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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.

Errata pack for Mythic Battles: Pantheon 2016 Kickstarter campaign


Greetings heroes,

This update is only pertinent to those who pledged for Mythic Battles: Pantheon during the first Kickstarter campaign in 2016 and who want the Errata pack available on the 1.5 campaign.!

This Errata pack includes:

40 stat clips backs to use with 20 stat clips for each base box (or God pledge) purchased during the 1st campaign. If you purchased more than one base box (or pledge level containing one) you will receive the appropriate number of stat clips backs (40 per base box). 20 stat clips backs to use with 10 stat clips for each additional set of stat clips purchased during the 1st campaign. 1 N'Yaga's hero sheet for each Corinthia expansion purchased during the 1st campaign

You only have to choose this pack, complete your shipping address and we will send to you all the needed errata corresponding to your previous Mythic Battles: Pantheon order. You will not have to pay the shipping on this.

If you make a purchase during this campaign, it will be added to your order.

If you don’t purchase any items during this campaign, it will still be sent to you, free of charge. But you must request it during the pm using the same email you used during the 2016 MB campaign by using the late pledge link and select the “Errata Pack”. This ensures you’re providing an up-to-date shipping address.

Late pledge link:

Please have a look on this update for more details:

Thanks! That’s all for now.

Salutations Mortels,

Ce qui suit ne concerne que les participants de la 1ere campagne Mythic Battles: Pantheon en 2016 qui souhaitent les correctifs disponibles sur la campagne 1.5.

Voici ce que vous pourrez trouver dans ce pack de correctifs :

40 dos de stat clips permettant de faire fonctionner jusqu’à 20 stat clips pour chaque boite de base (ou God pledge) commandée durant la 1ère campagne de 2016. Si vous avez commandé plusieurs boites de base vous recevrez le nombre de pack de dos de stat clips correspondants (40 par boite de base). 20 dos de stat clips permettant de faire fonctionner jusqu’à 10 stat clips pour chaque pack de stat clips additionnel commandé durant la 1ère campagne de 2016. 1 fiche de héros N’Yaga pour chaque extension Corinthia commandée durant la 1ère campagne de 2016.

La seule chose que vous avez à faire est de sélectionner ce pack, compléter votre adresse de livraison et nous vous enverrons gratuitement les erratas correspondants à votre précédente commande Mythic Battles: Pantheon :

Si vous avez commandé au moins 1 article lors de la nouvelle campagne Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5, il sera automatiquement ajouté à votre commande.

Si vous n’avez rien commandé lors de la nouvelle campagne Mythic Battles: Pantheon 1.5, il vous sera aussi envoyé gratuitement mais vous devez utiliser le pledge manager Fluent en utilisant la même adresse email que celle utilisée lors de la précédente campagne KS en 2016 à partir du lien du « late pledge » et en sélectionnant le « Errata Pack ». Nous serons certains de vous envoyer votre pack à votre dernière adresse.

Lien du « late pledge » :

N’hésitez pas relire cette actu KS pour plus de details:

C’est tout pour le moment, merci!

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    1. Thibaut Sesia 3 days ago

      Still being charged 13 and some dollars. No option to select errata pack, just 1.5 upgrade. What would you suggest to do, please? Shipping more than double the price of the pledge...

    2. Tim Crothers
      3 days ago

      The fluent link just says "loading" for me. Given they've recognized errors in the original there must be a more efficient way to accomplish this to do right by the original backers. I don't expect the first revision to be perfect but jumping through a bunch of non-working hoops does not improve my impression of this game. I didn't back the 1.5 kickstarter purely because their messaging was so confusing as to what I needed to do to get what I needed to upgrade my original sets and given my mediocre fun playing the original wasn't interested in sinking more money into new expansions. Wish I had passed on it at this point.

    3. Missing avatar

      Beat Wolf 4 days ago

      I missed the new kickstarter but really want the upgrade to 1.5 (and maybe an expansion or two with it).
      The late pledge link does not work. Is there any other way to get it?

    4. Sulucion
      5 days ago

      Will this errata pack also include the Game that you have not sent me from the first KS???. This is so overdue i will not pledge any more money to this company....

    5. Missing avatar

      Robin 5 days ago

      I can't access the late pledge, too :(

    6. Travis Smith 5 days ago

      I'm in the same boat as Antoine. When I add the errata pack, it wouldn't allow me to pay for the $0.55 charge. I added a custom pledge of $1 so that I could pay $1.55 in total for the errata. The system is quite frustrating and it was worth the buck to be done with it.

    7. Matthias Schneider 5 days ago

      Do I Need as an All-In-backer of the first campaign the "Extension kit 1.5 - New version 2018" (5 USD) or anything else (except "All New 2018 Expansions" of course)?

      benötige ich als Backer der 2016er-Kampagne das "Extension kit 1.5 - New version 2018" (5 USD) oder noch etwas anderes (außer natürlich der "All New 2018 Expansions")?


    8. Missing avatar

      Jason 5 days ago

      Yeah, Fluent PM is pretty bad. No way to discard the pledge or change to the Errata Pack if you already have a pledge open. Tried contacting Fluent and Monolith to fix the issue but nothing has been done as yet.

    9. Adam 5 days ago

      Is there no way around the $1 charge for the errata pack? Can't unselect custom pledge of 1 dollar.

    10. VanHorstmann 5 days ago

      Hello there Monolith.
      I have wrote to Support to solve an issue with Fluent PM since I have changed my KS email in the last year (the account is the same, though) and it caused Fluent to split this pledge in a new account.

      They asked me some informations which I gladly provided, but I got no confirmation in the end.

      Could you please check that out?

    11. Missing avatar

      Justin Hoffee 5 days ago

      Errors while loading the late pledge page.

    12. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)
      5 days ago

      Like many others I keep getting errors when trying to get to the page.

    13. Markus Berger
      6 days ago

      Hi all I have one question regarding the Errata Pack for the Stat Clips.

      During the original Kickstarter, I ordered extra :

      1x God Stat Clips Expansion 15 God stat clips
      1x Hero Stat Clips Expansion 15 God stat clips
      1x Monster Stat Clips Expansion 15 God stat clips
      1x Classic Stat Clips Expansion 15 God stat clips
      1x Titan Stat Clips Expansion 10 God stat clips

      I will get the updated Clips and backs added for these packs for free, correct?

      As well as the Errata Pack for the Main Box and everything I bought through the first campaign, correct?

    14. Claus Olesen
      6 days ago

      If you can't go back and change it when you re-open the pledge, then Monolith might have to either reset people's PM manually or somehow add the pledge so it can be chosen when re-opening one's PM.

    15. Missing avatar

      Karwai 6 days ago

      Help 2016 backer here, during new campaign i accidenlty chose custom pledge 1 dollar in order to get errata pack. Now pm says to me that i cannot order errata pack because i ready have a custom pledge, how can i order the eratta pack for my 2016 pledge items?

    16. MrFunk 6 days ago

      unfortunately, I think once you select the $1 pledge, you can't go back and select the other one. It doesn't show in the list of available pledges

    17. Claus Olesen
      6 days ago

      @Billy Bradford - see my comment just below, you do it in the upper left corner, there's a drop down menu.

    18. Billy Bradford 6 days ago

      How do I change from custom to errata pack?

    19. Claus Olesen
      6 days ago

      On the first page (using the link in the comment below), be sure to choose the Errata Pack in the drop down menu in the top left corner. That should then give you a total of $0.00.
      Then fill out your shipping details and click the Next button.
      On the next page just scroll to the bottom (unless you want to add anything from the list of add-ons) and click Next again. You'll have an orange box at the bottom of the screen which shows you the total of what you've added. If you only added the Errata Pack it should read:
      Paid on Kickstarter 0.00 $
      Paid on Fluent 0.00 $
      Extras 0.00 $
      Total shipping 0.00 $
      Balance 0.00 $
      On the last page just click the Validate button.
      That's it.

    20. Belisarius
      6 days ago

      So if i purchased the 1.5 upgrade pack only in the 1.5 KS, I do nothing. The Errata pack will be added. Monolith will look at my 1.5 pledge, check and see that i had a 1.0 pledge, and add the Errata pack to my order. If so, will they be shipped together?

    21. Garlok 6 days ago

      How do I avoid paying 1$ though ?

    22. cavalierdejeux 6 days ago

      I have one simple question.
      If I pledged for Mythic Battles: Pantheon during the first Kickstarter AND pledged in 1.5 Campaign do I must do something to get free clips?

    23. Ria Shay 6 days ago

      I try to order this, am charged $1 for the custom level pledge with no way of undoing the charge and after I fill out all my information, I am told Error, I already have a pledge for this product.

    24. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      this pack adds 0,55$ to my shipping which the site refuse to let me pay since it's under 1$...

    25. Missing avatar

      Haak Saxberg
      6 days ago

      Seems like FluentPM has a nasty bug when trying to select the errata pack; this is the response from the server:

      {"timestamp":1531334327736,"status":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Authorization header is missing","path":"/order/"}

      Good to see competition with more established pledge managers, but this doesn't build confidence in the platform!

    26. MiniatureAddict (needs to paint) 6 days ago

      even your link (sent 36 min ago) is giving 3 "system has encountered an error" red popups on the right side.

      using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, if that helps.

    27. Bruce Carson 6 days ago

      I accidently picked the 1.5 upgrade instead of errata and the FluentPM site won't let me change that no matter what I do...Help!

    28. Missing avatar

      crazy_cat 6 days ago

      My cart, when I try to add the errata pack, and even when empty has a balance of $1 for some reason? Any ideas?

    29. Clint Lee Werner
      6 days ago

      So it offers only the option to include one errata, but I did two sets in the first campaign. Will it automatically do the second set?

    30. Missing avatar

      Mathieu OLIVE 6 days ago


      Je ne comprends pas.
      Je souhaite prendre que l'Errata pack et je suis quand même obligé de prendre le pack correctif 1.5.
      Donc je dois payer environ 25$...
      C'est normal ?

    31. Ria Shay 6 days ago

      When I click on the late pledge link, I get taken to a pretty much blank Fluent page that states loading . . .

    32. Missing avatar

      Tobias 6 days ago

      In the link for the pledge manager is a trailing space. When you click the link remove the %20 at the end of the URL and the page loads.

    33. Missing avatar

      Kevin Purcell 6 days ago

      Link not working for me either. Just says "Loading..." and never loads.

    34. Missing avatar

      Kurt McMahon
      6 days ago

      Pledge Manager link isn’t working.