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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.

What’s Up Wednesday? Endless Choice

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

Since last week, some of the team have got their copies of the game, and very pretty it is too. Seeing it all in one place is really impressive.

I’ve used mine to work on an FAQ that you’ll see more of soon. That means going through things slowly and carefully. To be fair, I probably would have done that anyway. I like to savour new games.

Leo, on the other hand, went through his mountain of boxes like a whirlwind, quickly reorganising how he would store everything. As storage is an issue that has come up repeatedly, I thought it might be interesting to look at how Leo has sorted his Typhon pledge.

Firstly, he’s put all the dashboards, cards, stat clips, tokens, dice and omphalos into the Deluxe Storage Box. This is, after all, what it was designed for. So far, this is conventional.

Next, he’s used the core game box to store all the game boards, rulebooks, and scenario books. In fact, all the books including the Compendium went in here.

Next, he took all of the miniatures out of their trays. Leo’s not using them to store things – he has another plan. Start at the beginning of the list and put each miniature into the first box it fits thematically, like so:

All the divinities go in the Rise of the Titans box.

Everything fishy goes in the Poseidon box. This includes all the ships and other punchboard pieces from the Poseidon box as well as any aquatic units.

Fireproof and similarly fire-related things are kept in the Hephaistos box.

All flyers, and the many snakes are stored in the Hera box.

Finally, any other miniatures that haven’t found a home already go to live in Pandora’s Box.

This means that Leo could bin all the clear plastic trays and the small tuck boxes (these are the ones that don’t have separate lids, like Corinthia, Judges of the Underworld, etc), which makes the overall storage problem rather smaller.

Will I be doing this? Probably not. It’s got its advantages to be sure, though I’m not so convinced that I want to be throwing away all those pretty boxes and useful trays. I do concede that Leo may be able to find things more quickly like this, which is definitely a bonus. There are loads of miniatures, and finding the right one swiftly will be useful. It does mean that the miniatures are loose though, not stored safely in their trays. Whether this is an issue probably depends on how much you need to transport the game about. If it’s just from shelf to table, this may not be an issue.

So what do you think of Leo’s plan? Crazy? Inspired? What’s your plan?

Voice of Olympus


On se le dit mercredi... un choix difficile

Depuis la semaine dernière, certains membres de l’équipe ont reçu leurs exemplaires du jeu, et constaté de visu à quel point c’est beau. Avoir toute la gamme rassemblée au même endroit est particulièrement impressionnant.

Je me suis servi de mon exemplaire pour travailler sur une FAQ que vous verrez bientôt. J’ai besoin pour cela d’avancer lentement et méthodiquement. Pour être franc, c’est quelque chose que j’aurais fait de toute façon. J’aime prendre mon temps pour savourer mes nouveaux jeux.

Léo, à l’inverse, s’est rué sur sa montagne de boîtes comme un tourbillon, en réorganisant la façon de stocker tout ça. Comme le stockage est un problème qui revient souvent, je me suis dit qu’il pourrait être intéressant de vous expliquer comment Léo a stocké son pledge Typhon.

Tout d’abord, il a mis tous les tableaux de bord, cartes, barrettes, jetons, dés et omphalos dans la Deluxe Storage Box. Elle a été conçue pour cela, donc, rien d’étonnant jusqu’ici.


Ensuite, il a utilisé la boîte de base pour stocker tous les plateaux du jeu, les livrets de règles et les livrets de scénarios. En fait, absolument tous les livres et livrets, y compris le Compendium, se sont retrouvés là.

Puis, il a retiré toutes les figurines de leur thermoformage. Léo ne s’en sert pas pour stocker son matériel, il a un autre plan. Suivez la liste et mettez chaque figurine dans la première boîte qui lui correspond d’un point de vue thématique, comme par exemple :

Toutes les divinités vont dans la boîte Rise of the Titans.

Tous les poissons et assimilés vont dans la boîte Poséidon. Ceci inclut les navires et les autres punch boards de la boîte Poséidon ainsi que toutes les créatures aquatiques.

Les créatures ignifugées et autres bestioles liées au feu sont conservées dans la boîte Héphaïstos.

Tous les volants et tous les nombreux serpents et créatures serpentines sont stockés dans la boîte Héra.

Enfin, toutes les autres figurines qui n’ont pas encore trouvé de boîte d’accueil se retrouveront dans la Boîte de Pandore.

Cela signifie que Léo a pu jeter tous les thermos en plastique et les petites boîtes souples (c’est-à-dire les boîtes qui ne possèdent pas de couvercle séparés, comme par exemple Corinthia, les Juges des Enfers, etc.), limitant ainsi le volume global à stocker.

Vais-je appliquer moi-même cette méthode ? Probablement pas. Elle a ses avantages, certes, mais je ne suis pas sûr d’avoir vraiment envie de jeter toutes ces jolies boîtes et ces thermoformages en plastique si utiles. Je dois reconnaître que Léo pourra certainement retrouver un article plus rapidement, ce qui est indéniablement un bon point. Il y a tellement de figurines que pouvoir trouver celle qu’on cherche vite et facilement sera utile. Cela signifie aussi que les figurines seront en vrac dans la boîte, au lieu d’être confortablement stockées dans leur thermo. Ce ne sera vraiment un problème qu’en fonction de la nécessité de les transporter et à quelle fréquence. Si vous n’avez qu’à les transporter de votre étagère jusqu’à votre table, ce ne sera sans doute pas un problème.

Alors ? Que pensez-vous du plan de Léo ? Fumé ? Inspiré ? Quel est le vôtre ?

La Voix de l’Olympe

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    1. AUDIBERT on

      First, I think this kind of storage method is not for me because I love take care of my miniatures (I would like paint them later)
      Second, why Ladon on the bottom right hand corner of the last picture is not in the box Hera ? It's a snake isn't it ?

    2. AUDIBERT on

      First, I think this kind of storage method is not for me because I love take care of my miniatures (I would like paint them later)
      Second, why Ladon on the bottom right hand corner of the last picture is not in the box Hera ? It's a snake isn't it ?

    3. Joe Crawford on

      Storage-schmorage, I'm just looking at all the lovely straight spears and other weapons...

    4. Cameron Ferris on

      @Monolith, I've be unsuccessful in getting in touch with
      the email domain is coming up as non existent. Thanks for any help you can offer

    5. Quirkworthy

      @Gary - tracking numbers are sometimes generated when the consignment is logged with the delivery company, but only go live later, when the parcel is actually put into their hands.

      So, hub says "we will have 300 parcels, please generate 300 tracking numbers." Delivery company creates the tracking numbers and the automated system alerts you, but all they have so far is a file with a number on. This is my understanding of what Funagain does too.

      So I wouldn't panic :)

      When the parcel is in their hands the tracking number will do something.

      Voice of Olympus

    6. EAA00

      I have been ditching fancy boxes and trays for all my games. I have a room in my house dedicated to storing over 400 board games. We can’t have so many boxes with so much empty space. I plan to do something like this. Thank you for sharing Leo.

      Oh and these plastic type miniatures are way tougher than you think.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Finally received my shipment notice from VFI Asia yesterday, but the tracking number was invalid! :-(
      Advice would be much appreciated...

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Betts

      Second part of my typhoon pledge arrived today in England, simply amazing stuff, is so impressive all the content together. Fantastic job.

    9. Dorthonion on

      I see the method in Leo's madness but I would worry about damage to minis or losing some of the smaller or human-sized minis and not noticing straight away - easier to detect an empty slot in the plastic.
      I have been told a delivery is coming tomorrow morning (Friday) - please please please let it be MB:P!

    10. David Smith on

      Am thinking that's binder holding the cards will be the best bet to have them organised and easily accessable.

    11. Quirkworthy

      @Telgar - you're right. he didn't mention that. I'll have to ask.

      @Ali S - please contact

      We can't contact you directly was we don't get that info.

      @Hyrum Tanner - the rest of your order will be delivered in due course.

      @Kantor72 - Feldherr are still showing the option on their site, but without a price yet. I asked about this last week and Benoit told me that it was still expected. I'm waiting for it too :)

      @Todd Ferrullo - we have had many updates about shipping already, and I've got no useful news to add. I didn't want to have an update that just said that shipping is continuing and thousands of backers have already received their packages.

      Voice of Olympus

    12. Helmut Grillenberger on

      I will wait for the Feldherr-foam inlays. Already have my Conan boxes organized with them and I'm really happy with it.
      Until they are made, I will organize it similar to Leo to get rid of the small boxes. No place at home for them.

    13. Peter Baars on

      Haven’t got anything to store yet.

      I received an email november 27th that my package was on it’s way. At 02:42 november 29th it arrived at the HUB at Mazarin and hasn’t moved for 37 hours now.

      Getting really worried an slightly annoiyed now.

    14. r-adv on

      For me, storage box only. ^^

      I haven't them yet. But I'll buy it when I'll determine witch type of box could be the most efficient. But for it I have to wait the first part of pledge.
      Why a storage box?
      1 If I wan't to play outside my home, it's better.
      2 Leo's solution could destroy paint. And I think it will be the same for the plastic trays

      I don't know where I'll kept the game boards...
      I don't think I'll kept all the expansion boxes (I talk only for the boxes, not for the minis ^^, I'm painting them :P)

    15. Missing avatar

      Jimmy CHAN on

      I see! Thanks Daefyd.

    16. Daefyd Wyr

      The other might be the basilisk.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jimmy CHAN on

      Why are there 2 pythons in the Hera box? I've not seen the left one before. Is it a prototype python?

    18. Rand Chua TL on

      Possible a few pictures with all our miniatures in their trays?

    19. Scammed Goat on

      I didn’t realize why they kept reiterating that expected delivery was in December - people in the comments are being super shitty about not getting theirs yet. Calm down.

    20. Brent Coumont

      I will be displaying all my models in 1, 2, or 3 Ikea Detolf glass storage towers. I have army transports if I ever need to bring them somewhere.

    21. Scott B (aka Dan d'Lyon)

      I'll probably put all the printed materials in the one storage box and get an army transport for all the models. All these boxes are going to take up far too much space and I'll want to consolidate down as much as possible. Both for space and for hauling around. Carrying 7 boxes like Leo would is totally impractical. The storage box could have been made a bit taller to hold the boards and books probably.

    22. Todd Ferrullo on

      I would rather have had an update on how shipping is proceeding along and maybe some estimates on the pace of it. Since, like many other folks, I do not have anything yet; this is a fairly useless update.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on

      Ooooh, I am so looking forward to getting my pledge. :-) I have cleared shelf space for all of it (I hope....). As for the boxes and inserts, I love the boxes for the art. I am going to keep them all. I am also keeping the trays. To begin with, at least. I am not interested in decapitating any of the minis by using the trays. It has not been a risk with my Conan King pledge, though. But if it seems risky, I’ll take the plunge and finally try my hand at making a foam core insert.

    24. Missing avatar

      zedprotect on

      I didn't get the deluxe box (I just added the juges and heroes of troyes to my god pledge). I plan to remove the cardboard boxes containing minis from core and/or pandora, and use the freed space to properly store dashboards and cards.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kantor72 on

      Firstly, i would have thought Leonidas of all people would have more respect for his mini's, that last picture brings a tear to my eye. As far as storage goes, i will be keeping them in the plastic until Feldherr bring out their foam trays for the Core box ( and hopefully the Titan / Typhon bundles ). Unless that deal fell through in the mean time ?

    26. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      When we will have news for the second shipment?

      Nice to see we can put many models on a single box and discard the small boxed.

    27. Missing avatar

      Covenpines on

      What total and utter nonsense! People do not have the game so I consider this short of an insult discussing this now.

    28. David (Jack) on

      It's good to know that the team recieve their boxes buy the remaining question is what is the shipment status and when will the backers who haven't recieve anything yet, will recieve at least one shipment?

    29. Hyrum Tanner on

      I have received one box, the main Mythic Battles/Pantheon box. How do you get all the other ones?

    30. Missing avatar

      Johnnie on

      My plan is to store are non-miniature game components into the big boxes. All miniatures will be stored in zip lock bags until they are painted fully and magnetized for storage and transport. All plastic inserts likely will be tossed. The boxes not used, I will cut it and save the box covers if the artwork is nice.

    31. Missing avatar

      Thathane on

      Mythic Battle trays are unusable for the most part, anyway.

      The plastic of the tray press so well the miniatures in some boxes, I almost beheaded Paolo Parente's Circe model.

      You can't expect to use it on a regular basis for play, mostly if you paint your miniatures.

    32. Telgar on

      No place for the terrain set ?

    33. Missing avatar

      Jesse Winks on

      Hello everyone,
      I have received two shipments with all of the boxes and similar to Leo I have organised the cards from all of the expansions and Pandoras box in the storage box but for the moment I will keep everything in the starter box for demos. I plan on painting the figurines in the future so I have ordered foam trays to store everything instead of them sliding around in a box. There are some that are pretty fragile. Another solution for Leo is to place a metal sheet on the bottom and magnets under the bases of the figurines to avoid bouncing and sliding. Happy gaming.

    34. Jeff Fisher on

      Cant have a plan till i have the stuff... dont even have my tracking yet

    35. Homere on

      jolie, je vous dirais ça quand ma commande sera complète.....manque tjrs mon set de base + x petit boite...,
      Léo : JE PENSE QUE NOUS AURIONS AIMER TOUS ...des infos sur les barrettes qui s'emboitent pas, j'ai pas l'impression que les tiennent n'ont plus au vus des photos

      mais je vous l'accord vous avez respecter au la mains la qualité et le moulage des figurines
      elles sont sublime ( en tout les cas pour les extensions).

      hâte d'avoir le tout complet

    36. Paint'Riot Studio

      Waiting for my pledge ^^ i plan to organize all material in the pandora box, i will see if it fit.....
      i will see when recieved it.....

    37. Ali S

      Could someone from your team please contact me, I've tried to reach out multiple times via email and KS message re: an address change I'd requested, but no one has responded. Thank you.

    38. Drew C

      I'll be doing a break down but using foamcore and leftover pluck foam to separate minis as I paint them. The big boys will probably end up in one of the glass curio displays with smaller minis in the boxes. I'm definitely keeping as many boxes as I can, they're gorgeous.

    39. Brian on

      Lmao @Jackson

    40. Missing avatar

      Funkoxen on

      That storage box would be usefull, even for a base pledge. I like to keep the paper work organised.
      As for the minis I intend to put them all together in a big bag and sit on them, just like Leo.

    41. Ken (The friendly gamer)

      What my thoughts? Well I am very jealous you all have your pledges and I don’t.... ;(

    42. T8erSalad

      Big house and big gaming room, so I am good at leaving everything alone.

    43. Luis "Monis" Carvalho on

      I'm thinking of doing some consolidation and throwing away the trays, but i'll be doing foamcore inserts to keep everything sorted... For one seeing everything just thrown into a box really irks me. And also, I think something like half the pandora box volume is wasted as everything in jumbled at the bottom.

    44. Missing avatar

      Daxora on

      So Leo won't be painting his minis xD

    45. Eric Ducreux on

      Still waiting on my dispatch email or parcel here is freezing Scotland :( hard seeing all the posts of those who have received it already.... bah Humbug!

    46. MikeR

      Leo's minis are in a good place ! LOL !!

      I have so many painting projects in the queue that I might not get to these for a while (even though I will bump several other projects to move these closer to the front of the line). While they wait, I'll likely follow a sort / consolidation strategy like Leo's but I'll be keeping the plastic trays to return the painted minis to when they are done.

    47. Missing avatar

      Martyn Parkinson on

      Dear god no on that storage... I'll probably have titans and divinities on display above my gaming shelf and the rest consolidated into core and pandora. Luckily I ordered the DSB to help with shrinking boxes and speed up game starts.

    48. Adam on

      Don't like this storage method. Shows either little respect for the miniatures or a total confidence in the plastic/not bending. Also, Typhon is hanging out of the top of the box. I guess he gets laid down when the lid is on.

    49. Missing avatar

      Mercier on

      That's without a doubt the most interesting update I've never read on KS !

    50. Tina Tipton

      I'm not entirely sure where I'll store my models once they're in. My plan is to paint them all and use them for AD&D tabletop games, as well as the board game, so for the most part, I believe a lot of the larger models will wind up in the display case near the gaming table, and others will wind up in a spare box separated by foam dividers or in other boxes I have for other minis for gaming purposes; Possibly stored in one of the larger boxes we'll receive like above.
      This ides will change, however, once I have them all in hand.