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A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
3,424 backers pledged $90,776 to help bring this project to life.

60k reached! New Stretch goals, Easter Eggs revealed!

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

We've reached 60k, so Petula will be starring in her very own horror game Chapter! Thank you to everyone who has helped us this far! We've also found a mayor for one of the towns in YANTH! Please thank ARJANEN Loïc Jean David (first name Loïc) for his generous pledge!

New Stretch Goals

With that, we've introduced two new stretch goals:

Extended Modern World

At $85,007 we have an extended modern world! The extra chapter will not just be a storyline chapter but a whole new area for you to explore whenever you feel like. It'll feature open-world like gameplay, it's like a whole new game!

Voice Acting

A lot of you have asked about voice acting, and we're pleased to announce that we will be able to bring it to YANTH! At 100k we'll have strong, professional voice actors playing the parts of Petula, the heroes and anyone else in major events and cutscenes!

Of course, we know there are people who tend not to like voice acting in their RPGs. So we'll try to implement a way to turn off the voices in case it irks you the wrong way!

Easter Eggs Revealed

With the pre-alpha demo having been released, a good amount of people have already found the Easter Eggs! A few of them however have been quite difficult to find. We've decided to share them all with you here. If you know or follow any of these people, please share it, tweet, reply, comment, reach them! Maybe they'll help spread the word about YANTH!

The first one is Mike Fahey from Kotaku!

 Next up is Alec Meer from Rock Paper Shotgun! Yes, apparently he is a transformer.

 Next we have Ryan Letourneau aka @Northernlion, of youtube and fame! Awesome guy, he taught me a lot with his videos on promoting an indie game!

 Now for someone I think everyone adores, and some who don't know him adore nonetheless because of his awesome work: Joss Whedon! Seriously, if you don't know him, you've been living under a rock.

 Finally, probably the most difficult to find because he's the only one in the first chapter, the Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter!

 Other Kickstarter projects

There are other projects out there that deserve some recognition, and I find these particularly deserving!

The Escapists

Come on, escaping a prison? I'd love to! Have you seen prison break? One of my favorite shows of all time. In fact, Petula will be doing so too!

Boogerman 20th Anniversary

It's boogerman! SERIOUSLY! You don't know who he is!? You young'ns !!

I'm Back! Reward Tier restock, Add-ons, Fan-art

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gents! I've returned from Los Angeles! The last few days have been very emotional, full of both sadness and joy. My brother-in-law Stephen Curameng, who everyone calls Gumby, passed away suddenly due to a heart attack, about a week after his youngest daughter Anna Marie was born. We mourned his passing and celebrated her birth. We kept tight our memories of him as we prepared to create new ones with her. Rest in peace kuya Gumby, may your spirit look after all of us, and especially my sister and your three beautiful daughters.

You Are Not The Hero will be in your loving memory.

Reward Tier restock

We've added 8 more slots to the Took The Red Pill tier (what am I getting myself into?) by removing three from the Forest Hermit Tier. This tier has been very popular! For those of you on the Stuck in a Cave tier, you can simply add $20 to your pledge without changing tiers if you'd like your custom music from DesperateMeasurez. Make sure to read the terms!


We've added some more widely asked for add-ons for our backers! We'll include all of the add-ons up to this point. To purchase an add-on, simply increase your pledge by the amount of the add-on without changing reward tiers. For multiple add-ons, increase the pledge appropriately. These add-ons will be sorted through once the campaign is over and payments have been processed.

$30 - Custom Physical Box and Manual - Add $10 for International shipping.
$15 - Extra DRM-Free copy or Steam key of You Are Not The Hero
$15 - Digital Soundtrack plus bonus backer-only tracks
$15 - Digital Illustrated art-book
$25 - Digital Soundtrack plus art-book

Stretch Goals

We'll be announcing another stretch goal or two within the next few days, please look forward to it!

Bill Karalius is awesome in Florida!

Bill Karalius, the awesome one-man voice actor talent who lent his voice to the YANTH Public Service Announcement was in Florida over the past weekend, strutting his stuff and promoting YANTH! Check out his pics!

Paul Bradford - SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters International
Paul Bradford - SyFy Channel's Ghost Hunters International
John Pinto - M&Ms Artist
John Pinto - M&Ms Artist
Michael Koske - Walking Dead zombie!
Michael Koske - Walking Dead zombie!
Chase Masterson - Star Trek Deep Space Nine
Chase Masterson - Star Trek Deep Space Nine


We love fan-art! Sourjelly Apple Pudding has created two awesome interpretations of Petula and the gang! The first is a sprite animation of Petula shakin' her stuff!

The next is Petula and the gang in their Halloween getups! Belated Happy Halloween guys!

50k! Steam Greenlit! New stretch goal, small hiatus

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

You guys are amazing, every single one of you! Because of your support we've reached our third stretch goal, an extra chapter where Petula visits the modern world! We've also got some amazing news! We've been greenlit in Steam!

 In the extra chapter, she'll be able to leave the 'set' of the game and return to her 'actual' life outside of the game! Will she visit the devs? Will she bump into you!? Who knows!

Now that we've been greenlit for Steam, we can really share our beloved game to the world! This doesn't mean we'll be exclusive to Steam however. Those of you who have backed will still have the option of getting the DRM-free copy of the game. For everyone else, we'll still be pushing for other platforms! We're already confirmed for gamersgate, and we'll look into every possible portal we can.

New Stretch Goal: Custom Collectible Character Costumes!

 With this next stretch goal, we'll be creating more costumes for Petula, the heroes and other main characters for you to collect! You'll be able to change any of their costumes at any point in the game through the menu. We have more stretch goals in mind, but we'd like to make sure they're viable before we announce them.

Demo Clarification

There have been a few people who have tried the demo and noticed that it's not exactly what they had expected when compared to the vision we've detailed on the campaign page. I thought we would take a moment to clarify the disparities between the pre-Alpha demo and what we plan for the finished product.

The main content within the demo that we've made available was completed last May. Back then, the plan for YANTH was very different from what it is now. Before, it would have been a collection of minigames and fun quests with a tacked on main storyline. The fourth-wall breaking humor (so much of it) worked just fine in that context. Although we've polished the demo a little bit since then, the dialogue and mechanics have been largely untouched since then.

We're now fully invested in bringing you a much more fulfilling RPG. With this, the fourth-wall breaking humor will still have some presence, though with much more subtlety and much less often than is shown in the demo. We've planned to redo most of Chapters 1 and 2 to better show the gameplay and stories we really want to express.

Finally, some points in case you hit a bug:

  • The part where the soldiers are chasing you in Chapter 1 is quite complicated and buggy, so please save ahead of time.
  • If you talk to 'southernlion', make sure to exit that map and re-enter before talking to the children again. If you don't, the game will crash.
  • F5 will full-screen the demo, F6 will change the zoom.
  • Read the dialogue! There are instructions in there, like holding Shift to sprint or equipping quick-use items like potions.

Small Hiatus

I'm sorry to say that I may be a little scarce until Monday. My brother-in-law passed away suddenly a few days ago, so I'll be heading down to Los Angeles on Wednesday night to attend his funeral and spend time with my family. If you're a religious person, we wouldn't mind your prayers! If not, well wishes are more than enough. Thank you for all of your support!

New Rewards, add-ons, and more!

Before we wrap this up, we wanted to mention that we do have much more planned for the campaign regarding rewards, add-ons and stretch goals. I also wanted to remind you that if you asked me a question and I have yet to answer it, please PLEASE send me another message! I read everyone's messages but I have a difficult time answering all of them. Send it again!

For all of you voice actors/actresses asking for an audition or a part in our project, I really appreciate your enthusiasm! I'm getting many of them, so if it comes time to actually cast for voices, we will say so in another update. Please look forward to it!

Thank You! Knite & The Ghost Lights

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

We want to say thank you to all of our amazing backers for letting us reach our first two stretch goals, revamped graphics and Mac and Linux support!

 That's Akika, Petula's cousin. Anyway, Revamped graphics will allow us to hire an environmental pixel artist to work on the background graphics! Luckily for us we're using a tile system. If each map were illustrated from scratch, that stretch goal would be muuuuch higher.
Mac and Linux support is just that! Drew now has a lot more work ahead of him hehe. I'll make sure to whip him good. We're also planning out more stretch goals past the next two extra chapters! Please look forward to an update within the next few days.

Knite & The Ghost Lights

While we're here, we wanted to bring to your attention another project that has less than two hours until its over! Knite & The Ghost Lights is an amazing looking, handcrafted story adventure game coming to multiple platforms. Check it out RIGHT NOW! Let's help them reach their $45,000 stretch goal!

RETRO: A New RETRO Gaming Magazine

Also check out RETRO! Their Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to bring back the gaming magazines from the good old days. They have all of the talent and all of the skills, they just need a little more help to get there! With 8 days left, let's help them reach their goal guys!

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

We wanted to mention again the awesome new project by our friends at WayForward, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! Their Kickstarter campaign is over but it's not too late to help them out with their stretch goals!

As always, tell them You Are Not The Hero sent you! Don't forget to vote for us on Steam Greenlight as well!

IndieHaven Twitch playthrough, New Rewards, Shantae!

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gents! Please join us today at the Indie Haven Twitch channel at 4:30pm PST (7:30pm EST) for a live playthrough of the You Are Not The Hero pre-alpha demo! We'll be there to chat with everyone, provide commentary and hope no bugs pop up! Follow this link for the playthrough!

Before we announce the new reward tiers, we want to ask you guys, in all seriousness if you would be interested in buying either of these shirts. VOTE!

Vote Here!
Vote Here!

New Reward Tiers, Goodbye Final Boss Tier!

Here's what some of you have been waiting for, new reward tiers! For us to be able to offer these, and make them viable within the time frame, I've decided to cut out the Final Boss tier, which would take a significant amount of time to fulfill. In return, we get to offer these:

 Red Barrels Do Explode Tier

In this tier, you get to have your very own marked gravestone! We can't have an unlimited number of NPCs running around, but graves? Oh they're everywhere. Not to mention the fact that they can be used quite humorously or personally when done properly. This includes the DRM copy of the game or Steam key, access to beta-test throughout development, the digital soundtrack and the digital artbook.

Took The Red Pill Tier

The Took The Red Pill Tier is the same as the Stuck In A Cave Tier, with one exception. Our musician DesperateMeasurez will be working with you to create your one of a kind, custom music piece to be played within the game where your quest is. This track will also appear in the digital soundtrack as a bonus to all backers. There are a few terms:

  • If within the main game and chapters, the track must at least blend into the rest of the soundtrack for the game.
  • If within the Petula Visits the Modern World" extra chapter, the music can be whatever you want, in good taste. This is why you should take the red pill.

Backers in Credits

Many backers have asked about being included within the credits. I simply forgot to include that note in any of the reward tiers. All backers from the $5 tier and up will be mentioned in the credits, in most cases alphabetically.


We wanted to specifically mention a game we think every one of our backers would love. Have you guys checked out Shantae: Half-Genie Hero? Even though their Kickstarter campaign has already ended successfully there’s still time to get some of the amazing crowd-funding exclusive content! Click on over to their PayPal Store to see how close they are to their next Stretch Goal and consider pre-ordering a copy while you can.