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Upgrade your 3D printer to produce vibrant multi-color objects, print with support material, and create unique multi-material prints!
Upgrade your 3D printer to produce vibrant multi-color objects, print with support material, and create unique multi-material prints!
Upgrade your 3D printer to produce vibrant multi-color objects, print with support material, and create unique multi-material prints!
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    1. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Jochem Tax

      Thanks for getting in touch! This is an easy problem to fix. You just need to make sure the filament is totally constrained in the extruder by following the assembly instructions for inserting the PTFE tubing at each end. Please create a troubleshooting post on our forum and include detailed pictures of your extruder so that we can diagnose and fix this issue.

      Here is a link to the forum:

      - Eric

    2. Jochem Tax on

      @ Eric Sammut

      Hi Eric, I've been struggling with my prometheus system for quite some time now. We've installed it on my leapfrog creatr dual extruder. everything works in order. but when i start printing the hotend or something else just jams up, and i get major underextrusion up to no extrusion at all. however the fans are off so there is no airflow near the nozzle. and when i extrude normally it extrudes just fine. however the extruder tries to extrude. but it just pulls the fillament into the extruder itself and creates filament curles in the extruder housing. it's a pain in the ass to get out, and every time i can throw quite a large piece of filament away. does anyone have experience with this problem?


    3. Eric Sammut Creator on


      We will post the complete update soon, but S3D has already been supported for the past few weeks. Please see our User Guide for instructions:

      We have done extensive beta testing and S3D is stable enough for you to use it. As far as I know, there are no remaining bugs, but if you do find any you can post them in the issue tracker on GitHub:

      Let me know if you have any questions!

      - Eric

    4. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Still no S3D update.

    5. Eric Sammut Creator on


      We just posted an update! The Prometheus System is now compatible with the E3D V6 Hot End :)

      @Tony - We also talked about Simplify3D compatibility in our update. S3D beta testing will begin soon!

      - Eric

    6. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Another month has gone by- no S3D update. Stuff still sitting in a box.

    7. Eric Sammut Creator on


      We were working with an independent developer in the 3D printing community to create a post-processor that would solve the issues associated with S3D. Unfortunately, he has been very busy and has not made much progress in the past several weeks. S3D also has not fixed anything yet so it will take more time for us to figure out a solution.

      - Eric

    8. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      So another month has gone by- no S3D update. Stuff still sitting in a box.

      S3D is currently working on fixing the issues with their software so that it can be setup to print dual extrusion with the Prometheus System. Since they are taking a long time to implement these changes, we are also working on an alternative solution for S3D.

    9. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Working on my mount for my system. If anyone has a taz 6 hope this might help .

    10. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Pekka Piippo

      Congrats on your first dual extrusion print! I look forward to seeing more :)


      We recommend using the cooling fans as it helps keep the stepper motors operating at around room temperature. If the stepper motors get too hot the filament can become soft at the drive gear and the extruders have less available torque.

      - Eric

    11. Missing avatar

      Troy on

      Got my kit! gonna work it out this weekend hopefully :D How necessary are stepper cooling fans?

    12. Pekka Piippo on

      Got mine running, first dual color print:…. No major problems with Prometheus, only Marlin 1.1.0-RC8 caused some strange things, luckily rebasing to RCBugFix fixed it. So far looking good :). Have to do some investigating why there's some underextrusion ongoing, though.
      I'm using Octoprint so I added Purge and Feed as custom controls in OctoPrint.
      Soem random pics of the setup here:…

    13. Eric Sammut Creator on


      We have a detailed User Guide for configuring the Prometheus System here:

      However, every printer is different so you will determine how you want to mount the extruders to your frame and the hot end to the carriage. If you want specific recommendations, do not hesitate to get in touch and send us pictures of your setup!

      - Eric

    14. Missing avatar

      DAUPHIN on

      Hi Eric,
      I just received my kit, do you know a thourough user guide to mount it on a prusa rework 1.5 ?

    15. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Edward Simpson

      Looking forward to seeing your setup! :)


      S3D is currently working on fixing the issues with their software so that it can be setup to print dual extrusion with the Prometheus System. Since they are taking a long time to implement these changes, we are also working on an alternative solution for S3D.

      These things take time so please bear with us. Until then, we have complete instructions for Cura/Repetier Host if you want to get up and running right away!

      - Eric

    16. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      I take it that anyone using S3D is still unable to use this system. $270 bucks and a bag of parts to show for it. Will the promise that S3D will work come true? Or just another kickstarter lie?

    17. Missing avatar

      Edward Simpson on

      Just got my Prometheus System in the mail today, I'm looking forward to trying it out :)

    18. Missing avatar

      Adam Simmons on

      Mine shows shipped, thanks much! Has there been anybody to install this on an i3 yet?

    19. Eric Sammut Creator on


      Check your messages :) We are now shipping! All remaining Kickstarter backers received a message with their shipment information earlier today.

      - Eric

    20. Missing avatar

      Sergey on

      Hey guys, any update on the shipping of the rest of the units?

      Thanks :)

    21. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Adam Simmons

      Sorry about the lack of updates recently! We have been focussed on getting the remaining Kickstarter units ready for shipment.

      Currently, we are still packaging the orders and this will likely take a few more days. We are going to have Canada Post pick up all of the packages next Friday (March 17th) so you should receive your tracking number by then. I apologize for the delay. We are working to get these rewards shipped out as fast as possible while ensuring the quality of the components. Hang in there!

      We will post a complete update after all of the remaining Kickstarter units have shipped.

      - Eric

    22. Missing avatar

      Adam Simmons on

      Hey guys, how goes the shipping? Can we get a feb/march update even if it's a quicky? I don't need the full 3 minutes ;-)

    23. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @James Fordham

      Great job with the YouTube review!

      It is very thorough and covers all aspects of the Prometheus System. I am glad you are impressed with the system and I look forward to seeing many more multi-color prints :)

      - Eric

    24. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin

      amazing, thank you james! about to tuck in. i'll see you over on youtube. i'll be subscribing :-)

    25. James Fordham on

      Hello everyone,

      So here is my full review of the Prometheus System, it's nearly an hour long so see the description for time jumps if needed :-P.



    26. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Ryan Pearce

      We will ship all of the remaining Kickstarter rewards at the same time and we should realistically have them all shipped during the week of March 6th! Unfortunately, it won't arrive in time for your birthday, but you will still get a belated birthday present :) We are working as quickly as we can to get these rewards out the door while ensuring that all of the components are properly inspected.

      - Eric

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan Pearce on

      i hold backer number 315, can you at this time, say up to which backer number has shipped yet? my companies large format machine has been down since we ordered this part expecting it to show up late December early January, here it is February. Will this unit show up before my birthday? (March 1) i hope it does. any info you can share on what units have shipped so far would be great. thank you!

    28. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Edward Simpson

      We hope to have all of the remaining Kickstarter rewards shipped out in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you updated!

      - Eric

    29. Missing avatar

      Edward Simpson on

      @Eric Sammut
      How is the timeline looking for the second batch? It's great to see the Prometheus out in the wild :)

      @Alan Devine
      I've just finished converting my Kossel Mini to a "flying" Extruder, there are basically three ways to build such a system: 1) elastic cords to the top of the printer as Eric suggested, 2) Elastic cords to the 3 carriages, this really only works with light weight extruders since the weight is still on the motion system, or 3) Pulleys and a counterweighted cord, which is the system I ended up using:
      Hope that helps,
      Edward Simpson

    30. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @James Fordham

      It is great to see that your Prometheus System is up and running :) Thanks for sharing your motor mount!

      @Alan Devine

      While we suggest mounting the ProStruders in a "flying" config for delta printers, we cannot provide detailed instructions for creating a flying extruder setup because every printer is different. A simple approach would be to buy some bungee cords and wrap one end around the ProStruder and attach the other end to the top of your printer frame.

      Thanks for pointing out the ambiguity of that portion of the User Guide. I just spent some time adding additional instructions for Marlin and Repetier firmware to clarify those steps. The current should be about 1.2A for the ProStruders. Please check the updated User Guide for instructions!

      - Eric

    31. Alan Devine on

      The docs on talk about mounting both ProStruders in a flying config.. but dont explain anything about how to do that. Ive googled what a flying config actually is, but what platform should we use to physically install them on an how type of elasticated bands to use? I mean they are quite heavy!?

      Also, mentioned is "Tune the stepper driver current for the extruders:" - where is this done and can you give some example or ballpark values (Repetier on Rostock Macx V2)?

    32. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin

      nice, thanks James!

    33. James Fordham on

      Another dual colour print :-), As for mounting I modified A part of this Here's the part I use, J

    34. Eric Sammut Creator on


      Which part are you trying to mount? The ProStruders? or the Prometheus V2 hot end? Let me know and I will try to help! Feel free to get in touch through the messenger :)

      - Eric

    35. Missing avatar


      I think i also need to print a bracket to mount it somewhere.
      @eric, you should defenitly provide a metal bracket for mounting to 20x20 profiles, users without 20x20 profiles can just screw it into wood or something similar but now we have to figure it out by our self.

    36. Eric Sammut Creator on


      While S3D does work and it is possible to use it with the Prometheus System, it still has some finicky aspects that the developers need to work out. This is not an issue on our end, but is something that the S3D team is improving. Please read through our latest update for a complete explanation.

      That is why we are sticking with Cura for now. We want to keep things simple starting out and we will try to get the guide ready for Simplify3D as soon as they have sorted out the minor dual extrusion issues. I hope you can understand.

      Cura is a simple slicer and it will not take you much time to learn how to use it. If you can learn how to use Simplify3D, then you can definitely learn how to use Cura :) We outline the steps in our user guide so please refer to that when we are setting it up.

      Let me know if you have any more questions!

      - Eric

    37. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      @ Eric Sammut: In update #3 you stated S3D is working and you also stated it is a great alternative to Cura. I use S3D exclusively! I am not interested in learning a new a new slicer nor do I have the time.
      I have not even attempted to install the Promethius system so it's still sitting in the box. Quite disappointing.

      This from your update #3;

      Many of you have been asking about using The Prometheus System with Simplify3D slicing software. We have been working on this and have managed to configure the software to work with The Prometheus System! Simplify3D supports all of the features that we currently use in the CURA engine to create multi-color and multi-material prints.

      It took some time to get it set up, but now Simplify3D seems like a great alternative to using CURA. We will work on putting together a user guide for using The Prometheus System with both CURA and Simplify3D.

    38. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Alan Devine

      You can find the assembly instructions and user guide here on the documentation page of our website:

      For now we are using CURA with Repetier Host and you will find complete instructions for setting up prints in our User Guide. We are still working on Simplify 3D support (see the last update for an explanation of the current issues with that software).

      If you have questions when you are getting started just send us a message through Kickstarter and we'll help you out!

      - Eric

    39. Alan Devine on

      Is there any guide or forum for install support. Just want to plan out how I will go about physically installing on a Rostock Max V2? Then I'll need to see how Simplyfy3D support stands!

    40. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin

      hey James and Phillip, thank you so much for sharing pictures and videos! your setups look super cool. please keep sharing your prints :-)

    41. Eric Sammut Creator on

      @Philipp Groß

      That 2 color keychain print looks great!

      I am excited to see more :)

      - Eric

    42. Missing avatar

      Philipp Groß on

      I got my Prometheus System up and running!
      Got some pics for you:

      Thank you Eric!

    43. James Fordham on

      I got my Prometheus System printing (only 1 colour for now)

    44. James Fordham on

      My Prometheus System arrived!!!! Take a look at my un-boxing video on my 3D Printing YouTube channel.

    45. Missing avatar

      Darius Zaerin

      wooohoo, my kit is in transit! i hope lots of you have them soon too. looking forward to seeing people's setups and results! thanks @Eric

    46. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Whew. Thanks a lot!

    47. Eric Sammut Creator on


      So far we have the instructions written out for Marlin firmware and the few changes that need to be made are almost identical for Repetier firmware.

      Thanks for the input! This is an important consideration. Since some users do not have any experience with tweaking firmware, it is probably best if we include complete instructions for both Marlin and Repetier Firmware.

      We will be sure to get that done before releasing the user guide. No problem!

      - Eric

    48. Missing avatar

      Tony on

      Woah... . A quote from the campaign "The Prometheus System should work with any firmware that can control dual extruders. Both Marlin firmware and Repetier firmware are compatible."
      You are saying instructions are for Marlin firmware only? I am using Repetier and only bought this based on the above quote. I know nothing about messing with firmware and you are saying there is only documentation for Marlin. Am I supposed to guess?

    49. Eric Sammut Creator on


      Our user guide will outline the instructions for the firmware changes in Marlin Firmware. These changes are very simple and are similar for other firmwares like Smoothie and Repetier so you should not have any trouble configuring your firmware!

      - Eric

    50. Missing avatar

      conner on

      Will you provide files for smoothie firmware?

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