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A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.
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Erik Heumiller

1,645 backers pledged $66,835 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


International and other shipments


Most of the international shipments are out the door, including the classroom packs so you should all be receiving email notifications when they ship.

I'm hoping to have the rest of the rewards following in the next week. It's mostly the custom artwork remaining and a couple returned packages.

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Magnet Comic - UPDATE #27 - End of the Year Status


Hi all,

I wanted to post an end of the year update as we approach another holiday season that this Kickstarter has dragged on. Sorry to all who are still waiting on orders, it’s taken much much longer than anticipated to finalize the packing and processing of the final 400 +/- orders since I last posted at the end of August.

At this point all of the US shipments have been sent with the exception of a handful of the Custom Artwork rewards and the Classroom Packs. The (x20) Classroom Packs hit the mail on 12/29 and should be delivered in early January when school sessions start back up and international orders are still heading out the door slowly but steadily. And the (x5) oversized boards are heading out just after the new year as well.

I have hired an extra set of hands to help in the shop to move things forward at a quicker pace. You have not been forgotten and as I’ve always stated, each backer will get their reward. However, it has taken an extremely long time to make that happen and for that I am sorry.

This project was much larger than I ever thought it would be and it proved to be too much for me to handle on my own, despite my good intentions. I know a lot of people are disappointed in the length of the project and my lack of communication throughout. I have regrets about how I handled some aspects of this project but I can only ask for a bit more understanding and patience as I get the last of these orders out the door.



Continued Shipping


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International Shipping [UPDATE]


Hi all,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been graciously offered some financial help to finish shipping the international orders. I'm packing up boxes this weekend and into next week and will proceed with getting orders shipped as soon as possible.

I'm looking forward to getting the last of these rewards out to you and wrapping up this long overdue project.

Thanks to you all!


Magnet Comic Update - May 2014


Hi all,

I wanted to post an update about the status of the orders. First, my apologies to the international backers as I have pushed you to the back burner a couple times throughout this process and that wasn’t fair. The logistics and costs associated with international shipping were much more complicated than I had anticipated.

U.S. Shipments

  • 100 remaining shipments
  • Target date to ship all remaining U.S. packages = June 6, 2014
  • Includes all custom artwork / additional items / etc.

International Orders

  • 380 remaining shipments
  • I'm negotiating with a European fulfillment center to bulk ship all of the packages to them, to be distributed throughout the region. I am hoping to sort this out no later than June 13, 2014 so expect another update on this option soon.
  • Asia, Australia and South American orders will be shipped by June 13, 2014 as they are far fewer and more manageable.
  • I have also had a number of international orders returned to me, so I'll be reaching out to those backers this weekend to see whether that was due to customs or a change of address.

The main issue with international orders was that I had budgeted about $12 for shipping due to the original weight of each item (and my overly optimistic estimations), but with the Kickstarter add-ons which increased weight as well as exact destinations, the actual shipping costs to each individual international backer about $25-$30 per order. I do not have the money to currently ship these at the 2-3 times what was accounted for in the Kickstarter. That leaves me the following options:

  • Put shipping on-hold while I research a more affordable shipping method
  • Restrict the flow of shipping to something I can afford by adding my own personal funds - (how I've currently been operating)
  • Ask international buyers for more money to cover the shipping costs

I would rather not ask anyone for more money, especially since you've waited so long for these rewards, but I may make that option available on a voluntary basis. I've had a number of international backers ask if they could pay more to expedite their shipping so I'm going to look into an easy way to facilitate that for those interested.

As it stands, I am just hung up on physically shipping the international items out due to the dramatically more expensive shipping rates. As I have stated through this entire process, every backer will receive their reward. I am not trying to rip anyone off and the project as a whole is about 75% completed. I understand the frustration with a project that is a year overdue, but I ask that you continue your patience a little while longer as I continue to ship the rewards to you.