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A place that supports and encourages play, creative geeky goodness and community. A cafe. A game room. A classroom. A party room.
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Posted by Natali (Creator)

In just a few hours you managed to get me past the 10% mark. I will fully admit that it totally choked me up. Knowing that you all believe in me, in us, in this means so much and jinkies you all came out the gate swinging with such HUGE support!!

I am working on new. fun ways to keep the momentum spreading so I can reach the goal mark by August 13th. There are some potential guest spots on a pod cast or two in the works and I will definitely keep you posted on it.

The girls are soo excited and I think they asked how far we've gotten like 100 times yesterday. At this moment they are drawing out new ideas for the cafe. One involves a big ole wall mural with them, me and Yoda. They are also itching to try out the Star Wars cookie cutters. I have to admit their ideas are pretty great. And kids coming up with stuff for other kids just makes sense.

I have always taught them that ANYTHING is possible when you try, when you work for it. Now, I'm on my way to SHOWING them that. And I have you all to thank for it. Even $1.00 backed at a time goes so far. Every tweet, every post, every time this project is passed along, it increases it's chances of succeeding. Of fully becoming a reality.

It's all so amazing to me. YOU are all so amazing to me.

Thank you sooo much!!!

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