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A customizable comic strip that lets you create your own comics using magnetic characters and a dry-erase marker.
Created by

Erik Heumiller

1,645 backers pledged $66,835 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Chris 5 days ago

      Hopefully my custom will be here for next months birthday so it can finally be given as a gift as it missed the last two birthdays.

    2. Creator Britta Carlson 5 days ago

      Aaaaand still .....

    3. Creator Erik Jung on April 14

      I received my set about a month ago. He sent it to my old address. I gave him my change of address when I moved. No response, of course! The only reason why I got it at all was because I had to pick up another package from the post office that another bad kickstarter creator sent to my old address (even after I gave them my change of address and they acknowledged it!). Anyway...
      This item is a piece of shit. The magnets are so thin they don't stick to the board. But, I'm glad this chapter is over. I definitely won't be backing as many projects as I have in the past!

    4. Creator Gene Kobayashi on April 12

      Got mine in Germany. Packaging did its job, my wife enjoys tinkering with it. Yay! So, all in all, I'm happy.

    5. Creator Thomas Hawthorne on April 10

      I got mine today. I am in CA. I am in shock that it finally showed up. I do congratulate Erik on his resolve to get them out, even if the timing was so bad. Thank you.

      I also like the product, it's pretty cool. While I'm sure that if I had known I would have to wait an extra 2 years I wouldn't have gone in on this one, at this point I'm glad I have my Magnet Comic. Hopefully everyone will get theirs as well.

    6. Creator Jay Breitkreutz on April 8

      Got mine in Canada Yesterday, received a shipping notice on Feb 20, 2015 and was not shipped until April 1, 2015. Almost thought it was a April fools prank unit it had showed up.

    7. Creator Scott Crawford on April 6

      Still waiting here in Michigan for my classroom pack order. Confirmed my mailing address with Erik a couple months ago (he asked me to confirm it), and then silent...

    8. Creator fr on April 1

      I just want him to explain why he is going in spurts. I'm guessing money but if he could just say something it would placate everyone I think.
      He appears to be sending but at a rate of 1 a week it seems. The guy mentioned he got his classroom pack. Awesome. In other fronts I got a package from another kickstarter. The project guy DIED so all the money was locked up. They were able to continue the project and deliver the rewards. If only.

    9. Creator MannyLaMancha on March 31

      I heard from the AG yesterday. They said Erik has been very good about speaking to them in the past and they will be in touch with him soon. We all know from experience that he will work in short bursts when spurred on.

    10. Creator MannyLaMancha on March 20

      AG contacted. Waiting to hear back.

    11. Creator dunster on March 17

      I am still waiting for my custom images board.
      Any idea when you start with the custom items?

    12. Creator fr on March 17

      For those still waiting and fed up, call/email the Massechusets Attorney General via their gov site. More complaints, harder the push. It really is frustrating that he does not make his dates and failed to update. And incorrect shipping continues to happen.

    13. Creator Constanze on March 16

      Dude, can you please to have the courtesy to reply to my emails. This is seriously a joke!

    14. Creator Britta Carlson on March 15

      This is seriously hilarious... To think that he has just started those custom orders after more than TWO YEARS. Hah!!

    15. Creator Britta Carlson on March 15

      Yea still waiting...

    16. Creator Ali Grotkowski on March 13

      I would love an update as to the status of custom orders at this stage.

    17. Creator Martin Andersson on March 12

      My shipment is still in Pre Shipment. Can you PLEASE respond so I eventually get this?! If this is shipped to the incorrect address it is just a huge comedy... Erik, are you alive?

    18. Creator Martin Andersson on March 9

      Finally got it sent, but of course I managed to move in the mean time and when I tried to change the address at USPS they won't allow me and you have to do it. You haven't replied to my request message so I assume this will just dissolve into a black hole in the post... sheesh...

    19. Creator Bicyclefish on March 7

      @Marcus Did the AG seem genuinely interested in the matter? I'm wondering if it might be worth other people contacting/filing as well.

    20. Creator MannyLaMancha on March 5


    21. Creator fr on March 5

      @Marcus can you get the AG to call him again. This is getting ridiculous.

    22. Creator Jim Bellmore on March 3

      Still waiting on a custom order in Florida.

    23. Creator Todd Burrick on March 1

      Not here in Connecticut. I emailed and asked to just switch me to a regular order, no custom art. Silence, as usual.

    24. Creator Jason Wendling on February 28

      Has anyone gotten their custom order?

    25. Creator fr on February 27

      At this rate I will get my exploding kitten game before this. At this rate I will get the reward from the project where the creator DIED before I get this. That's just SAD!

    26. Creator MannyLaMancha on February 24

      Well, he logged in on the 20th

    27. Creator Britta Carlson on February 21

      And still waiting...

    28. Creator fr on February 15

      @Marcus perhaps the AG can force him to post monthly updates and explain why he keeps missing his mark and provide numbers. Or maybe just come out with the truth. I still after all this time do not mind waiting. I just want to know the real reason.

    29. Creator Marcus Frasier on February 13

      I had the MA AG look into this, and Erik promised them he was moving forward and fulfilling. Looks like, as usual, he did a bit, then fell off again.

      Unsurprised, and glad that I did not close my complaint.

    30. Creator Tom Bratchford on February 10

      What gets me is that he has learned nothing, or applied nothing that he has learned along the way.

      People want open and honest communications - it's still not happening.

      The backers have theorised about every single way it could have gone wrong, and pretty much said each time that they deal with can whatever scenario it is better if Erik will only be honest about it...

      I think he's lost track of whether he has already fulfilled some orders, that's why he's not being forthcoming about how many are left... because he doesn't know.

      If Erik asked his backers, I'm guess most would be honest, some he'd know were lying based on existing records, and he could go forward knowing exactly how many he needs to fulfill... why am I bothering speculating, we'll never know the truth.

    31. Creator fr on February 9

      Hey @MarkWheadon. I am holding on. But I finally let go and fell down the well and broke my leg. Every few hours Erik pops his head at the top, tells me he is amassing a small army to rescue me and should have me out lickitty split. He has done this a few times, but I'm still here ... in the well ... waiting ... ;)

    32. Creator Bicyclefish on February 9

      Backed the reward with the additional character set and have not received any shipping notice or replies to messages. I'm a domestic backer, but an international backer also reports diddlysquat. Personally, the experience has made it such that I could not enjoy the item even if I ever receive it, and I'd prefer a refund at this point.

    33. Creator Todd Burrick on February 8

      Still nothing in Connecticut. And never any answers from my messages to Erik. At this point I would gladly exchange my custom reward for a standard pack. Anything other than nothing at this point.

    34. Creator Geoff Munn on February 7

      Still waiting here, too.

    35. Creator Mark Wheadon on February 6

      Hang on in there guys.

    36. Creator fr on February 5

      Me me me. Just you and me man. Woohoo. His message said we should get it a week after his last post. In normal time I assume this to mean 2 more months. Almost there man. Almost here. ;)

    37. Creator MannyLaMancha on February 4

      Is anyone else still waiting?

    38. Creator MannyLaMancha on January 30

      Nope. Just the basic one: One complete Magnet Comic including the strip, stand, 4 characters (9 expressions each) and marker. Also includes a thank you on the website.

    39. Creator fr on January 29

      @Manny did you order the custom drawings one?

    40. Creator Tom Bratchford on January 29

      Magnet comic rec'd in Adelaide, Australia.

      Minor concerns: Magnets a little curly & not very strong. 48 hrs under a pile of books helped a lot.
      Overall very satisfied with the product, it is as described.
      Disappointed with the service: not so much the wait, as the lack of communication, and it's misleading nature when it did exist.

      Have had several creatives approach me who are entranced by the concept, but I've had to advise them that any order of this product carries a risk, so instead of happily recommending the product, I've had to say "It's a great product, but..."

      I am trying to create a comic a day for a wonth (wonth = working month). It's working well so far, three days in.

    41. Creator Morris Umali on January 28

      I just got home from work and it was there waiting on my doorstep. Sydney, Australia.
      Thanks :D

    42. Creator MannyLaMancha on January 27

      I'm glad you guys are getting yours. I'm still waiting in California.

    43. Creator Subhash Rajan on January 27

      Finally Got it! In Dubai!
      Thanks Erik. Well Worth the looooonggg wait.
      Cheers to not giving up and seeing this to the end, Erik.

    44. Creator fr on January 24

      I think the fastest way is to post Instagram or Twitter with hashtag "magnetcomic" that way everyone can see new things as they come. No need for a large formal community.

    45. Creator Simone Savogin on January 23

      Hi Erik and hi all. I received my magnet comic and started producing a stupid load of silly strips. I didn't check here often, so I don't know if anybody already asked this question, but: is there a place where we all can post our strips? (don't say facebook, 'cause i hate it... eheh)
      A community could gather and share strips, comment, give hints and ideas, vote... anything.
      If there's one, I'll join, if there isn't one, i think we could create it.
      I'd love to know what you all come up with (and what you think of my stupid jokes).
      Anyway, thanks!!! It's a great tool!!

    46. Creator Anthony on January 23

      I received it. Finally.
      I bought it when I was just about to finish up on my teaching degree, thinking that it would be a great resource for the kids. Two years later, I'm no longer a teacher, but wow this product still excites me!
      Thank you for hand making it - I feel rather special, now.

      Anthony from Sydney Australia

    47. Creator Galfaille on January 23

      Got it ! It was worth the (looooooong) wait !

    48. Creator Tess McCormick on January 22

      Got it in Canada yesterday!

    49. Creator Stefan Schober on January 22

      Got it yesterday - at last!
      Nice Gadget.
      Stefan, Germany

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