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A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
A new action platform RPG, inspired by all the people the heroes always ended up screwing over. Stupid heroes...
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    1. Matthew Knudsen Jr on

      Gives us some sort of update, if even a twiter pic of development or I will have to report the project as well.

    2. FinalCataclsym on

      Haven't heard anything official, but digging around lead me to this Facebook update where he was working on it a few weeks ago:…

      I can only guess why we haven't been told anything in an update either that that was happening in the first place or why the radio silence in general. Honestly saying nothing speaks volumes more than saying little. When we have to guess what's going on, none of what we think will be pleasant, but openly communicating with people is key.

    3. Rallye on

      So, I'm guessing no-one has recieved any physical rewards from this? It seems the creator has gotten bored with it and is just ignoring everyone. Anyone spoken to him or gotten a response about his obligations to us physical reward tiers?

    4. Rex Warden on

      Guru Larry is aware.

    5. Paul Walker on

      So been a lot of radio silence. Did don give up?

    6. FinalCataclsym on

      We are approaching an entire year without an update and there doesn't seem much any of us can do here. I've reported the project to Kickstarter, but I can only report the same project ONE TIME.

    7. Missing avatar

      lytel on

      Well, it was a rip off from the start. This thief got the money for his wedding(he was talking about it, and how he was working to help his wife) and at the same time he stopped "working".(well, not like he ever started, everything he made could have been done under a month by anyone.)

    8. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      You are not alone Pink-Pummy; I am getting the same thing. His steam profile shows that he was on the RPG maker yesterday. Unknown if he's making real progress or just fiddling around with something else. At this point, I'd be surprised if this ever saw completion.

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This game was so promising. It's sad that everything turned out so.

    10. Pink-Pummy

      Does anyone know what happened to the forum? It seems to just instantly block access. The YANTH facebook still seems to post updates semi regularly though, but trying to access the forum gives me an instant "error 403 - access forbidden" and won't even show me a login form.

    11. Bram van den Boomen on

      Can you at least provide some kind of update, whether or not this is still going to release?

    12. Ryan Blanger

      This is looking pretty dead..

    13. Sterling Treadwell

      wait.. i went to the game website and they are still showing forms to pre order digital and physical pre orders on the games.. there is a contact link at the bottom that say " having problems? contract ... I wonder if THEY can inquire wtf is going on here....

    14. JoshisSasquatch on

      Two live streams available on Facebook

    15. Darmin Hadzic on

      I'm chiming in to report that there is still radio silence on the Early access page, and even the facebook page hasn't had an update since May.
      If there was more snags as far as the clinic goes, I'd have assumed there would a post about it by now.

      It'd really be nice to see some news on the project, even if that news is that the project was closing down.

    16. Cory Fitzgerald on

      I wonder if Donn paid Yaxes on the money he vollected. Maybe the IRS would be interested in this.

    17. FinalCataclsym on


      Part of the problem with this by now is something I learned when I sent that message. You can only report a project to Kickstarter ONCE. So even though I already reported the project and he continued work for a bit afterwords, I can't report it again now that nothing has happened since. I don't wish any true misfortune here, but take responsibility and deliver us a game or give me some money back if you don't want to do this anymore. Above all though, tell your backers whether you are going to finiah this or not. We are nearing 3 years past the initial project finish date with not enough to show for it. Stop jerking people around.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jesus Alvarado on

      BTW, I wonder how many people still have their money sunken into this?

    19. Missing avatar

      Jesus Alvarado on

      Does anyone know how to go about getting a refund? I'm not sure how to contact the creator and would prefer not to have to resort to legal action like on pledger did.

    20. FinalCataclsym on

      Hey Donn, if You Are Not The Hero isn't ever gonna be complete, can you let me know so I can move on with my life? Would be easier if it is simply dead and done for good if you aren't gonna work on it anymore after so many months. Whether you decide to continue or not, do the RIGHT thing and let people know. We'd appreciate if you'd only communicate with your fanbase.


      ^A copy of the message I just sent to Donn. If You Are Not The Hero is a reference to this not being made, congrats, I finally got the joke...

    21. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      and by the second "he", I mean Donn

    22. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      I am not amused that Donn has been continuing to back projects on Kickstarter, while ignoring his own obligations. However, I will grant that he has at *LEAST* given *SOMETHING* to the backers - albeit in the form of a very incomplete game.

      Jeremy Soule of the Northerner Project has not only ceased communications concerning the project, but has flat out ceased working on it altogether as far as can be discerned. His project is a scam, but this project has some potential if he can be sufficiently coaxed to work.

    23. Nick del Pozo on

      IMO, it probably makes more sense at this point for Donn to take the stuff he'd done up to this point, make it open source, and upload everything, resources and all, to git hub or something, then walk away.

      I don't know if it's lack of time or interest or something else, but the project does not have enough forward momentum to carry on at this point. Making commercially viable games isn't something you can do alone with spare change for a few minutes a week. I've seen the progress spreadsheets Donn made, and there's just too much left to do.

      For the sake of being civil let's not assume it was a scam. Let's say it's just that things happened and the game won't be completed. Honestly, rather than spend the next 10 years browbeating Donn and seeing nothing, I'd rather other people pick up the project and complete it as a open sourced group effort.

      You Are Not The Hero, as an open source resource, could help a lot of games. It could even be completed. As a closed source vanity project for one person, it's never going to see the light of day.

    24. Cory Fitzgerald on

      A note about Donn and what he has been doing since his last update. Donn has been active on kick starter, and is currently backing three ongoing projects. What he has not done is bothered to say a word about this project again. It is dead in the water. Welcome to stolen money.

      Now some would say I am veing mean with tis post, but this game is is over xue by four years, and so little progress is being shown. Still even I would say I am being mean, but Donn is consistently on Kickstarter, and is consistently ignoring almost 3500 backers that pledged 90,000 dollars. This is unaccepable

    25. Missing avatar

      QuaqSim on

      I want to believe that Donn is genuine and that one day this game will be completed, or at least that he was genuine and as can happen, things just went bad.

      Ever since the update about becoming engaged and getting things booked within a month, I've had a slight suspicion that YANTH was always a side project and Kickstarter was a means to funding the wedding, or at least funding his life which resulted in having more money come being engaged. With the subsequent update about having a new house built and all the updates about delays for one reason or another, that suspicion has only grown.

      I hope that's not the case but it would not surprise me at all if the Kickstarter money paid for his wedding and went towards that new house, even if indirectly.

    26. Cory Fitzgerald on

      At this point Donn since you last logged to kick stater not even a week ago you should offer to start refunding irritated backers pledges. I for one have no inyerest left in this game, and would rather have my money back

    27. Cory Fitzgerald on

      Welcome to what Donn does. This project is secondary to him, and our pledge money has by now fully been spent. You can wait to be fed a few weeks of apolpgies ever half year or so, but at this point just expect to never see this game to be realized

    28. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      So Donn, is there any news concerning the project? Seeing as you just now backed another Kickstarter Project (GoAbout - some kind of water bottle)?

    29. AKASlaphappy

      Any news?

    30. Missing avatar

      lytel on

      No news since march, and the official forum return an error 403. At most he will return every 3-4 months to feed on steam ea. I'm seriously pissed to see so much projects ending up being scam.

    31. Anonymous on

      It would be nice if we had some proof of life now and again, even if it isn't a proper update it's still important to let people know that things are still happening and moving forward.

    32. Ryan Blanger

      Its been quite a while.. Any updates coming?

    33. Missing avatar

      Eric Felton on

      Looking forward to the finished product, Don. Try not to lose heart!

    34. Sterling Treadwell

      yeah he went from saying he'd do updates biweekly to.. maybe every 2-3 months? Honestly if you want to see the 1-2 hours of work he puts in on this project every week, follow him on facebook.

    35. Bryant S. on

      Update anytime soon?

    36. James Briggs on

      I might have missed it since I almost forgot I helped fund this project. Did you ever give out Steam keys to the ones who made a sufficient pledge?

    37. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      The update has landed!

      Though I'm finding the game is crashing when trying to save or load. Not sure if it's a universal problem or a result of being a totally fresh install instead of an update from the previous version.

    38. Ari LaTourette on

      Hey, I've started getting emails from the backer forums because I've been receiving harassing private messages soliciting me for sex and money. I posted over there, and the whole place has been completely taken over by spambots. Could the moderators please do something about this?

    39. FinalCataclsym on

      New update people. *Woot*

    40. James

      Looking forward to the finished project.

    41. Missing avatar

      Bryan Hakey on

      Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work.

    42. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      Great Christmas Update! Keep up the great work, and please, keep up the communication. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      Alright, and Don has come forth with a new update. Huzzah! Keep up the good work, Don!

    44. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      @HotMayoSandwich - I left a very public response on his game's Steam forums. If you have a steam account, I'd do the same.

    45. HotMayoSandwich

      Donn Manalili, you are not the hero of this campaign. You are the thief. You owe your backers refunds and explanations.

    46. Missing avatar

      AuronStarglider778 on

      @Tavish McFini and others - Donn made a post on the game's steam forums on October:

      [quote=Donn M;341537388317242348]Apologies for the complete lack of communication. 2016 has been a huge disappointment in terms of development for the game due to my work circumstances. You can read more about it here if you haven't yet:
      [url=]Kickstarter update[/url]

      Aside from that, development is still ongoing and making slow progress. There is good news that I'll be taking a backseat at the clinic before the end of the year which means I can once again devote the same amount of time I used to into finishing YANTH. Here's a few snapshots showing more recent progress.
      [url=]Ein Toer 1[/url]
      [url=]Ein Toer 2[/url] [/quote]

    47. Tavish McFini on

      Here we are in December now, still no news and this is one of those cases where "no news is good news" doesn't apply. It's unfortunate too, I was really looking forward to this one.

    48. HotMayoSandwich

      Reporting will get you no where as Kickstarter (the company) has no authority over projector creators once the funds have been allocated. I've backed over 100 projects, and of those I've had about a dozen where the creator has taken the money and split. In every instance Kickstarter has failed to aid backers, and I've had to take matters in to my own hands and get my bank involved. I suggest you all do the same; tell your bank that you PRE-ORDERED an item with a delivery date of October 2016, and the seller never delivered. Your bank can do a charge back and get your money back. I've done this many times and have always been successful.

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