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€23,598 pledged of €51,000 goal
By Strange Matter
€23,598 pledged of €51,000 goal

Design | Monster AI


   The tactical challenge of an Encounter is based on 3 factors: the Monster AI, the Level Design, and the Investigator Progression. 

   Today, we cover the Monster AI by looking at some examples of enemies you will be facing in the game ~^(;,;)^~

The Maniac

   The Maniac is a specific type of cultist that will attempt to split your team. He will target your investigator with the least amount of Sanity, capture him with its chains and drag him away from the rest of your investigators. The captured investigator will slowly lose sanity while he is dragged away from his squad.


The Creeper

   The Creeper has the ability to Leap over obstacles and will target your investigators with the least amount of health points. They are the worst nightmare of your spell casters as they can quickly progress through the map and leap over your first line of defense.


The Deep One

   The Deep One is a “tank” enemy that is difficult to kill. This creature feeds on your investigator's sanity and will focus on driving them mad. It has a terrifying Roar ability that will make investigators in neighboring cells lose Sanity. The Deep One will try to move to the centre of your team to affect as many investigators as possible with its Area of Effect attack.


The Priestess

   The Priestess is another type of cultist who specializes in the dark arts of the Mythos. She will cast various creatures whilst staying in cover from your investigators line of sight. They are easy to kill but difficult to reach.


   If you want to know how exactly the AI is being developed, check-out this blog article from our coder Robin: http://strangematter.co/about-the-ai-in-rise-of-the-elders-cthulhu

   Strangely Yours,



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