$18,378 pledged of $30,000 goal
By Studio Firelight
$18,378 pledged of $30,000 goal

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Preface to "What's Next"

Hey guys! As you no doubt have learned by now, we were unsuccessful in raising the funding to currently make TFC a reality! We havent said anything so far because we haven't quite settled on exactly what's next for the project. We OF COURSE plan on making this thing a reality as soon as possible. But we really need a bit more discussion and time before we can fully say just what the next course of action is. You guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you for sticking by us, and pushing towards the goal! We were so close! What I can say for now is that TFC is something incredibly special to us - and won't be something that we'll be rushing, half-assing, or tackling before we can truly do it the best way we know how. Look for a more in-depth "What's Next" post here VERY soon. -Studio Firelight.

Sizzle Reel - 3 Days - 300th Backer!

We're down to the wire! It's time to PUSH!

For those of you interested - Co-Creator/Director Chase Langley has posted a short article on Newgrounds about growing up with the site and what the project means to the Studio Firelight team!

We have 1 donation left to reach the 300 backer goal! We met our daily quota to keep on track to REACH OUR GOAL. We can do this guys!

In tribute to the last 3 days - we have finished our edit of our new SIZZLE REEL which is a bite-sized kickstarter video you can SPAM to all your friends :)

We are SO close to making this happen! All 300 of you! Lets do this!

-The Studio Firelight Team

Passing the $10k mark!

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Video Update #2


Sorry for the long wait - had some internal memory problems getting this massive update to you guys! Here it is, highlighting the Alien Hominid Anamatronic development. ENJOY!

-Studio Firelight

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Passed the 9k mark!

Another milestone!

Hey guys! While editing together the next video update that will go live TOMORROW we passed the 9k mark! Know what that means? It means we are 30% of the way there! We've been gaining a lot of momentum over the last week and its just going to keep picking up!

Tomorrow morning you guys will be getting an in depth look at the construction of the Alien Hominid anamatronic we're building!

Thank you guys for keeping up with us! Spread the word and check back in tomorrow morning for the video update! Here is a little picture to wet your appetite before the main course!

-Studio Firelight

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