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A place that supports and encourages play, creative geeky goodness and community. A cafe. A game room. A classroom. A party room.
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There Are Simply No Words

Posted by Natali (Creator)

Eight tiny letters seems so inadequate in capturing how I feel. This morning, thank you just doesn't even begin to cut it. Last night you all rendered me utterly speechless. I couldn't type, I couldn't talk, I just sat here doing this really bizarre mix of sobbing, laughing and dancing around with my girls. For a moment I was scared they would think I had finally completely lost it. But they didn't, they got it. When an IMMENSE amount of love, happiness and gratitude collide, spazziness, squeees and tears happen.

I know that you have all read "thank you soooo much", "I really appreciate it" and "it means soooo much to me" many, many times over the last few weeks. I have meant every single one of them. With all of my big ole dorky heart. I'm quite certain you'll read and hear them many more times over the next 25 days and far beyond. And I will mean every one of those as well.

(Total random side note: it's 6:30 in the morning as I am typing this and my eldest just crawled out of bed, ran down the hall, into my door and has already begun trying to call a meeting when her sister wakes up. "Now we need to get this bad boy open mom!!" BTW when I mean into my door, I mean literally smack in to the door with her sleepy self. She cut the corner too close. hee hee And I am supposed to say "Thank you soo much for helping us get one step closer to opening UberDork Cafe. We want you all to come so we can thank you in person and give you a big ole hug. And a cookie. Forget Vader, Jedi's have cookies too. And they're better." That would be my 5 year old. :) )

This whole project started with one small idea of me and my two lil girls. On of their favorite aspects of it is so simple. They are beyond excited to meet new friends. In their eyes every single one of you that reads this, that has backed this project, that will continue to back it, to post it, to blog about it, to tweet it- every one of you is a new friend. They already get the importance of having people in your life that get you, that support you, that help in every way they can to make your dream come true. (And yes, I'm crying. Again. :) ) How do you thank people for that? I haven't really figured out the answer to that, but I will never stop trying to.

The only way I can think of right now is to continue to make this a reality. First here in Milwaukee and then in other locations. This is for all of you as much as it is for us. For our community. A physical location that looks you in the eye and says "Jinkies you are awesome just for being you!" A place that represents what our community is capable of when it bands together. A place that shows the love of a community of people that most of the "mainstream" will probably never fully understand.

Our family motto is "We're all about the love."

And we love the bajeebers out of you all! Thank you so very, very much.

*Ginormous Group Huggle*

(The picture below is lil me blowing out the candles on my Wonder Woman birthday cake. I'm fairly certain you all just made that wish start to come true. The one below it is of my girls and the life size Yoda cake eldest made me make at the end of last August for her birthday. I'm also fairly certain you have helped make that wish start to come true too. And finally a picture of the girls demonstrating what a huggle is. For those of you that don't know- we huggle. It's not one of those stiff armed, quick hugs with little contact. We latch on and it becomes a mini snuggle. :) )

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    1. Glenn Randall Buettner on

      It excites me that this is really gonna happen. The UberDorckCafe is gonna open, in my hometown. I get to be there whenever I want. It excites me that I helped in my own little way to make a dream come true. It excites me even more that so many others helped in so many different ways to make a dream come true. It excites me that people can see a good thing and want to support it. I'm just excited in general. Way to go Natali! So proud of you and thankful for what you started here.

    2. Missing avatar

      GeekShui on

      I am thrilled to hear you've reached your goal 26 days ahead of schedule. I truly am in awe of your courage to not only have a great dream but, more importantly, commit 100% of yourself to making it a reality. Moreover, the fact that your dream involves making the dreams of others come true makes it that much more inspiring. Congratulations are in order, but I'm sure you could use some more, so let's keep putting it out there on Twitter, Facebook, and wherever else benevolent souls may be found!

    3. Missing avatar

      Novan on


      I like many don't know you apart from your tweets and blog, but I am over the moon for you. What a blessing and an amazing thing for you to plant the dream seed and have others help you water and nurture it :)
      I'm on the other side of the world, but I've got enough wanderlust to end up anywhere. Can't wait to pay UDC a visit :)

      Don't know what else to tell you. I'm ecstatic for you, for your dream and your sincerity in approaching it :) How very inspiring.

      Much love,

      @novansachrudi !

    4. Kristen McHugh on

      There is a GINORMOUS grin on my face. Not just because the project is funded, and not just because people are STILL funding it, but because of the fact that dreams are important. THIS dream, is important. Yet, so often, dreams go unrealized. We're told to get our heads out of the clouds. We're told to get real jobs. We're told that we have to live in the real world. We CREATE the real world, every day, in thought, word and deed. When we conform, when we rebel, when we say, "I believe in something more," we choose what our world will become. You've chosen to do something GOOD, and it is beautiful, it is inspiring, it is overwhelming, in the best ways.