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To raise funds for my researching my new play, drawing inspiration from Christopher Isherwood's visit to Berlin in the 1930's.

The Play

The as-of-yet untitled piece is a two-part effort. The first, a chronicling/investigating of Isherwood’s experience in Berlin and his exposure to the sexual rebellion happening in 1930’s Berlin at that time. While gaining the inspiration from Jean Ross to create SALLY BOWLES, the story will focus on the writer’s relationship with W.H. Auden and his dalliance with Heinz Neddermeyer, who became his first great love. The second portion of the story would be an account of a young writer who is experiencing the city of Berlin for the first time in 2012. Like Isherwood, he follows a fellow writer to Berlin and is exposed to the immense sexually charged energy that he finds there. He, too, finds inspiration from seeing a cabaret act, which a woman singing songs from Cabaret, and sets about writing his first important works while experiencing his first major love affair with a German actor.

These two stories would be woven together, showing the timelessness of being an adventuring foreigner and the necessity of seeing the world beyond one’s own country. It is from this outside perspective that we can gain a true vision of who we are and what we are capable of.


I have been given a housing grant in Berlin, supporting my stay there for a five-week period of research and development for the play. This would allow me the unique opportunity to research and explore the breeding ground of many of Isherwood’s works, including SALLY BOWLES, which would have a profound impact on the development of the play. In addition, having direct exposure to present day Berlin would greatly facilitate the development of the modern facet to the play, especially given the parallels to the city’s political climate during Isherwood’s stay in the1930’s.

While there, I would also be taking a German language course through Berlitz, to augment my research.

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Being commissioned as a playwright is never an easy thing to do. As a young artist, it is my responsibility to seek out opportunities and environments to create new work. I have been fortunate this past year with many wonderful projects, and this voyage to Berlin to research the city, especially about Isherwood's time there in the 1930's is at once very daunting and extraordinarily thrilling.

I have been in contact with Don Bachardy, Isherwood's partner of many years (check out the documentary, Chris and Don: A Love Story) and have his support and blessing to go forward with this project. Now I look to you to help me make it a reality.


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