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I am a poet and novice writer. I have written a collection of short stories, and it is my goal, my dream, to be published worldwide.

I am a song writer, poet, performer, dreamer, and achiever just looking for a way to express myself and make my mark on the world. I have written my first book of short stories, which is currently listed on Amazon in Kindle format. It has always been my dream to be a well known author. I know that won't be something that happens overnight, but I am hoping to give it a "kickstart" by being able to have a physical book in a book store near you!

Based on a Bold Faced Lie is a collection of 5 short stories(*Please see below), all with slightly unique twists:

Pages of Life - Tired of civilization, Professor Lloyd Wagner takes a sabbatical, chronicling his journey. But when he returns, he finds everyone is gone. What happened to the people? How does he cope with his new found loneliness? Read his journal to find out!

Undead Love - When Paul is taken before his time, he is given the rare chance to be reunited with his fiancée. Sadly, discovering she has moved on, he blames love and plots a revenge that only a divine intervention can stop!

Illmoonati - What does the moon have to do with the secretive Illuminati? Eric, a determined teen, discovers the truth and sets out to uncover their plans!

Dark Matter - While attending his grandson’s funeral, Irwin meets a mysterious friend, and discovers the elusive meaning of life and how to deal with the loss of a loved one.

Censored - After being reunited with his long lost love of poetry, David uses his rhyming rhetoric to seduce a younger woman. Soon, he discovers that what happens behind closed doors happens behind closed doors for a humorous and slightly sexy reason!
***Two new stories will be added to the physical book***
Deja News - How does a shirt unwittingly save millions of lives? Detective Justin Taylor will find out as he stumbles into a scheme no one saw coming!
The Shadow of Sirena - Tom, a marine biologist, is tasked with solving a rash of unprovoked shark attacks terrorizing tourists. The truth he discovers is a tale that is still told today!
(Please check the FAQs for additional information, and feel free to ask me about anything I have not covered. Thank you!)

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The only challenge I could possibly see, if at all, would be a small delay (one to two weeks tops) due to any unforseeable formating or printing delays.I am being proactive, doing what I can now to prevent any formatting issues.


  • Here's a snipet from "Undead Love":

    It felt like the blink of an eye before he discovered himself in a very beautiful garden. In the garden were several stone benches. Paul felt very tired, as if he had made a very long journey. He sat down on one of the stone benches to rest. He felt as if he was forgetting something very important, but the more he thought about it, the less he could recall. He glanced up when a stranger sat down beside him. This stranger had a very kind smile, and skin that shimmered in the ever-present sunlight. Paul felt an astounding sense of peace sitting beside him.

    “Welcome,” the soft voiced stranger said.

    “Where am I?” Paul asked. “Where's Julie?”

    “You're in heaven,” the stranger replied. “And Julie is still on Earth,” he explained.

    “But why?” Paul asked. He was very confused.

    “You've died Paul. Your human life is over,” the man said patiently. It always took people some time to adjust to this knowledge.

    “But we were going to get married, and have children, and…” Paul shook his head firmly. “I can't be dead!”

    “You are,” the man said calmly.

    “I was just trying to help,” Paul said morosely.

    “I know.” the stranger nodded. “Because you died committing a good act, helping another person, you are offered one reward.”

    “What kind of reward?” Paul asked curiously.

    “You can have the option to return to Earth. But I must warn you, what you return to will not be the same life, it will not be what you left behind,” the man met Paul's eyes, hoping that he understood.

    “I don't care!” Paul cried out. “Send me back please! I just want to be with Julie.”

    “Follow me,” the man said.

    As he stood large white wings spread out from his shoulder blades, revealing that he was not just a stranger, but an angel. He led Paul to the edge of what looked like a small pool. Inside he could see Julie. She was at her job, sitting at her desk, looking over paperwork. She was just as beautiful as Paul remembered.

    “Understand Paul, if you return to Earth, you will never be allowed to come back,” the angel warned.

    “I don't want to,” Paul shook his head. “My paradise is with Julie.”

    The angel sighed and placed one hand on Paul's back. He gave the man a hard shove and he tumbled forward into the pool. When he awoke with a start, he was asleep on a park bench. He was one of the invisible people, the homeless that roamed the city streets. It was the only way to smuggle a life back into the world. He didn't care. He was alive.

    He jumped into the air with joy. He headed for Julie's work, and waited for her outside. He could smell himself, and his face was smudged with dirt, but he was sure true love would be able to see right through this. When Julie stepped out of the office he walked up to her.

    “I'm sorry, I don't have any change,” Julie said dismissively as she turned away.

    “Julie, it's me,” Paul said and reached for her hand.

    “How do you know my name?” she asked, her eyes widening. She pulled her hand sharply away from his.

    “It's me, Paul,” he said, staring deep into her eyes. “I've returned for you.”

    Julie's expression became horrified. “You cruel terrible man,” she hissed as she glared at him. “I don't know who put you up to this, but you should be ashamed of yourself.”


    “Honey, is this man bothering you?” a tall dark hair man asked as he walked up to Julie. For the first time Paul noticed that Julie was older than he remembered. He wondered just how much time had passed. The wedding ring she wore was not there when he was alive. They had never had the chance to get married.

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  • Here is a poem I've written called Silhouette:

    Open my eyes, and look around

    A cruel game of lost and found

    Had your heart once, and you had mine

    But something happened over time

    Why can’t I hear you when I call your name

    Why can’t you forgive me when I take the blame

    How long must I endure this heart ache and pain

    Each passing day drives me further insane

    No motivation to seize the day

    Gave you my soul, and you walked away

    A shadow of the past left behind

    Trapped in a labyrinth of my own design

    Why can’t I hear you when I call your name

    Why can’t you forgive me when I take the blame

    How long must I endure this heart ache and pain

    Each passing day drives me further insane

    Memories of you with every beat in my chest

    I thought that our love would withstand time’s test

    Please don’t give up on me just yet

    Without you I’m an empty silhouette

    Why can’t I hear you when I call your name

    Why can’t you forgive me when I take the blame

    How long must I endure this heart ache and pain

    Each passing day drives me further insane

    Here I am, waiting in the shadows of my silhouette…

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  • I will be seeing my parents in late June, and would love, absolutely adore, to be able to show them all their hard work teaching me to follow my dreams has not fallen on deaf ears.

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  • I do, but it has nothing to do with writing. The only website I have is for providing walk around entertainment. I hope to have one on my writings soon.

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  • I copyrighted my works by going through the U.S. Copyright Office and registering with the Library of Congress.

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  • Not yet! Here's a song I wrote:… . No, that's not my voice. I can't sing... but I sure can annoy the neighbors! :)

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