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A place that supports and encourages play, creative geeky goodness and community. A cafe. A game room. A classroom. A party room.
A place that supports and encourages play, creative geeky goodness and community. A cafe. A game room. A classroom. A party room.
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    1. Missing avatar

      M. N. on

      To be clear, I was at your wedding and reception in 2003, so I KNOW you have a sister and her name starts with T. Also, why did you lie about your cancer? You didn't have cancer.

    2. Natali Creator on

      Mary, there were no sisters. Just me. And no shopping spree was had. The tweets and FB for the cafe should be linked to my private blog, I apologize. In October of 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer. I should have posted on here, but life turned into a struggle just to stay alive. The cafe has taken longer as a result of my health, but it is still very much in the process of being opened. I now have a FEIN and am completing the 501(c) 3 paperwork needed to get the rest of the funding for opening doors. I do sincerely apologize that I have not linked things better to keep people more informed. Your support has meant so much for me and I apologize that I have let you down in this area.

    3. Missing avatar

      M. N. on

      Hmmm, I wonder where my $50 actually went? Was looking forward to visiting UberDork Cafe. Did the sisters go on a shopping spree? If you follow some tweets and FB after that timeframe, things make you go hmmm.

    4. Pete Prodoehl on

      Has there been any progress on this project?

    5. Ethan Parker on

      Natali, we spoke at Gen Con, and I'd like to get you on the Gamer's Haven Podcast and chat a bit about this. Shoot me an e-mail, DM me on twitter, whatever. I got your business card, but no e-mail address, sadly ... ethan at gamershavenpodcast dot com.

    6. Ben Gerber

      w0000000000t! This is amazing! And still many, many days to go. Great job!

    7. Missing avatar

      M. N. on

      I'm so happy for you I am crying! Happiness all around. Congratulations, Natali, and may all your dreams come true, and you are showing that anything is possible. Your enthusiasm is so pure and contagious! You give me hope as well.

    8. Natali Creator on

      Jinkies!! Thank you sooo much!!! I promise I will do my best to not let you all down! :) <3

    9. Emmi Junkkari on

      I'm so happy I could cry ;__________; <3

    10. Missing avatar

      Ody Granados on

      Soooooo happpppy! Can't wait!

    11. Natali Creator on

      I so can't being to thank you all enough!! It's been such an amazing, touching journey to this point and there's still 26 days left!! The more I raise, the quicker this becomes a reality for all of us. I so wish I could open doors tomorrow and throw a thank you party!!! :)

    12. Glenn Randall Buettner on

      *Dance dance dance* Goal met, now let's see if we can double it. :)

    13. Professor Mordarm on

      Congrats! :D Now that you met your goal lets get the pledges higher! The more the merrier! :D

    14. Lesley Karpiuk on

      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You're an inspiration and UberDork Cafe is a GO for geeks everywhere - love you, Natali! <3

    15. Missing avatar

      Rory on

      This is such an awesome project! Woot!! You go Natali!! vHugs, Rory :)

    16. Natali Creator on

      Thank you soooo much for all of your support everyone!! I know I say how much it means to me a lot. But, each true each and every time :) To know how much people believe in this and believe in me is such an amazing feeling. THANK YOU!! :)

    17. Nicole Wakelin on

      You are going to do great things with this idea!!!

    18. Catherine Pfeifer on

      What a great addition this place will be to Milwaukee. Go get'tem Tigress!

    19. Missing avatar

      Lee Watmough on

      The world certainly needs an UberDork Cafe!!!

      All the best with getting over the limit!

    20. Glenn Randall Buettner on

      Thanks to the Brew City Gamers for not only pimpin' the site in their podcast, but also for their financial support. Listen to one fo the best gamer-centric podcasts out there.

    21. Natali Creator on

      Thank you all sooooooooooo much!! I just wanna hug ya. You all know me so you know when I say that your support means oooodles to me, I really mean it. I have been kicking around the idea of seeing if any of the news outlets would be interested. One of the stations is following the cafe on twitter and I have a few anchors following my account personally. Guess I'm kinda hoping they see it and say "hey! this would make a great story!" :) If not, maybe I will give them a lil poke. :)

    22. Steven Molen on

      Totally backing this and you have the full support of @ThePowerGeeks.

    23. Glenn Randall Buettner on

      Oh, contacting the news sounds like a good idea. I'm gonna hit all the folks I know and see if we can knock this baby outta the park.

    24. Lesley Karpiuk on

      This is SO exciting, Natali! I believe in you, girl - YOU CAN DO THIS! UDC is going to be rad <3

      And I agree with Xander about trying to contact your local news! Great idea :)

    25. Xander Price-Ferber on

      You've got a great start. Have you contacted your local news? This would be a fun human interest piece, that would give you more local exposure, and possibly gauge the local reaction to the idea.

      You're going to do great things.