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Ultimate, portable full-body strength and performance training tool uses time under tension technology to build lean muscle & burn fat
Ultimate, portable full-body strength and performance training tool uses time under tension technology to build lean muscle & burn fat. Find us on Indiegogo InDemand!
Ultimate, portable full-body strength and performance training tool uses time under tension technology to build lean muscle & burn fat. Find us on Indiegogo InDemand!
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    1. The Rove Gym Creator on

      Congrats to all of us together. We have reached our goals and look forward to building gyms! Hi There! Sorry to miss so many questions while we were in Asia. The build is growing great and we are on schedule. Each Rove will come with 6 months of the APP and an extra 50 lbs. of TUTT bands. If you backed and selected the Rower that is a total of 260 lbs of tensioning bands that increase with pull. It's a lot of tension. If you selected a base vertical gym, that will come with a total of 200 lbs of bands...again they increase in tension as you pull. Again, we are on schedule for our end of summer delivery. We will be shooting an infomercial and the initial APP content in the coming weeks for the your ROVE GYM as well. ALL THANKS TO YOU.

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      David Sandoval Llaneza on

      Hello kindly please cancel my order. Wonderful product. I believe in it and a lot of backers as well. Yet I’m going out of the country and therefore will not be able to receive or utilize the product. Please respond and refund my money back. Thank you

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      shawn mc Auley on

      It's a very general update. What does extra bands mean. So we got extra bands with the last goal, so what exactly are we getting?

    4. Amanda Dunbar on

      I now see an update about the stretch goal that was posted today but there was no notification. It says the stretch goal is more of the extra bands and another 3 free months.

    5. Andrew Depew on

      I thought for sure we'd hear from them today. If they hadn't shown the prototype already, I'd be even more concern. I think I'll pull out if we don't hear from them at all tomorrow.

    6. Missing avatar

      Metalmantr on

      Yeah seriously. Not good communication in these comments, at all.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      I concur. I sent them a message, they responded quickly, but are lacking on the engagement with backers on here. For the price they should be very proactive with each comment.

    8. Amanda Dunbar on

      I’m a little concerned, especially since we are investing a lot of money with them. Can we get an answer??

    9. Andrew Depew on

      Is anyone else concern with the lack of updates. We are a day away from closing and we haven't heard what the $125k stretch goal is? Is anyone else concern, or am I just paranoid?

    10. Amanda Dunbar on

      When do we find out what the $125,000 stretch goal is?

    11. Missing avatar

      shawn mc Auley on

      Hey congrats on your second stetch goal. What was the 125,000 stretch goal did I miss it.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tomi Omidiora on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      Amy Nightingale on

      Hello! What’s the maximum height for someone using the rower? I’m average height, but my boyfriend is 6’4”, will he be able to use the rower?

    14. The Rove Gym Creator on

      The Rove Vertical Gym component is about 2 inches wide. The rower is about 1 foot wide. It folds up for storage and is held in place with an included strap that holds a footprint of about 1 sq.ft.. The warranty will be 10 years on all the main chassis and rower machined parts. The bands will be guaranteed for life, and can be replaced only for the cost of shipping.

      The door jamb clamps are padded to ensure they do not damage paint or surfaces. The widen to accommodate posts and doorways up to 8 inches. The vertical gym is 71 inches tall but should be raised off the floor level by 6 inches. It fits all standard door heights. It comes with 2 wall brackets that can mount the gyn to any wall stud.

      Doing exercise will not pull the device from a doorway. The physics of the device actually create down force through the jamb, not pulling away.

      The Brian Johnson video has been featured on the FB page and we have posted it here on Kickstarter for your convenience.

      Our timeline of August build and September ship is precisely on track thanks to you all!

      The APP will be given FREE for the six months with the backers package.

      After that we are determining the value. We are contemplating a $9.99 version with all the information and videos you need to do all 75 exercise along with recorded live sessions for daily workouts to follow. Secondarily there is a contemplation to increase the value for a "Live" version of the app the includes actual live classes with workout professionals.

    15. Aaron Davidson on

      Or not how wide, but what's the length that it will fit?

    16. Aaron Davidson on

      How wide is the piece that you tighten around the door jam?

    17. Missing avatar

      Eric on

      Can you discuss the warranty. Your timeline also says you will start production in August and ship in September. Is that a realistic timeline?

    18. Elliot Galpern on

      How much will the app cost after the first three months?

    19. Missing avatar


      @shawn it’s on Facebook

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      shawn mc Auley on

      Can we have the video review you promised from Brian Johnson.

    21. Tony Callison on

      Just wondering what the warranty on this would be? The Bowflex has a pretty good warranty for their products, that I've looked at, so is this similar? Is there a list somewhere or a newer video showing all the various exercises you can do on it?

    22. Missing avatar

      Metalmantr on

      This looks really awesome! I was wondering if you can provide a full list of possible exercises, I would be curious to know all that can be done. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Chinmay on

      How safe is attaching this to a door frame in an apartment? Will it damage the door? Will doing exercises that pull the system away from the door rip it off (like the rower or something)?

    24. Bryan Jackson

      Thanks for the reply! However, still no answer on the planned app monthly cost?

    25. The Rove Gym Creator on

      Michael- The Rove is excellent for upper body workouts. There are dozens of exercises that cover everything you would expect on a . conventional full circuit of training equipment. We are hard pressed, pardon the pun to find any muscle group that could not increase if muscle mass if used properly.


      1) the bands for the vertical gym max at 200lbs plus the stretch to 250. 60 lbs on the rower is insanely resistant as the rower tension is simply covering the legs while the vertical tensioning is used for the arms. You could certainly add the 40lb bands for the leg tensioning but we can't find anyone in our office that can effectively use it with more than 60 pounds. In theory you could add 120 pounds to the rower but you might already be a superhero if you could accomplish that.

      Additional bands are being configured for packaging- we believe depending on the alternatives they will go from $19.95 to 29.95 depending on contents of the package - There will be multiple bands sold in these sets.

      The rowen folds up vertically for storage. It is not designed to fold in half. There may be modifications in the future where the legs fold down.

      There will be new content added to the app constantly and there is a vision to have long running continuity of classes with guest trainers. So much like other "class" oriented apps there is intended to longterm be ongoing live class events with expert trainers.

      Shawn- The cable system is very very smooth and near silent as you can tell in the live video if you watch it. Part of the kickstarter raise has helped modify the cable to a longer life weave that stretches less and does not fray. We had some fraying issues in the beta type that were tested and photographed here.

      Hardinge- The system comes with easy mapping for set-up. On a door jamb the system takes about 2 minutes to set up, when you adhere to the wall you will need a drill and bits, a stud finder. There are simple instructions and you can use the gym itself as the guide. It is light enough to hold up and draw three guides for the top and bottom with a pencil once you have located the center of the stud. The current videos show 2 mount holes with guides per clip. The final product will have 3 for extra security. I have one with 2 guide hoes that has been securely used on my office wall with only 2 wood screws per clip, used daily with no problems whatsoever.

      The system takes up a lot less space than a Bowflex for sure. The vertical gym is a fraction of the weight and footprint of a bowflex. I owned a Bowflex at one point and gave sold it because it took up an entire room in our home, then my wife had a baby...moved it to the garage (which was a nightmare) then it took an entire parking spot. I tested the Rove installed in may garage and it folds nicely at a 90 degree angle to the wall and only sticks out about 4 inches so I could easily still park. It is also portable. You cannot place a Bowflex in a bag for hotel travel.

      Draughwurt- The quality- speed and usage is about 10X the convenience of a Bowflex as well. Conceptually a Bowflex does compare as a tensioned trainer. This is a design advancement that is light years ahead of traditional gyms in size, cost, use, weight and speed.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Garey on

      How is this for upper body workouts? I’m looking to gain muscle

    27. Bryan Jackson

      Super excited for this, I have a few questions worth considering putting in the FAQ section:

      1. What are the max stacked resistance numbers for the Rove and the rower (up to 250 at full stretch, according to live vid & 40-60ish for the rower)?
      2. How much will the additional bands be?
      3. Is the rower collapsible/portable like the Rove?
      If not, are there any plans to make one in the future? If appropriately machined, it could have a locking hinge on the bottom middle of the rower so it could collapse for portability and lock back in place when open. The hinge point shouldn't sag, and the seat's operation should remain smooth if done right.
      4. After the three free months, how much is the app subscription?
      Will there be continuous content added in exchange for this monthly fee, or will it just be on top of what will eventually be a $1,400 consumer system? If no, it feels like pay-walling access to the system's fully intended use, as the training will only apply to this system, much like Monkii's monkii App for their portable bars system, which has 200+ workouts. Sure, it might be somewhat useful to a TRX user, but they won't have the ability to get full use out of the app, as it's platform-specific.
      Those are all the questions I can think of currently. Congrats on making funding so quickly and I'll be sure to comment again if I think of any more.

    28. Missing avatar

      shawn mc Auley on

      Thanks for the update. Surprised this place hasn't blown up with responses. Can we have a note on the cable system. How smooth is it? whats the material used and what's the weight rating. And clarification on shipping. It is expected for August?

    29. Missing avatar

      hardinge0972 on

      This is probably a dumb question but the campaign notes that set up takes less than 2 minutes. Does it have a guide/measurements for how far apart to set the wall clips so that the Rove unit fits perfectly on them? (i.e. 60 inches apart, etc.). Thanks!

    30. Missing avatar

      draughwurt on

      How is this different than a bowflex?

    31. The Rove Gym Creator on

      The gym is about 20 lbs, with all accessories about 30. The rower is 22lbs- I believe.

    32. Reehan on

      And Rower

      I pledged for the complete Rove Gym and Rower


    33. Reehan on

      Hi creator
      What is the shipping weight of the complete Rove Gym

    34. The Rove Gym Creator on

      Additional Bands will be available by set. When we get towards finalizing of the campaign you will see some stretch goal information about this and the app as well. You can add an additional 50 lbs. for a total of up to 200 lbs resistance bands remembering that the tension increase beyond about 10% stretch...the bands resistance increases.

      We will be having 2 Kickstarter live sessions to show a real user working out with the inventor standing by to offer instruction, commentary and answer questions. The first one is Tuesday the 29th at 1 eastern 10 am pacific.

      We have offered the Rove to be reviewed by several publications and have not been notified of their acceptance yet. We will be posting a video from Professional Trainer Brian Johnson in the coming days who gives a really good synopsis of the Rove and it's use. He is an independent trainer and former bodybuilder in the Austin area who offered to test and give his unedited opinion. We will share that, he just sent us that video review.

    35. Fabrice Gaudreau on

      @Shawn mc Auley
      I thought about this too, I think it would be a nice stretch goals, i would even pay to have additional band with more resistance.

    36. Missing avatar

      shawn mc Auley on

      Is 150lb resistance the max. Or can we add more.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ricardo Lara on

      Hi! I'm really excited to be backing this product!
      I was wondering if there are any reviews from any magazines or any websites, or any videos of people working out using it?

    38. Fabrice Gaudreau on

      Good Day,
      I'm really happy about the fact that you relaunched your campaign but please note that I signed up to be notified for this and was not, it just happened that I search on kickstarter, I also checked my spam box ( just saying in case others did not received the update and or waiting for that to back the project again)

      onto the main problem:
      when you first launched the project I backed the :
      I still have the email that says I backed for 703$ CAD
      I now backed for 893$ CAD the:
      it is the same thing, i just looked up the descriptions of both pledge I did, they are the same
      why is it more expensive? i dont really gets it.
      thank you for the follow up.