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A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
3,424 backers pledged $90,776 to help bring this project to life.

11/23/13 Progress Update

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gents! I have checked the polls, and it is true! It has been VERY boring for our backers the past week or so since the end of the campaign. Rest assured, it's far from boring on my side! In fact, it's so NOT boring that it's very stressful!

Those T-Shirts and Hoodies

Aside from the BF4 and COD breaks, I've been doing my best to collect all of the shipping data and correct any payment mistakes for the physical rewards. For T-Shirts and Hoodies, I've settled on one fulfillment company in the Bay Area (locally to me) to create the shirts! However, before I place an order, I'll be ordering one shirt for quality purposes. If it's good, then I'll pull the trigger. Since they're so close by, I may end up picking up the orders myself and shipping them out. If this happens, I'll be able to include a signed mini poster in each T-Shirt and Hoodie order!

If you're ordering a T-Shirt or Hoodie and you still haven't sent in your survey, Please do so ASAP! The deadline is the 26th, and we DO want to send you your goods! If you've sent in a survey before ordering a T-Shirt or Hoodie, make sure to message me ASAP as well.


For all of the paperwork and legal matters, I've spent the past week and a half working with close friends and family professionals to create contracts for everyone in the development team. This isn't that I don't trust them, it's for security purposes for both parties. We want to make this game a reality, and having an agreement undocumented can be lethal for the whole project! I've also talked it over with a family tax professional, and he's given us the green light on the development team.

There's quite a lot to do still of course! As you all know, governments love taxing us. This is true for Kickstarters, where the amount we receive is subject to Income Tax in the US. Naturally, we want to keep as much of it as possible to go towards development of the game, not in uncle sams pocket. I'll be working closely with my parents (pros at this I tell ya!) to get as much of the funds tax-exempt as possible. I also still need to apply for a sellers permit, which will allow us to send out the T-Shirts, and in the future, the physical game boxes.

Physical Game Pack

I've been looking around for the best place to fulfill the physical game boxes, CDs and manuals. Originally it would be a simple DVD box with a custom sleeve and a 4-page manual inside. However! After some more research, I've found an equally priced software package service that'll allow us to provide you with a more customized Game Box, identical to the ones you see in your local game store. It'll be AWESOME!

Survey Weirdness

If you were in the $15 tier, you may have noticed the last two questions looked eerily similar. This is because it was a complete accident, and I pasted the "PayPal" portion inside of the identical paragraph instead of overwriting it. Not big of a deal, just unprofessional of my. Sorry!

Also, if you are not receiving a Physical reward, you are not required to fill in the shipping address. Put in a fake one, maybe google's home address or something. If you've already sent it in, rest assured that it will not be viewed by anyone other than me or Kickstarter, who house the surveys online for us.

Other Kickstarters

Naturally we still love promoting other Kickstarters.

Elliot Quest

"Elliot Quest is an adventure/RPG inspired by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, one of my favorite games. In Elliot Quest, players explore the mysterious Urele Island in search of an ancient demon, navigating through 8 dungeons, defeating over 16 bosses, and discovering countless treasures."

Dwarven Delve

"It's Diablo meets Pipe Mania! An Action Puzzle Crawl in which you change the dungeon layout on the fly using rotating tunnel sections.

Dwarven Delve sits somewhere between an action dungeon crawl and a light puzzle game. That’s why we’re calling it an action puzzle crawl. The players control the moment-to-moment actions of the party while also managing the level layout and a variety of combo abilities and dungeon features for satisfying monster destruction and loot acquisition."


You know what to do! Register if you haven't yet if you want to participate in development. Comment here or in the main Kickstarter to be added to the backer only group!

Last Day for KS Pledges, Open Tiers, Updates, Survey

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gents! I want to remind everyone, specifically those of you who have had their payments fail, that we have less than 23 hours left for the pledges to go through. Tomorrow at 1pm PST (if what they say is true) Kickstarter and Amazon will stop collecting payments and will drop people whose pledges have not gone through. That means that if you have a limited tier, you will lose that slot!

If you need help with the payment or you would like an alternative, please contact me here or on the forum. This is important for those with limited tiers! There are people waiting for your spots!


Do it! Register in the forum so we can chat! Message me here, leave a comment on the main Kickstarter or in here so I can add you to the Backer Only group. You'll have access to the Feedback forum!

Open Tiers

We still have some tiers open for the taking! (as of 11/18/13 2:48pm PST)

  • Red Barrels Do Explode Tier! - 14 spots open to have your own personalized gravestone in-game!
  • Not A Hero Tier! - 10 spots open to have your fully custom illustrated poster of yourself, in the same pose as Petula! This comes with a completely custom NPC in-game and 3 physical copies of the game.

Dev Updates

Today, because of your help, I've registered ToMorning Productions as an official business in San Francisco. With this, the dream has come true! We are officially an indie gaming company. I'll be acquiring a sellers permit within the week so that I can send out the Shirts and Hoodies, and once the game has been completed, the Physical games.

We're still waiting for the funds to disburse, which should be on the 26th. Once this happens we can finally push into full-throttle game development! I apologize for the lack of actual game dev updates.

Resident Ninja missing

Unfortunately, our resident Ninja and bust artist Mantas has been missing for nearly a month. I assume he's stealthily dispatching corrupt officials in his home country of Lithuania. This problem comes of course with having an international team. For development, this won't be a huge issue as we have another potential bust/concept artist (and very talented I might add) to work with. However, we do hope for his safety and well-being, so please send him your prayers and well wishes.
For those wondering, I have not yet signed anybody to a contract, as we've been waiting for the Kickstarter campaign to finish and the funds to disburse before anything was set in stone.

T-Shirts and Hoodies

Again, the final day to order T-Shirts and Hoodies is on the 26th, but the sooner the better!

T-Shirts: Mens and Womens Available
White, Black
SIZES Mens: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
SIZES Womens: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL
PRICE: $30.00 Add $10 for International Shipping
Additional Shirts: $30.00 Add $5 for International Shipping
(If your tier is $120+, your first shirt is $20 + $5 for International Shipping!)
T-Shirt Size Chart

Hoodies: Unisex
COLORS: White, Gray, Black
SIZES: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
PRICE: $45.00 Add $10 for International Shipping
Hoodie Size Chart

Order your T-Shirt or Hoodies here! Choose the "Physical Add-Ons" link.


Yes yes, I will be sending out the surveys today! This survey is MANDATORY and all fields must be complete unless otherwise noted. If you are waiting for a physical reward, please take special notice to the Shipping address and the field asking if you will be changing addresses in the near future.

Sentris: Unleash Your Inner Musician

I've known about this project for a while and I'm blown away by how unique and creative it is! It's a musical puzzle game in which you create music to solve puzzles! Check it out, because honestly I'm bad at words.
If you back Sentris, tell them You Are Not The Hero sent you!

"Sentris™ is a brand new kind of music game -- a puzzle game about making music. I'm Samantha, and I've built a prototype that proves the concept works. Now I'm ready to take the vision even further, finish Sentris, and share it with the world, and I need your help!

I fell in love with music games the first time I played PaRappa, and I believe the genre is bursting with unexplored potential. So I designed Sentris to help everybody feel the thrill of making music. There's no way to fake this experience. As you solve puzzles you are literally creating your own song. To play, you drop musical building blocks into a rotating circle. The individual blocks stack up to create a song that is uniquely yours. It's deceptively simple -- easy to learn, hard to master. The concept is very new and experimental, and I believe it's a step forward for music games."

Hoodies are GO! Forum members, Vagrant

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

So we're set on the hoodies! We have more than 10 orders committed to the hoodie, so we'll be able to offer it.

COLORS: White, Gray, Black
SIZES: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
PRICE: $45.00  + $10 for International Shipping
Hoodie Size Chart
T-Shirt Size Chart

How to Pledge for the Hoodie or T-Shirt: Pledge through PayPal here:
Click on the blue link just below the graph to pledge through PayPal, NOT the Humble Widgets.
In the description field, state your name or e-mail you use on Kickstarter, your pledge level, and that you want to increase your pledge for the hoodie. Include International shipping if you require it!
It will also ask you for a shipping address. Please include it!
We will be sending out the Survey Tomorrow or Monday that will be asking everyone else for details such as shipping address, T-Shirt or Hoodie sizes and colors, etc.

If you decide to pledge after the survey has already been sent out, we will make sure to e-mail you personally using your PayPal e-mail if we need more information.

Remember that if you don't get back to us with a proper address by November 28th, your Shirt or Hoodie will not be shipped and we'll have to give you a refund.

Forum (yay)

Again, if you haven't registered on the forum, please do so! If you're having trouble getting the activation e-mail, send me a message or leave a comment with your forum name and I'll activate it for you as well as add it onto the backers only forum.
At the moment there are 59 people who have not yet activated their accounts after registering.


Some of you will know Vagrant as the person we're thinking of hiring for the Environmental Pixel Art position, to redo the graphics for the game. It'll please you to know that pending the contract, he's basically ours! Mwahahaha... Here's another example of the direction we'll be taking the graphics for the game.

The beautiful lady up there is Cecilia, one of the heroes! Personally, I love it.

Churbles - 28hrs to go!

Here's another project I failed to comment during the campaign! Churbles is this very cute family-friendly RPG being developed by the guys at CrashGem. They've got 28 hours to go, and frankly, I can't wait to play it too.

"Churbles is an adventure role-playing game heavily influenced by titles such as "Final Fantasy," "Pokemon" and "Chrono Trigger." Using their Guild Hall as a base of operations the player selects a location based adventure for their Churbles to embark on. Each location or dungeon is free roaming and can be expanded through story progression and diligent exploration. Enemies can be found freely roaming the world, spoiling for a fight. Some battles must be fought, while others can be avoided through story-based decisions or clever sneaking."

NPC Life Hoodies!? Payment Deadline, Forum (again!)

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

T-Shirts and Kickstarter Disbursement

Some of you may be asking when the T-Shirts will be shipped (nobody has asked yet however). We're still waiting on the Kickstarter funds to disburse so we can actually make the T-Shirt payments. The good news is, since we launched the T-Shirt campaign so late, we have more time for extra orders! We'll officially be able to get the funds from Kickstarter on the 26th, so we will be ordering the shirts then. Here's the tentative schedule:

  • Last day to buy a T-Shirt is the 26th.
  • Order T-Shirts on the 29th.
  • Wait for them to arrive and wear them ASAP.

The shipment should take anywhere from 4 to 11 days from the time of the order. This may take longer if international. As a side note, we cannot be held responsible for shipment delays or damage during shipment. Seriously, that's how it is everywhere anyway right?

We're thinking of offering the NPC Life Hoodies!

 They are Unisex! Sizes would range from Small to 5XL. We can offer four colors. White, Black, Gray and... we'll stick with three. They will cost $45 each, +$10 for International Shipping.

The catch: They are too expensive and we won't receive anything for funding unless we can get 10 people to commit to purchasing this. If we can ship at least 10 of these, the price will lower enough for this to be viable.

So! To offer this Hoodie, we would need at least 10 people to commit to ordering it. Don't send the payment to PayPal yet! Make sure to comment below if you'd like to commit! If we don't get 10 people to commit by the 22nd, we won't offer it.

Payment Deadline

So there are still some backers whose payments have not gone through. The deadline for the payment to stay a backer is next Tuesday, November 19th at 1pm PST. To be safe, please try to get the payment through by Monday.


Again! If you haven't yet, please sign up on the forum! This is where we will be interacting with all of our backers. For those not vested in the game but are simply waiting for us to finish it, we will continue to update the Kickstarter and send newsletters to our PayPal and Humble Bundle backers. To be added to the Backer only membergroup on the forum to access the Feedback forum, do one of the following:

  • Comment on the main Kickstarter comments page.
  • Comment below.
  • Send me a private message on here.
  • If you pledged through PayPal or Humble Bundle, send me a message here or on the forum with the e-mail you pledged with.

Pledges closing on December 20th

We will be closing our PayPal and Humble Bundle pledges on December 20th! After this, we will be opening pre-orders of the game at the regular price that we will be selling it. This means that the price will increase!

  • You cannot get the backer-only music after the 20th.
  • You cannot pledge to be a tester during development after the 20th.
  • The price for the Digital DRM-Free copy or Steam key will increase after the 20th.


Ha! I finally didn't forget to mention this. Another awesome Kickstarter game that has 15 days to go to meet its funding goal! Check it out!

If you like the Hoodie and you can commit to ordering one, Comment below!

Color: White, Gray and Black. Size: Small to 5XL. Price: $45. Intl Shipping: +$10

Day 1, post Kickstarter. T-Shirt colors! Forum, Humble Widgets

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gents! So, this is Day 1 after the Kickstarter campaign! What a crazy ride that was wouldn't you agree? So what have I actually been up to? I've been negotiating with T-Shirt services, learning about small businesses and tax laws, responding to backer questions and requests (lots of them yo), creating surveys which will be sent out soon, working with the Humble Bundle guys to make widgets for us, updating the forums and websites, baking banana bread, etc.

The surveys will be sent out soon! Make sure to fill it out completely and accurately. We will be using this to mail out physical rewards!


So first off: T-Shirts! Yes, we can do multiple colors now! If you don't like Black, we can get a white T-Shirt instead! We're thinking of offering other colors, but we're still unsure which fulfillment service we want to stick with, so we'll go with White and Black for now. Later on we'll be able to offer more colors. If you haven't pledged for a T-Shirt, you still have time! If you've already pledged, pledge the Add-On amount only.Pledge or add-on here: You Are Not The Hero Website


If you still haven't registered at the forum, you seriously need to. We will be communicating with all of you, our backers, there. This is especially true for our backers that will be playing a role in the game. Also make sure to leave a comment or send me a message to be added to the Backers group in the forum!
Access the forum here: You Are Not The Hero Forum

Humble Widgets

We wanted to offer external pledges through the Humble Widgets during the campaign, unfortunately they were busy doing it. They've finally gotten back to us and the Humble Widgets are finally on-line!
Find them here: You Are Not The Hero Website

Graywalkers: Purgatory

We've been approached by the guys at Dreamlords Digital to cross promote their campaign. I'm surprised we didn't see it earlier! It's coming along quite nicely! If you back them, tell them You Are Not The Hero sent you!

"Graywalkers: Purgatory is the first in a series of Emergent Strategic and Tactical Turn-based 3D Role-Playing Game set in a stylish supernatural post-apocalyptic world, where parts of Heaven, Hell and Earth have merged together in an event called "The Rupture".

In this game, you play the prophesied leader of the Graywalkers, 36 Hidden Ones who walk the line between the darkness and the light. It is your task to gather them all, unite the the chaotic lands of Purgatory under one banner, and lead the war to reclaim the world for humanity."