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A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.
A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.
1,645 backers pledged $66,835 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Dennis Keating 5 days ago

      I live in Honolulu and have still not received anything from Eric. I have sent him my address on several occasions.
      Under the Post comment button is the message "Be respectful and considerate."
      It is difficult to act this way, when Erik has systematically and continually shown myself and others Zero Respect and Zero Consideration. Erik made something like 10x's the amount of money he sought, yet he has chosen to treat those people who trusted him, as if they are dirt.

    2. Creator MannyLaMancha on November 19

      Oh. I guess I can't PM other backers on Kickstarter. Can't say I've ever tried before.

    3. Creator MannyLaMancha on November 19

      Thank you very much fr. It was especially a bummer for me when it was going to a be a birthday or Christmas or anniversary present, rinse and repeat for three years. I also really hope that he did donate a large one to the children's hospital like he said he would. I'm afraid that I don't have Instagram - would you be kind enough to politely reach out and contact his friend again? I'm also PMing this to you.

      "Dear Honeyface (nope, not a pick up line - I just don't know your real name.)
      It's my understanding that you have been kind enough to provide assistance to another backer of Erik's magnet comic project, and now I humbly ask on behalf of those remaining without our rewards three years later for your help. Could you please find it in your heart to nudge Erik back onto Kickstarter so that he may reach out and make good on finishing his project? I was one of his biggest cheerleaders for a year, but have just realized from looking through my messages from the last few years that he has never actually responded to me. :-( On behalf of all of his backers, thank you."

    4. Creator fr on November 17

      Hey guys. I got my comic a long while back. It's sad to see people not get theirs and get no response from him. Honestly at this point he can't still be shipping them out. And if he is he needs a credible explanation now. Seriously.
      So with that being said. If you guys want a way to contact him here is a way. It worked because I did this and I got a response. I feel bad doing it but I feel worse for folks who get no response 3 years running. Contact his friend on Instagram by username honeyface. I'd ask that you be respectful and plead for help to this person. I did and she was able to help "kickstart" my shipment.
      Again, I did this but I did it without anger or terseness. I respectfully pleaded for help.
      Good luck to you guys.
      Not to kick you when your down but I love mine. It's a great product.

    5. Creator Henning on November 2

      I really have been patient with Eric and this Kickstarter project – we are all human and mistakes happen so the last thing I wanted to do was blame anyone for having miscalculated the efforts and the work it takes to finish such a project. Guess a lot of companies that went on Groupon can tell a similar story of being overwhelmed and understaffed.

      But in the end I simply cannot justify any of this behaviour... I have up until this day not received my reward and although there has been a package shipped (at least that's what the tracking info said) it was sent to the wrong address. I have contacted Eric long beforehand and sent the correct address but that has been ignored.

      No contact / reply whatsoever to any of my mails.

      Shame on you Eric for letting me down, I've put my trust in you.

    6. Creator MannyLaMancha on October 22

      Can I please have my magnet comic?

    7. Creator MannyLaMancha on September 10

      Erik, I have received goodies from 38 projects that I have backed since yours.

    8. Creator MannyLaMancha on September 9

      Still waiting.

    9. Creator Dennis Keating on August 19

      Still waiting. Correction my last message should have said Erik, not Eric.

    10. Creator Dennis Keating on August 19

      I am still waiting for mine. I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and have heard nothing nor received anything from Eric.

    11. Creator Anthony on August 11

      My small group of grade 6 students loved the magnetic comics. It was a good tool to teach them how to tell their stories and contain their ideas in just three panels.
      Thanks, again.

    12. Creator MannyLaMancha on August 6

      Eric, I guess the thing that bothers me is that I was one of your biggest advocates for over a year, but despite comments and messages, haven't heard from you since year one. I'm still waiting; are others?

    13. Creator MannyLaMancha on July 21

      Congrats! If only I could be so lucky.

    14. Creator dunster on July 20

      Today received the Magnet Comics, there are wonderful.
      Thanks finally.

    15. Creator Sven Schirmer on July 14


      My first kickstarter pledge arrived today at my home. Now I prepare the custom characters, draw the first comic and give my wife her long promised christmas present ;)

      Thank you very much Erik. It is a very nice result, it could not have been better. You will now help me to let my wife smile (not only because of your product but also because of my drawing abilities to finish the comic strip...)

    16. Creator Ali Grotkowski on July 13

      I'm so happy to have finally received mine today! Most wonderful! Thanks for the great custom characters too!

    17. Creator Don Ellingsworth on July 11

      I'm still waiting on mine...Where can i go to find tracking information?

    18. Creator MannyLaMancha on July 10

      Congrats bicyclefish! How many others are still waiting? *raises hand*

    19. Creator Bicyclefish on July 8

      Erik found my returned package, which he'd addressed with the wrong zip code. It arrived this week in excellent condition. The frame is well made, and my magnets aren't excessively curled, but the magnets are rather weak and tend to fall off.
      I have no thank yous, however, as this was a long, frustrating process that could've been avoided had my many comments and messages asking for an update and informing Erik I've not received anything not been ignored. Instead my package sat among a "handful of returned shipments" for nearly a year.
      At least it's over. Best of luck to the rest of you. I can only suggest you try sending a message to the character art email in the last update. Perhaps your reward sits upon the returns shelf too.

    20. Creator Sven Schirmer on July 2

      I received my tracking link yesterday. So finally, my first Kickstarter pledge is on its way home :)

    21. Creator Bicyclefish on July 1

      After endless emails and pestering Erik finally informed me my reward was shipped "almost a year ago" -- no actual date provided -- and I "should have received an email with shipping confirmation at the time" which I didn't ever get. But had he checked his email, these comments or my many update requests via Kickstarter messages this allegedly lost package probably would have been caught long ago. So unless Erik offers a replacement or refund, I'm basically out my donation with nothing to show for it. Amazing.

    22. Creator Stuart Lees on July 1

      Sick of waiting, and waiting

    23. Creator Ken Hargreaves on June 29

      I received mine in Vancouver Canada. Thanks Erik.

    24. Creator Andrea Grey Redman on June 26

      Very grateful to have received my magnetic comic this week (in Ontario, Canada). Merci.

    25. Creator MannyLaMancha on June 25

      *still waiting in California* - just the basic one, not custom characters

    26. Creator Raimund on June 25

      Mine arrived yesterday. International shipment to Germany.
      I’m not even mad. That the arrived after such a long time is amazing.

    27. Creator Jon Deuchler on June 24

      Still nothing in St Louis and no responses to the messages I sent.

    28. Creator Nick May on June 24

      Just got mine in Australia with my custom characters! All good things take I have to cut those suckers out.

    29. Creator Matthias Buchetics on June 24

      2 years and 3 months late but mine really did just arrive here in Austria, including my additional characters drawn by myself. Looks very nice.

    30. Creator Ben 76 Roscoe on June 23

      Mine arrived yesterday (UK) it's pretty good shame it has taken so long but at least it got here in the end

    31. Creator MannyLaMancha on June 21

      Well, let's just see if the rest of us get our things first.

    32. Creator Capricorne on June 20

      Received mine today, in France. Glad to see this project finally over. Beyond the delays, the manufacturing problems and the lack of communication, this is a great object, nicely crafted and really fun. I sincerely hope you'll find somehow an efficient way to produce more stuff for it after all the backers are served.

    33. Creator William Burke on June 18

      Would have been nice to have gotten an e-mail tW0 years ago abut not having my pictures. And Now that the person, my Mother to whom I was going to use this with has passed away Leaves me more pissed off. And to make it our fault you don't have them is in poor taste Erik

    34. Creator fr on June 17

      Mine came in today as well. Custom art included. Yay!!

    35. Creator Agustian on June 17

      Just got it today @fr.

    36. Creator Jim Bellmore on June 17

      Got mine today!!!
      HAHA!! Erik, You magnificent bastard, I knew you'd come through!!!!

    37. Creator Jim Bellmore on June 17

      @Keith & Emily - in the comments of Update 29, Erik said the custom packs would ship separately as they were completed.

    38. Creator Keith & Emily Cotton on June 17

      Just got my Magnet Comic in the mail and I'm super excited! However, my custom characters that I paid for are nowhere to be found. Hoping it was a separate shipment. The custom characters were the real draw to this project. Trying to get this message to Erik via twitter, kickstarter, and any other avenues, so that I will hopefully be able to get this figured out.

    39. Creator fr on June 15

      @Augustin can you let us know if the status moves beyond "mailing label created"?

    40. Creator Agustian on June 14

      It's a little slow, however I've just received a tracking number for my shipment. Thanks Erik. Look forward to receiving it.

    41. Creator MannyLaMancha on June 13

      Erik posted in the comments section of his last update three days ago - there doesn't appear to be any acknowledgment that no one has gotten anything from his final shipment that supposedly went out a month ago.

    42. Creator Bicyclefish on June 12

      I spoke to Boston Children's Hospital Child Life Services, which handles non monetary donations. The gentleman who has handled all donations since 2014 didn't recognize Erik's name nor the item I described -- a plastic or wooden framed white board divided into 3 panels with magnetic comic characters. Granted, he conceded the items may have been donated before he took on the position, and there is no record of non monetary donators, but he didn't recall seeing any such product around. While this isn't definite proof one way or the other, It does make me suspicious.
      On a related topic:

    43. Creator Stuart Lees on June 11

      Sure makes you think twice about Kickstarter.

    44. Creator William Burke on June 9

      Come on Erik 2 years of waiting any word How about a response?

    45. Creator MannyLaMancha on June 9

      I truly, sincerely hope so.

    46. Creator Bicyclefish on June 8

      Does anyone know if Erik honored stretch goal #3 to donate plastic versions to various hospitals? Way back during the fundraising he claimed "I've started talking to the Boston Children's Hospital to see how I can make this a reality."If he hasn't, that's really really low of him to not honor a promise to give to charity.

    47. Creator Chris on June 8

      Still waiting here... Was really hoping this would be here for a birthday this June as it missed the last 2 years as a bday gift.

    48. Creator fr on June 6

      Has anyone gotten anything yet?

    49. Creator MannyLaMancha on June 1, 2015

      *Looks at below comment* *blinks*

    50. Creator Stuart Lees on June 1, 2015

      Now officially 2 years late. Worse than watching paint dry. At least paint responds when you talk to it.

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