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A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.
A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.
1,645 backers pledged $66,835 to help bring this project to life.

End of year update...


Hi all,

I hope everyone has a happy new year. I've hit a slight delay in that I miscalculated how many magnets I had stamped, but after some delays with the holidays I'm finishing those up this week.

The only other thing holding up some of the shipments are two small logistical items:

1) I've had a handful of packages returned to me so I have to take some time to make sure the international orders have their addresses formatted correctly before I send them out.

The shipping software I'm using does not validate international addresses so if the info I was able to export from Kickstarter doesn't import correctly into ShipStation your package won't get to you.

2) I also want to make sure the custom artwork matches up with the shipping label and that nothing gets criss-crossed as it goes out the door.

These are not major holdups and I've brought on a couple hired hands for this week to make sure things keep moving along. I've got all the pieces in place and I'm just making sure they get out the door properly.

Thanks for all your patience with this project. What I thought would take 6 months ended up taking a year and I'm sorry for making you wait for your rewards. However, I'm confident that the end result is a quality product and I think you'll be happy with them once you get them.

Thanks and have a great new year!



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    1. H Yarnell on

      Hmm… nm, didn't see the new update, and for some reason it didn't get emailed to me like the others…
      Hope to get my stuff soon.

    2. H Yarnell on

      I'm assuming mine is one of the international orders whose address is causing the software a problem. :(
      16 months on, with no product, and no updates in nearly 4 months…
      This is frustrating. I have patience, but some kind of message to show we are not forgotten or being ripped off would be courteous.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anna M Greco on

      It's now mid-March... Is there an end in sight for final shipments?

    4. Matthias Nagy

      Would be cool to get mine as well. Or at least an info with some kind of tracking or anything.

    5. Tom Bratchford on

      Sorry, correction: I backed this kickstarter at the standard pledge level (I realise this is not a pre order system).
      P.S. No offense meant David.

    6. Tom Bratchford on

      Pointless speculation I think David. I ordered a standard. Australia. Still waiting.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Nahikian on

      While seeing that some backers are still receiving their Magnet Comic inspires hope, I am trying to understand why mine is this late. I speculate that:
      730 standard units plus 297 units that included future character packs were shipped first. Perhaps the 30 with special wood were also shipped among the first units.
      Next, the 396 units with extra blank characters were shipped as blanks are easier than custom characters.
      That leaves 202 that include an extra character pack and 130 that include custom or special character packs. I am one of the 202.

      So, of 1785 total production, over 1600 may have shipped already. Or not.

    8. Charles Tsai

      I still haven't received mine. Is it on its way?

    9. Shaun Frost

      Got mine this weekend - so keep hope guys. Its is great now that I have it and look foward to additional character packs and other items. I do agree communication is the most important part of kickstarter.

    10. Mike Morrison on

      @Marti, in general i have had ok experiences, but one (ultrabot) went very bad, this was a $1500 project, and the creator turned out to be a fraud, and KS failed to help, so legal steps are now taking place.

      I hope that this is just Erik being overwhelmed, but the lack of communications is inexcusable. many of us would wait 6 months... if we knew what was actually happening

    11. Missing avatar

      Marti Minard on

      I also have received nothing but empty promises from Erik. However, my other experiences with Kickstarter projects has been great. Erik is the only one who does not seem to feel any responsibility to communicate with his backers much less actually provide the product promised. This hurts not only his credibility, but Kickstarter's image as well.

    12. Andreas Schindler on

      I still did not receive anything.
      More and more Kickstarterprojects turn out to be just a scam.

    13. Mike Morrison on

      @Thuy - thanks for updating us, good to hear that things are at least happening for some

      anyone with the "One Magnet Comic + 10 additional character packs" pledge received theirs?

    14. Missing avatar

      Thuy on

      I was a backer for the 2 complete set and just got it today. Love it!

    15. Steven Ward on

      Nothing has arrived here either. I'm just as frustrated as the rest of you apparently. ANY information would be appreciated.

    16. Karen Clay on

      Hi Erik,

      I, like others, would love to know the status on this. Have you sent any more out? Congratulations to those of you who have received your awards. Me... I'm still waiting.....

    17. Warrick on

      Please give us a date of when these will be sent out. This was originaly a birthday gift...

      If the addresses were checked manualy they would be sorted by now. These "set backs" sound like excuses now.

    18. Britta Carlson on

      A "slight holdup"?? It is now almost March and still no updates--these false promises are insanely annoying=[

    19. dunster on

      Hi Erik.
      Any idea about sending my pledge?
      (One Magnet Comic + a set of 4 custom characters drawn by me. Characters can be created from your photos.)

    20. Warrick on

      Have you started the international shipping yet??

      A year on this project is slack.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jon Deuchler on

      Still have not received my Magnet Comic. Haven't seen an update since January 1. Now 1 full year past original delivery projection. Two questions: how many are left to complete and be sent? What is the next expected shipping date?

    22. Missing avatar

      Kelly MacDougal on

      Hi - I see I’m not the only person wondering where things stand. I really do want my product, it is actually a gift for my boyfriend. Patient…but...

    23. Tom Bratchford on

      He posted recently in the comments on the project as a whole. No useful info however.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Gruba on

      Hmm, Erik tweeted:

      "Erik Heumiller ‏@erikheumiller Feb 15
      My Kickstarter account was hacked. Can someone post in the comments not to respond to requests for personal info."

      So where do we go from here? I have not got my product, I am still basically optimistic. It would be nice to hear from Eric, surely KS has processes for dealing with hacked accounts...

    25. Missing avatar

      Susan Pompea on

      I received the Magnet Comic a week or two ago. It is so well made! The quality is amazing. We have had so much fun making our own comics. Eric, thanks for an amazing project!

    26. Josh Chisom on

      Never got my product. My 6 year old son loves comics. Was going to give this to him for Christmas. Now apparently I can't even give it to him for his birthday 2 months later. Lame.

    27. Tom Bratchford on

      Sixty six thousand, eight hundred and thirty five dollars. One thousand, six hundred and forty five people.

      Time to get more professional about your communication.

    28. Yann Coupin on

      A whole month elapsed since I commented and nothing happened. I've not received any reward nor can I read some pathetic update filled with excuses and promises.

      Congratulation Erik, you just won the title of "worst kickstarter I've backed"

    29. Missing avatar

      KR on

      Update please?

    30. James Kooi on

      Any updates? Especially with numbers to let us know what is going on and shipping dates?

    31. James Tu on

      I am still waiting for mine b

    32. Marcus Frasier on

      Magnets... simple magnets. Come on.

    33. Michael Woods on

      At this point, I can only guess the Kickstarter money has been spent and Erik doesn't have the funds to complete orders or give refunds. Maybe I'm completely wrong here, but since Erik won't tell us what's going on, what other choice do I have but to speculate? I mean, he's not even responding to emails from Kickstarter at this point. Rewards are now a year past their expected delivery with no hint of the wait ending...ever.

      I'm sure the next update will come furnished with yet another excuse and a half hearted apology followed by a thanks for our patience. I don't think anyone has any patience left for this guy, but I'm sure he'll cap the update with that.

      What I'm sure we won't read is anything that resembles real information. Things like which backers have been sent their packages or how to update addresses or promises (heh) of messaging backers once their package is shipped. I bet we definitely don't see anything resembling an offer of reimbursement.

      But still, he'll thank us for our patience.

      I bet Erik gets a kick out of these comments. I bet he calls his friends over to the computer and they laugh and laugh and laugh at all us poor suckers who believed in him. It's all a big joke and we're the punchline.

      Again, I hope I'm wrong. I hope this guy grows a spine and actually does something other than hide from the internet. But, I sincerely doubt it.


    34. Enrico C

      It has been a year and since then I moved overseas, how can I update shipping address? Just a couple of magnets for pete's sake. Where is the accountability?

    35. Siobhan on

      Just to note that I'm still waiting in the UK.

    36. Phil Pettit on

      I answered the survey more than a year ago... still waiting....

    37. Claire Kelly

      Time for another update, Erik. I think it's reasonable for us to anticipate one at least weekly at this point.

    38. Mike Morrison on

      yes twitter : no action since Nov, but posts of people getting their pledges in april
      last logged nto KS was 31 dec

      his G+ is a little more active but nothing about these magnets :(

    39. fr on

      Interesting point. When I read the last two updates I inferred nothing got sent out. All the last two updates say is that he is preparing to ship. Instagram hash marks state 37 weeks ago. Twitter hash marks indicate activity stopped June. Since that time no one has socially posted anything new on the magnet. But I'm not going to out there and say that is qualitative proof based on the internet news. Beyond that I offer nothing as proof to do anything. That's up to you. Till then I am just on hover mode and will wait and see.

    40. Mike Morrison on

      @Fabian I got my 3ddoodler before Christmas :)
      can I suggest that the debate no go to the comments area, as its public
      I raised a "warning" ticket with KS, and they said that as products were going out, and updates being sent they did not expect any problems...

      Erik, all we want is communications, if you have run into a problem,... tell us, we will understand (we may not like it, but we will understand)
      now its time to:
      1) communicate
      2) send pledges
      3) issue refunds as per KS T&Cs

    41. Tom Bratchford on


      Dec 6, 2013
      “That being said a large shipment left the studio on Wednesday and another will be heading out Monday morning as well.”

      The Weds in question was 4/12/14 & the Mon was 9/12/14.

    42. Tom Bratchford on

      "So there is at least proof that they exist out there but for some reason 37 weeks ago, the shipments stopped DEAD COLD."

      If this is true, then the last few updates have been lies, and this is fraud.

      I assume that, based on the evidence to hand, you (Fabian) assume this to be the case, because if it's a fact, then we should probably act on it.

    43. fr on

      I asked someone who had theirs on instagram who got his 38 weeks ago say he was an early backer and lived in the same area. So there is at least proof that they exist out there but for some reason 37 weeks ago, the shipments stopped DEAD COLD. Who knows why. At least this is not the worst KS, there was one about the lockpick guy who used some of the KS money to pay rent, go on vacation, buy a TV, crazy stuff. It seems the formula for timely KS delivery can NOT include: One person who does not outsource and has to manually create. I was on the fence with Ouya and Pebble but they did great. Pebble people were mad at time but they communicated in a timely manner as they dictated their pace regardless of reward deadline. Good on them.
      Anyways ... I got my 3Doodler yesterday ... loving it!!! Yes Im just drawling but trying to give the people hope when for some reason its so easy for some to despair (not talking bout you @Mike :) )

    44. Mike Morrison on

      for those of us that are international and not had problems getting previous pledges from the KS data.... it does make one wonder...

    45. Alexander Scholten

      Hi, I am especially concerned about this bit of the "update":

      The shipping software I'm using does not validate international addresses so if the info I was able to export from Kickstarter doesn't import correctly into ShipStation your package won't get to you.

      You can't be serious! Please do communicate who is affected and I think you should consider to return them their pledges. According to the FAQ of kickstarter they can support you with this.

      Furthermore people really need to be informed what has been shipped what is still waiting be shipped and what has been returned to you.

      I really like your product and I would love to get my hands on this here in Switzerland, so please communicate transparently your shipments and results to you backers.

    46. Rob Docherty on

      Zero amount of information about when the packages shipped. Zero amount of information about when the last package will ship. One excuse after another. Starting to smell like a ponzi scheme to me...

    47. Tom Bratchford on

      If this project IS a fraud I'd be very disappointed, not just about not recieving my product, but because it's such a great idea!

      I can see this being used in modern schools, it would certainly allow people to use their creativity in the office (where I plan to use mine), and teenagers would love it.
      Just so many uses... why go to all the trouble of thinking of such a great idea just to rip folks off? Why not just follow through?

      In fact I still think it isn't a fraud, but the lack of response to important questions from backers such as "I've moved, have you got my new address?" and "Have you already shipped mine, and it's got lost, or is mine yet to come?" and the small number of responses saying I got mine, all's well" erodes that confidence.

      Hey Eric - you're losing the folks who would otherwise love to promote your product (once they get it).

      Your best strategy right now is take the time to figure out who has and who hasn't been sent their rewards, and to communicate that. I know this may take some time, but word of mouth is going to hurt (maybe kill) your business if you don't.
      Maybe delegate this task?
      Do you want a hand?
      P.M. me, maybe I can help (but not for nothing).

    48. Mike Morrison on

      stressed.. no,
      I've lost over $1400 on one project... but frustrated.. yes
      It is projects like this that gradually turn people off all projects on KS, and that in the long term will have a knock-on effect.

      All its takes by the project is honest... regular and accurate communications, is that too much to ask for?

      I still think this is a great business idea, BUT if a small batch cannot be supplied, then the future business is dead before it starts... that is sad

    49. fr on

      Stop naysaying ;) jk.
      Like I said. Forget about this project. Leave it from memory. Put the laptop down. Go for a walk.
      I hope you didn't get the wall reward. That's insane money to spend. I only spent a little. You do make an interesting point. Instagram has few people who got theirs. But it's so small you wonder if it's his friends or something. But I have accepted my part I'm forgetting this project in hope that it will surprise me one day. I just like coming back to see all the folks stressing.

    50. Mike Morrison on

      14 days into the new year and no update, or progress.

      Sadly I think this project is a dead one :(

      A shame, its a great idea