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A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
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Public Demo released! Live Interview, Twitch Gameplay


Hello ladies and gentlemen! I'm proud to announce that we're releasing our early pre-alpha demo before the campaign ends for everyone to try out! This demo encompasses a condensed version of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. There are no side quests or minigames included, and you can't really deviate from the main storyline path. This demo is to illustrate the type of gameplay you would expect from the main storyline. A few things to note before starting:

  • Although it continues after Chapter 2, Chapter 3 is unfinished and quite buggy, so proceed at your own risk.
  • This demo contains placeholder graphics, for environments, sprites and HUD/Menu.
  • Some code is not yet optimized, so you may feel some framerate issues with slower computers in certain areas.
  • Please don't mind the boulders standing around waiting to fall on you, still need to fix that (shouldn't affect the gameplay however).
  • This is in no way a final representation of the game.
  • Finally, we've included five easter eggs(eggheads?) for you to find. They're not difficult to find as long as you keep your eyes open.

Don't forget to vote us up on Steam Greenlight!

 PC Only demo for now. Unpack the RAR file and start up Game.exe

Live Interview and Twitch Gameplay

We've got two live events coming up at the end of this week. If you can't make one, be sure to come by the other! I'll be interviewed by Refresh and Reload on Thursday! We're still ironing out a specific time. If you're available around then, don't be afraid to come by and chat with us or ask some questions.

On Friday (again, not yet sure about the time) we'll be doing a live play-through of You Are Not The Hero by the fine folks at IndieHaven! I'll be around to do commentary during the play-through so feel free to stop by and hang out again with us!

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    1. Donn Manalili Creator on

      Hi Padraig, would you happen to have winrar? It's an unpacking program that's required to unpack the .rar file.

    2. Padraig Skelly on

      I can't get the demo to open. I've downloaded it 5 different times and it downloads fine but it won't open then. Any ideas?

    3. Donn Manalili Creator on

      Thanks Jon! I was sure I prevented that, but I guess that's what testers are for haha. I made sure Petula doesn't move away from Barney if she was turned right, but somehow it ignored this, how strange.

    4. Jon Parrish on

      love the demo :D cant wait for the full game. great kick starter for sure. I did notice one bug at the start of chapter two. if you talk to barney right before he throws you the lamp and you are standing in front of him. you will back up into the lamp fire thing (lack of sleep here) and you cant get out of it. you can however light it :)

    5. Donn Manalili Creator on

      @Draikin glad it's fixed!
      @Thomas thanks!

    6. No Face Press, LLC. on

      Really dig this. It reminds of a recent quest in wow where you fight against a whinny pug group. It was funny. But the best part of this is that it goes on for a whole game. It is a really cool concept. I am curious where you are going to take it form here. Guess I will have to wait for the release. Best of luck!

    7. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      It was indeed my keyboard causing the issue (Logitech G510), after a firmware update the problem was resolved.

    8. Donn Manalili Creator on

      That is very strange Draikin! I only use the left shift, since the right shift is very awkward to use with the current controls. It might be your computer, hard to say. I'll see if other people have this problem.

    9. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      Apparently the reason I couldn't clear the second jump was because I was using the left Shift key to run. Pressing Space doesn't work when combined with that key. Using the right Shift key works fine. Anyone else have this problem?

    10. Donn Manalili Creator on

      Hi Daniel! Sorry to hear you found a bug, can you give me some details about it? There shouldn't be any at the top of the tower, this is the first I've heard of one up there. I'm glad it works perfectly with the wired controller, I know my wireless 360 controller is less than flawless during testing. Thanks!

    11. Dan S.C on

      I really am blown away by how amazing the art style looks, it really gives off that retro vibe but with such a beautiful modern twist - props for that! Unfortunately, and I understand that it is because it is an early demo, I wasn't able to play long due to some errors (I got a sprite error when I got to the top of the tower with the shovel/spade) which crashed the game, But I honestly don't mind because the little I played was superb! Also I don't think you mentioned this, but I can confirm that YANTH demo works smoothly and seamlessly with an XBOX 360 Wired Controller - I thought it may be worth mentioning. I look forward to the continuation of this project and keep up the AMAZING work!

    12. Donn Manalili Creator on

      So we've encountered a bug, mainly from talking to the Easter Eggs.

      After talking to Southernlion, make sure to exit back to the first cave map to make sure the game doesn't bug out.

    13. Missing avatar

      Heindrek Allen on

      If all I had for my pledge was reading that intro that would be enough! I love everything so far! Keep up the good work!

    14. Donn Manalili Creator on

      Hi Thomas! I forgot to mention that you can make it fullscreen by pressing F5, or adjusting the windowed size with F6.

    15. No Face Press, LLC. on

      Donn, will the resolution scale up in end product? My eyes aren't that great, so I'd like to make it larger. Thanks for the Demo!

    16. Donn Manalili Creator on

      @Andrea I believe both of these will be recorded, though I'm not 100% sure about the indiehaven one.

      @Draikin Did you get a running start when you were trying to jump the gap? it's important to build up momentum. The 4th wall breaking humor is something I've been phasing out since the pre-pre alpha as it's no longer so much about that than it is about the concept of not being the hero now. In all likelihood, whatever you encounter during this demo will probably be it when it comes to that type of humor. Thanks for the critique so far!

    17. Missing avatar

      Draikin on

      Tried the demo for a bit. I got stuck at the part where you need to run and jump in the tower, not sure what I'm doing wrong there but I fail that second jump every time. Other than that, I'm somewhat surprised at how much the game breaks the fourth wall. To be honest, I've never been a fan of games doing that because it breaks the immersion. But in this case it seems to be a core element of the game, so it'll be interesting to see how that turns out. Concerning the spelling mistakes and lack of punctuation: that's something I'd try to avoid as much as possible, even if it's for an early demo. It just doesn't leave a good first impression and that's really what this demo needs to do, and I think a lot of them could have been avoided (to be clear, I'm not saying I don't make mistakes as well). Other than that, I do like the dialogue so far (the intro as well). I'll try and post more impressions later, if I have time I might make a video of it.

    18. Andrea L. on

      Awesome! Thanks, Donn and the rest of the team. Will the interview and play-through be recorded? Would love to watch it live, but just in case. Especially with timezone differences and all :)

    19. Missing avatar

      xEternalSpiritx on

      I'm going to record the hell out of this. Thanks! I can't wait for the final product :DDD