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A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
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Refresh and Reload Interview Live!

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)
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Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hey guys! We're less than an hour away from our live interview with the guys at! Come on by and hang out with us, ask questions you keep forgetting to post, give us feedback, anything!

On that note, congratulations to Infinite Fall for their successful Kickstarter campaign for Night in The Woods! Check them out, the game looks amazing! If you back them, don't forget to tell them You Are Not The Hero sent you!

Live Interview and Twitch Gameplay, Confederate Express!

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hey guys! We've got two live events for the next few days. Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd, at 1PM PST, Drew our Lead Programmer and myself will be talking to the guys at Refresh and Reloaded! We'll be talking about the game, rewards, and stuff in general. Stop by and hang out with us! We'll make another update when the time is right.

Oh Friday the 24th, at 4:30PM PST, I'll be hanging out with the guys at IndieHaven doing a live playthrough of the You Are Not The Hero pre-alpha demo! Again, we'll post another update before then. Come kick it with us!

Confederate Express

We've been keeping an eye out on promising Kickstarter projects as well, and we found Confederate Express, a beautifully crafted tactical RPG for the PC. We were really impressed with the fluidity of their pixel art. Plus, seriously, you're a delivery team in the apocalypse! SOLD. Check it out! If you back them, don't forget to tell them that You Are Not The Hero sent you!

Public Demo released! Live Interview, Twitch Gameplay

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm proud to announce that we're releasing our early pre-alpha demo before the campaign ends for everyone to try out! This demo encompasses a condensed version of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. There are no side quests or minigames included, and you can't really deviate from the main storyline path. This demo is to illustrate the type of gameplay you would expect from the main storyline. A few things to note before starting:

  • Although it continues after Chapter 2, Chapter 3 is unfinished and quite buggy, so proceed at your own risk.
  • This demo contains placeholder graphics, for environments, sprites and HUD/Menu.
  • Some code is not yet optimized, so you may feel some framerate issues with slower computers in certain areas.
  • Please don't mind the boulders standing around waiting to fall on you, still need to fix that (shouldn't affect the gameplay however).
  • This is in no way a final representation of the game.
  • Finally, we've included five easter eggs(eggheads?) for you to find. They're not difficult to find as long as you keep your eyes open.

Don't forget to vote us up on Steam Greenlight!

 PC Only demo for now. Unpack the RAR file and start up Game.exe

Live Interview and Twitch Gameplay

We've got two live events coming up at the end of this week. If you can't make one, be sure to come by the other! I'll be interviewed by Refresh and Reload on Thursday! We're still ironing out a specific time. If you're available around then, don't be afraid to come by and chat with us or ask some questions.

On Friday (again, not yet sure about the time) we'll be doing a live play-through of You Are Not The Hero by the fine folks at IndieHaven! I'll be around to do commentary during the play-through so feel free to stop by and hang out again with us!

More Stretch goals, Reward ideas, Demo tomorrow, Other Kickstarters!

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello ladies and gentlemen! We're back to introduce more stretch goals and some possible reward combinations. First off are two new stretch goals! When you're offering a game like this where combat isn't the main aspect, we can't just say "More Weapons! More bad guys! More bosses!" since that simply doesn't apply. We can however provide more experiences! Since we emphasize unique experiences so much, these two are very, very unique.

Extra Chapter: Petula visits the modern world!

 Our third stretch goal will have Petula leave the confines of her universe. She will literally break the fourth wall, exit stage left and go back home into the real world! Her real apartment, her real life. Have you ever watched Sword Art Online? Think of the gaming universe as the main game, and this extra chapter exiting that universe. Will she confront the dev team to give them a piece of her mind? Will she potentially meet our backers face to face? We'll find out if we meet this stretch goal!

Extra Chapter: Petula in a horror game!

We know Petula isn't the hero, and scary games normally have non-hero protagonists. How about we marry our favorite character to an awesome genre! In this special chapter, we break away from the normal action and story of YANTH, to star Petula in her very own horror game. Think Slender, Amnesia, and for all of you RPG Maker fans out there, Ib.

Reward Ideas

So I've been talking to the team about possible rewards, and Darren our musician proposed a very unique musical reward tier. In this tier, Darren would compose a custom piece for you and your NPC. Imagine your NPC living inside of their home, and your custom piece playing in the background!

This of course presents its own set of unique problems. We can't just have heavy metal music playing as soon as the player sets foot in a house. It would be jarring and completely out of place. So we have a few options:

  • Limit the type of music to fit with the rest of the universe/surrounding maps. This severely limits your customizability with the song~
  • Offer his service to a custom piece, but only include it in a Limited Edition soundtrack for backers.
  • Something else I'm sure you'll think of in the comments below!

Naturally we need your input, so if you have a suggestion then don't hesitate!

Demo Tomorrow!

We'll be releasing the public demo of the game tomorrow! I've added in some Easter eggs for you to find, five in total! We're expecting Youtube vids, so don't disappoint us!

Other Kickstarters

Finally, we also wanted to share with you some awesome Kickstarter projects we've been keeping our eyes on. If you end up backing their project, don't forget to tell them that YANTH sent you!


By the creators of Myst and Riven. Need we say more? There's no doubt in my mind that they'll be funded. If you haven't heard of this game yet, you need to check it out right now! In their words:

Obduction is an all-new, real-time, first-person adventure that harkens back to the spirit of Cyan’s earlier games Myst and Riven. Obduction resurrects that incredible feeling of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a new world to explore, discover, solve, and become part of. 

Knite & The Ghost Lights

Knite & The Ghost Lights immediately enchanted me with how much care and attention their team have devoted to the project. With so much work being put into such a beautiful project, they deserve to be funded! They only have 5 more days so there's no time to waste! In their words:

Imagine taking a hand-crafted world and turning it into an amazing side-scrolling adventure. Knite & The Ghost Lights delivers a mixture of adventure, storytelling, and action from games we know and love like Metroid and Castlevania, but with a completely fresh feel for today’s gamer.

Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres

Ping 2's creator Christopher asked me if I could promote his project so nicely that I just had to oblige. Ping 2 is a psychedelic, neon-fueled mobile game that immediately reminds me of Geometry Wars, Pac-Man and of course, Pong. In their words:

The whole main chunk of the gameplay will revolve around you bouncing a Pong like ball through several obstacles such as bombs, invisible blocks, moving blocks, past enemies trying to kill you, blocks that are easy to destroy, and more! Then you'll be stumped by puzzles too as you try to get through as fast as you can.