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A kingdom building strategy game for 1-4 players. Take your kingdom from the middle ages into the enlightenment!
A kingdom building strategy game for 1-4 players. Take your kingdom from the middle ages into the enlightenment!
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Conquest of the King is now unlocked + details on the new mode!

Posted by Michael Erisman (Creator)

Our last stretch goal was shattered in record time!

What an amazing response -- we are thrilled at your support! We wanted to share some more details on Conquest of the King for those who are interested and as we push for the Co-op mode for the next stretch goal. (Not too far off now!)

Conquest of the King

You play as an overthrown King trying to reclaim his lands.  It is a lite-dungeon crawler that focuses on using your acquired resources and planning your attacks very carefully. Combat is direct in CoTK, there is no randomness or dice throws.

Resources in Conquest of the King 

 Resources have been re-purposed for Conquest of the King. The King starts with 2 random land cards and can use the resources provided in the bottom center of the card. 

Food - Heals 2 HP. This can be split between the King or his followers in any way.

Wood - Raises the King's or his follower's Max and current HP by 1

Metal - Raises the King's or his follower's damage by 1

Population - Allows the King to recruit an additional follower. 1 Population recruits a Basic follower and 2 Population recruits an Intermediate follower

Game play

Once the King has been dealt his 2 starting basic resource cards, he can recruit one follower. The King can have a maximum of 3 followers at a time.

Example Starting cards: The King, 2 random basic resource cards, and a basic follower. Health tracker cards are provided in this stretch goal. Health tracker cards are an easy way to keep track of current HP and Maximum HP and there are plenty of cards included as your King and his followers grow in strength.

Next four level 1 basic land cards and one level 2 land card are placed face up. Basic person cards are placed faced down above them, signifying the enemies of the King that inhabit these lands. The level 1 cards have 1 basic enemy, the level 2 cards have 2 basic enemies, and level 3 cards have 1 intermediate and 1 basic enemy.

In this example, the King chooses to reclaim the Lumber Camp. The enemies behind that card are revealed and combat is initiated. A Lumberer and Farm hand are defending the lumber mill! The King and his followers get to choose who gets to attack each target. Once targets are chosen, damage is applied simultaneously. The King (3/3) will be attacking the lumberer (2/2) and the King's follower the Stone Mason will be attacking the Farm Hand (1/2). If any enemies are still alive after the first round of combat, this is repeated until all enemies or the King is dead.

In this case, both enemies are defeated by the attacks and the King takes 2 damage and the Stone Mason takes one damage. Their life tracker cards are flipped to reflect the damage. If followers are defeated in combat they are discarded. If the King dies in combat, he is forced into exile and the game is over and must be restarted. After this successful battle, the King can now use the resources of the Lumber Camp.

In this case the King decides to use his 3 Wood resources and 2 Metal to upgrade him and his follower. He adds 2 current and max HP and 1 damage to himself and 1 damage and 1 current and max HP for his follower.

The King is now ready to choose another land to reclaim! Perhaps the field to heal some missing health? Once 4 of the 5 lands have been conquered, the next round is triggered. The King gets to draw 3 random basic land card in between each round and choose one to keep. New Land cards are placed for the next round, each progressively giving better resources but also hosting more difficult enemies. On the 5th round, the King and his followers must storm the Great Wall, Tower and finally the Castle to finally reclaim his throne!

That's not all! Certain followers or enemies may have special abilities. The scout can reveal enemies before a land is chosen, the archer has the deadly "First Strike", the swordsman can deflect damage and more! The Conquest of the King is a game mode that we really value and this mode will continue to be supported in our expansions -- the next will provide a store to buy items that can aid in combat or give powerful abilities. 

Hope you all enjoy! If you have any questions feel free to comment!

As always, thanks for the support!

Michael and Jeff

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    1. Missing avatar


      Very cool! Like getting two different games in one!

    2. ekster

      That is a very different way of playing the game, but I like the way it looks so far!

    3. Missing avatar

      Peter Loschko on

      How about for player mats as the next Stretch goal? Or reassessed player cardboards where the cards don't fall off?

    4. Missing avatar

      Camilo on

      This is awesome!!! Can't wait to try it! Thanks man!