but Wyatt actually has negative resourcefulness. You know it's true because he's not here to defend himself)(But!)(Sock puppets don't count) If you know of a blog with a strong following that fits into this niche, let us know and we’ll see what we can do. 

In addition to all of that, we’re also going to be running a giveaway through our company facebook page the first full week after QZ becomes available for sale. Wyatt’s handling a lot of the implementation and graphics and whatnot, whereas I’ve been investigating some of the legal and other things that we have to pay attention to (No Wyatt, we don’t just get to select the winner)

We’re doing this for two reasons, the obvious one is we’re hoping to expand our outreach with QZ as much as we can. The more people who hear about QZ, the more sales. And the more sales, the more time we’ll have to be able to devote to further games. (Instead of stupid day jobs) 

The main reason we're doing this is to establish an email list for the next Kickstarter we run. Once we've fully fulfilled QZ we won't be contacting you through this page ever again (well... maybe to announce a second printing or something). We'll pretty much only use it to let you know that we've got a project going up on ickstarter. Projects live or die based off of their initial momentum, and it'd reassuring that atleast in some small part you've got our backs. As for the actual sweepstakes itself, Wyatt has all the details and he's still out of town. When he gets back later, I can have him explain the details to me (allegedly his little sister graduated from college. But I’m pretty sure she’s imaginary or something) (Like Russel Crowe in a Beautiful Mind!)(For once Sock-Wyatt you're better than real-Wyatt)

Thanks again everyone, we're on the final stretch!



Check out this game We've spoken (via the power of the internet) with the creator several times and we've given him advice regarding a lot of the logistics. We would love to see him succeed (Mostly so I get bragging rights that I can lord over Wyatt for being more helpful) So, if you have a moment, take a peak and see if it piques your interest.