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The world's only electronic cave obstacle course. Help put CaveSim and cave education on the road. Get cool cave formations!
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Posted by Dave (Creator)

Quick story: Tracy and I went caving last weekend with some first-time cavers and we saw these incredibly beautiful cave formations.  Then we saw some super-delicate formations that someone had vandalized by pressing mud spheres into the formations in at least 30 places.  Because of the ignorance of some unknown person on some previous trip, at least hundreds of years of natural growth had been wiped out in minutes, with the formations never to be the same again.  I found this extremely sad and shocking, and I told our group that this is why I haul around a 1600 pound cave simulator to teach kids about caves.  Because people can only protect what they understand.

Left: Gypsum crystals destroyed by a mud ball squished into them by an ignorant person. Right: A pristine helictite that may have taken thousands of years to form.

I thought that I would share this story for two reasons: if you're already supporting our project to teach people to protect caves, thank you!  You are helping us to educate thousands of people about why they should protect caves.  If you haven't supported CaveSim yet, we could really use your help to put cave education on the road.  Even if you only want to give $1, you'll help us a lot by increasing the number of people who've pledged.  My standard joke is that everyone has at least $1 in coins between the seats of their car.  Of course, if you can't find a dollar between your seats, you can always tell a friend to support our project.  Post us on your Facebook page, or email your friends.

Here's a fun video for you to watch to cheer you up from this sad story.  150 4th and 5th graders got to hear Dave's stories about digging holes and exploring caves.  As you'll see in the video, some of the students recognized CaveSim from their field trips to our garage.  We hope to be able to bring CaveSim to their schools in the future so that more than a dozen students can learn about caves at a time.  Thanks for your help in making this possible.

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    1. Gill Gilliland on

      Awesome presentation Dave! Way to change lives!