You Are Not The Hero

by Donn Manalili

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    1. Plumpbiscuit on

      This game, among others, is why I haven't KS'd a project in over a year or so. Absolutely disgusting we've given our money so long ago and still haven't gotten a finished product yet. Broken promises and cowboy developers is what KS promotes.

    2. Valeriy on

      Here we go again!


      Sir, please, stop this bullshit!

      Did you think we would not check your backer history?

      "Prey for the Gods": August 6, 2016, Successfully raised $501,252 with 14,738 backers
      "Echo Tokyo Visual Novels": August 3, 2016, Successfully raised £21,461 with 408 backers

      Stop harassing everyone with false insults. The "broken promises and delays" argument was already beaten to death here.

      Have a nice day! :-)

    3. Andrew Pam on

      I mostly invest in video game Kickstarter campaigns, which are notorious for taking longer than originally promised. But I give money on the basis that I want to encourage people to develop certain kinds of games that I'm interested in and which may not attract funding from the big publishers. I particularly want to encourage games that run on Linux. I really don't care if the game takes three years or five years to finish, I'm just happy if the developers produced something that's fun to play and that they can be proud of - or at least learned something valuable that they can use in their next game.

    4. Thomas Ian Smith on

      Thankyou for the update, feeling relieved and reassured. Have a merry Christmas :D

    5. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      Thank you for the Christmas Update! Everything shown looks great so far! Keep up the great work! :)

    6. Sterling Treadwell

      I am glad to see both an update and the promise of weekly or bi-weekly updates to show this project is still on track. THAT is a big step. I hope this continues and we get to see some major traction towards a full release. Happy Holidays!

    7. ARJANEN Loïc Jean David on

      Well, good to see both the update and the promise of a new build soon with the Zephyr. Happy holidays!

    8. Nick del Pozo on

      Good on you for keeping this alive. I have no idea what to actually expect from the final product but I'm going to stay optimistic. Is there anything that we in the community here can do to help you out asides just beating off the trolls when they comment here?

    9. AKASlaphappy

      Keep the updates coming, look forward to seeing the game when it is done.

    10. Cory Fitzgerald on

      @Valeriy everyone who leave an angry comment on this game is deserving of their anger. This ptoject is far past excusably past due. Yes KS is a risk as you pay to back an idea with no promise of fulfillment. Still the long stretches of silence do not make this sudden burst of activity any promise of completion. We have had this two time before and the dead silence. As Donn does not respond in any way during those silent spell this is a valid place for people to vent their frustrations

      @Donn Manalili just finish the game, and actually give the people who have waited this long with nothing what they paid for.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      @cORY, i DISAGREE WITH ONE POINT. "Pay to back no promise of fulfillment." We do start with a promise of fulfillment. Some creators just disregard that promise, and don't seem to understand just how unethical that is.

    12. Lindley Walter-Smith on

      Looking very pretty! Glad you're back working on it. I'm not keen on EA so I am waiting on the full game.

    13. Mark L

      Appreciate the update. I agree with your decision to release builds before they are fully fleshed-out. We understand that it is a work in progress, and (most of us, anyway) will make allowances accordingly. Happy holidays.

    14. Elizabeth Crystal Lloyd on

      I'm still looking forward to YANTH. :) A lot of games take longer than expected, especially if you haven't made enough of them to knowwhat to expect. Communicating morefrequently will help us backers take the journey alongside you, helping us understand what you're going through and helping you stay motivated to show us all the cool things you're getting done. Remember that while there may be afew trolls, a bunch of us are rooting for you, and I think many of those upset are just lost as to where the project is and where it's going, and as mote frequent communication brings us all up to speed they'll regain their excitement. I look forward to seeing this grow more. :) I'll go hang out in the forum some more when I can too. Keep on trecking; we're eagerly awaiting the realization of your dream. :)

    15. Cory Fitzgerald on

      @Kaeroku I should have said no guarantee of fulfillment. Promise was the wrong word

    16. Timothy Roller

      Great progress! Keep it up! And weekly is unnecessary IMHO. That will just eat into your production time and get left behind. Bi-weekly or Monthly is fine!

    17. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hakey on

      Keep up the good work. :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Brennock on

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I like the design of the airship and the little details: cracks in the floorboard, refurbished industrial-sized crankshafts, store goods hapharzardly organized on display. It looks like a place that people live in!

      Personally, I appreciate the promise of weekly updates, but don't kill yourself with work! If you need to dial back the updates to every two weeks to deliver on milestones, I will understand.

    19. Darmin Hadzic on

      Thanks for the update! looks nice. Hope we see a short vid about it soon!

    20. Sterling Treadwell

      hmm.. I think I need to check on what weekly or biweekly means cause its been 3 weeks since the last update and.. yup.. no updates. Personally i am ok with monthly, but considering the long bleak history of this project, and a promise to post updates weekly or bi weekly.. this is a nice sign that we're back to where we started.

      A special thanks to all the backers saying " oh no you don't need to send updates every week!" I guess Manni took your advice. *sigh*

      At this point I honestly suspect the hours done livestreaming on FB is about all he's done with it, so he has no material to show yet. it also means in 3 weeks he may have only thrown maybe the total of an 8 hour workday at it cumulatively? Damn... Are we just running out the clock at this point?

      I had a lot of hope he would step up and do right by the backers. But again, promises made and no effort to follow through.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      @ Sterling, came to say the same thing. Looks like week by week died on week 1. This dev just has not got a professional bone in them. Time to blacklist and move on.

    22. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      @Kaeroku and Sterling - I strongly agree. On Steam, Donn has resisted every effort to be held accountable; rejecting friend requests and refusing invites to the unofficial group I created on Steam. He stopped just short of putting me on ignore, but I suspect I will easily land there if I continue to nudge him to keep his word.

      He has thusfar proven himself to be an unscrupulous person, and the angle of our money having been embezzled for personal use has started to become very apparent.

    23. Sterling Treadwell

      as posted on 1/20/17 by manni on his YANTH facebook:
      "In case anybody is waiting for that weekly/biweekly update, I had it set for last Sunday, but got caught up polishing/cleaning up the next section you can play through for Steam's early access. I'll make the update this weekend along with a rough progress map for YANTH."

    24. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on

      As with many such claims, I'll believe it when I see it.