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$37,725 pledged of $75,000 goal
$37,725 pledged of $75,000 goal

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December 1st - 2 years anniversary

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Dear all backers....

Today it is 2 years since we started the kickstarter campagn for the most beautiful erotic animationfilm ever "We Got Lost On The Other Side Of WIlderness"... 

Sara is still working hard and the film is progressing. Making handdrawn animation takes a loooooong time, but we promise one day it will be there and we will invite you all to the cinema to watch it! 

Here is the first chapter of the christmass calendar and even though the kickstarter was never funded, a lot of you suppported us through paypal, and if some of you didn't you can still support the making of the film on http://nakedlovefilm.com/wegotlost.html... 

All the best Sune & Sara

Drawing drawing and drawing :)


Dear all dear you dear backers of "We Got Lost on the Other Side of Wilderness"

Hope You are all doing great and are enjoying the spring (or autumn if you are on the southern hempisphere that is:)!

The work with the film is moving slowly but steady! Sara is drawing and coloring all the time and Storm and Saga are being brought to life and we cant wait for you all to see it!

​Saras work with pencil on paper, scanning the artwork and coloring on her very special organic way on the computer, takes a looooong time, so I hope You are patient, because one day the film will be a reality, and we look so much forward to invite you all to the screening:)

We still need all the financial support we can get, so if You like it we would be so happy if You spread the word and our website http://nakedlovefilm.com!!!

All the best Sune & Sara

PS: We attached the small gif animation and a still from the film. If You want You can use it any way You like:)


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Dear everybody: Many people have asked: "Can we still donate after january 6th?"

The answer is YES!!! We will be so happy for any donation anytime, and the PayPal is open! So if You don't get money before february or by some other reason would like to donate at another time, You just go to http://nakedlovefilm.com folllow the directions, and get your reward and make us SO happy!!!

All the best Sune & Sara

January 6th

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Dear all fantastic people! Today it is january 6th, the day we stop our crusade for fundraising, and begin the hard and fun work on making the 30.000 drawings for "We Got Lost on the Other Side of Wilderness".

Thank You SO much for everybody who have supported us and to all the 331 people backed us in our kickstarter campaign, We cannot thank you enough, and we hope You can forgive us for our directness after the campaign for getting You to repledge...

We totally understand that not everybody can do that, and actually we are TOTALY AMAZED and SO THANKFUL, for all You 124 people who trusted us so much that You donated AFTER the kickstarter and now we actually have almost 16.000$ to work for which means 8 minutes of animation!!!!!

Thank You everybody, now the concentrated work begins, but of course we will once in a while update you with a still, picture or even a snatch of animation...

And we can't wait to invite You all to the premiere of "We Got Lost on the Other Side of Wilderness" - and all the donators to the premiere of the first part:)

The paypal will of course not be closed, so anytime You want You can always go to http://nakedlovefilm.com to donate and get the great rewards you never got from the kickstarter and help us finishing the film!!!

All the best Sara & Sune

2 days left to the Real Work Begins

Dear everybody!

The last 2 months we have used working hard on trying to get money for making the most beautiful erotic handdrawn animationfilm EVER "We Got Lost on the Other Side of Wilderness".

Monday january 6th we will begin to work hard on the film, and at that point we will se how much film we can make for the budget, as we speak now we can make appr. 7 minutes for the 14.409$, but of course we would like to get further!

We really hope that a lot of You kickstarter backers will re-pledge Your donations in these last days, so we can get as far as possible with the film, before we have to raise more funds!

Go to http://nakedlovefilm.com in click the donate bottun, get your rewards and when the budget runs out, we will show you - and only You - how far we went with the film, before raising more money!

All the best Sune & Sara