You Are Not The Hero

by Donn Manalili

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    1. Marlena Harris

      It all looks so interesting. I am looking foreward to it and of course I want it to be the best it can be, so take what time you need with it. And thank you for the update on the DRM version. That's all I need to know about that, that it will be out when the completed version is done. Makes sense to me.

    2. Elizabeth Crystal Lloyd on

      Looks good. :) On a different note, will the forum be fixed anytime soon? I get an Error 403 when I try to access it. Also, if Kritter is here, please PM me.

    3. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      I am glad to see that this has taken a complete 180 turn around from silence to more regular updates. Keep it up! :)

    4. Darmin Hadzic on

      Interesting stuff!

    5. Maud Donker on

      Are there any more updates? :)

    6. Tanner Garrett on

      Wow, I was going to post the same thing as Maud Donker. Definitely someone who is ahead of the curve.

    7. Ari LaTourette on

      Allo! I was wondering where I might get the steam key for the newest WIP? I don't believe I got an email before.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      Do you have an update on the actual progress towards the finished game? Earlier you had an infographic with %bars showing how much of each portion of the game was complete. Wondering when I can play the finished product.


    9. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Hello, it's been 9 months. Dead game?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Byles on

      Any updates?
      Would be sad to see this die :/

    11. Claude M. on

      Yet another abandoned Kickstarter project...

    12. Dustin on

      Over a year since the last update. Not very pleased with my $15...

    13. Missing avatar

      CedarMadness on

      Looks dead, I'll be very surprised if this ever comes out

    14. Missing avatar

      Tychoxi on

      y u no update