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A feature-length documentary about Dick Miller, the greatest actor you've never known.
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Hustle and Workflow

Posted by Elijah Drenner (Creator)

Hello TGDM backers - 

We are still busy editing, with about one half of the film locked and ready for our animators to start filling in some of the FX shots we have planned. We've also started work on some nifty animated sequences that I hope we can pull off. If you are an experienced After Effects animator and would like to contribute, I'd love to hear from you. We've got a series of tasks that need to be worked on. Some thankless, others are more complex. You can write me here, but put FX ANIMATOR in the subject line so I can see it.

Our plan to have everything finished by the beginning of the summer has been pushed back, and we are now on target to have it wrapped and delivered by Sept. 9th. At that point, we will begin clearing clips with our lawyers and submitting the doc for 2014 Film Festivals.

It's been a lot of fun, though thoroughly challenging, as I weave through the dense, magical labyrinth of all Dick Miller's universe. The man himself even approves of the first act and he can't wait to see more. So I hope that makes up for the lack of updates I've been giving you guys.

I'm working long days and night, balancing this with my usual round of DVD/Blu-ray assignments and a series that I edit for HGTV Remodels. I'm basically "off the grid" for the next few months, so if you know me and don't see me, or if I don't respond to emails for awhile - this is why. Oh, and I have temporarily deactivated my Facebook account so I can stay focussed - though we continue to pump the TDGM Twitter and Facebook pages with news and useless fun facts and photos to clog your newsfeeds!

One we get some Animation segments, or at least some artwork, I'll try and share some of them as a Backers Only update.




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    1. Viking Horror on

      Best of luck to you and your crew, Elijah. Can't wait to see the finished result. It will surely be great! :)