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A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
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Physical Box, Mac and Linux stretch goal!

Posted by Donn Manalili (Creator)

Hello guys! We've been busy since the campaign launched, and we're so excited to announce a few developments. First off, we'd like to introduce another reward tier!

 The Local Merchant Tier gets you a fully illustrated physical box of the game with an illustrated DVD, a physical manual, AND an extra steam key (if we're greenlit!) This comes with your wallpapers, a pre-alpha build of the first two condensed chapters after the campaign, beta access to custom mechanics throughout development, a digital copy of the YANTH soundtrack and the digital artbook!

All of the tiers above the Local Merchant Tier will also automatically have this included as a reward! The Fancy Nobles will get one box, Stuck in a cave will receive two, Not a Hero will receive three, Forest Hermit will receive four, Town mayor will receive 7 and Final Boss will receive 10! Please include $10 for international shipping. If you like your current tier and are not automatically receiving a physical box, you can add $30 to your current pledge without changing your reward tier.

 Mac and Linux Support!

We've added a stretch goal to include Mac and Linux support!! Drew, our lead programmer and myself have been researching and testing day and night to make this a reality, talking with the engine creators to make sure that porting to both Mac and Linux are within our rights and means. It is possible, but it requires extra work and some outside help to make sure that the ports will play on your OS of choice. So we've added our second stretch goal!

With 26 days to go we have a very solid chance of achieving this goal! Tell your friends, share it with everyone that's hesitated to back because they love their Mac and Linux! Let's make this a reality!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dr. C on

      Thanks for making this an add-on. I'm in for one.

    2. Donn Manalili Creator on

      @Lin thats correct, the physical box includes the dvd and physical manual. I forgot to mention to add an additional $10 if its International shipping. I'll make sure to re-clarify this in a future update and on the front page.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Donn Manalili Creator on

      @Padraig you don't have to do anything else, we'll send out surveys and check the tiers and amounts at the end of the campaign to make sure everyones rewards are accurate.

    5. Padraig Skelly on

      I added $30 too my tier. Do i have to do anything other than that? Check a box or something?

    6. Chris Chen

      Darn you! I meant not to spend more money on Kickstarters, but then you went and added a physical box of the game tier... Anyway, does that mean I'll be getting TWO copies of the game? One digital download & one DVD copy?

    7. Donn Manalili Creator on

      @haitechan that's about right~
      @Plumpbiscuit Those were warnings from a lot of people that saw a lot of Kickstarter campaigns and small teams fail because of the unexpected nature of physical rewards.
      We did a lot of research both before and after the warnings, and have settled with a fulfillment service that allows us to not worry about all of the logistics and back breaking work of creating, sorting and mailing of the rewards.

    8. Plumpbiscuit on

      I thought you said it was too complicated to get a physical box tier... now there's one the next day?

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      So good news! Let's move to Linux! :)

    10. Andrea L. on

      Mwahhaha! I'll be choosing one Mac and one PC >:D Btw, can you tell us which postal service you plan to use and whether it will include tracking? Trying to plan ahead whether to have it shipped direct or to a relative in the US :)

    11. haitechan on

      Yay for Linux! I suggest going on the same path as Steam, meaning that they provide support for Ubuntu (and in some way, Ubuntu/Debian-based distros), as it is the most popular distro.