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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Leonidas Vesperini (Collaborator)

When it comes to a deadline, we all want a bit more time. Always. Whatever it is. Well, this time you’ve got it!

About 80% of the MBP backers have completed their pledge manager, and that’s a great start. However, we understand that some of you have been waiting for our decisions, and so we’ve come up with a workaround that lets us give you two more weeks.

You now have until midnight on the 21st of March to complete your pledge manager. New email invites are being sent out to those who have not yet done so.

Please don’t miss this deadline. If you don’t complete your pledge manager, we have no idea what you want or where to send it. So you don’t get your game. If you do contact us after the PM closes, we’ll be happy to sort out your pledge and post it out. However, note that you are likely to receive your games after everyone else, and that you may incur additional shipping charges and customs duties.

TAX Speaking of decisions and tax, the complete list of places that will not have to pay duties is:

• EU • USA • Canada • China • Australia • Japan


And, speaking of Japan, we will definitely have a hub. We’re not sure who with just yet, but we will have one.


In our last bit of PM news, we’ve just had confirmation of the reduced prices from the fulfilment company. We'll have confirmation of the exact new prices today, we’ll let you know when we know and will implement the new prices on the PM.


In other news, since the Kickstarter ended, we’ve been beavering away on the myriad productions tasks that go to make up Mythic Battles: Pantheon. You’ve already seen progress on the miniatures front. That’s an ongoing process, and is well in hand.

At the end of this week, all the files for the core box and Pandora will be sent off to the printer. That’s one big hurdle scratched off the list.

Then the rest of the print files will go within the following month.

The revised stat clip and cutter guides for the dashboards are being worked on by the factory now.

So things are moving along nicely, and all on schedule for the December delivery.

Voice of Olympus


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    1. Eirikr on

      The extra time does not help the fact that you are charging US$103 shipping to Canada. Easily double what it should reasonably cost.

    2. Raven Shadowz

      I wish the PM was lasting till the 22nd instead of the 21st I could get the Typhon Bundle instead of getting certain expansions. :(

    3. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      Very kind of you Monolith to give backers more time to finish the pledgemanager.

    4. Clint Lee Werner

      More time for me to debate doing the Parente box or not...

    5. Battle Kiwi on

      Thanks for the extra time, I'll be crossing fingers for shipping savings to come through to NZ also :)
      'if' there is a better shipping rate found after pledge close, will we be able to put the savings towards extra goodies?

    6. Joseph Edgar Parris

      Thank you for the extra time. I needed it cause I have been having some internet problems and ATT are working on my house now. Also I haven't decided how much more I want to invest yet. So thanks so much for the added time. It would be great if it was April but I'll take the two weeks. Thanks.

    7. Missing avatar

      UniversalHead on

      Please keep working on a better price to New Zealand. Thanks.

    8. JimmyRibi on

      OMG......Why do some people always see ghosts?

      I read the update and thought to me self: "I already completed my PM, but nice for those who hasn't done that yet (or those who used theire money on something else).
      The update stated that everything still was on time (even the delivery i December), and that's good to hear.

      So overall good news and no bad news.
      How the **** can that make some people mad? o.O

      If you're feeling concerned or mad about something in this update, I stand ready to give you a free hug. I promise you that it will make you feel better :O)

    9. Max Maloney on

      Ha, just as I finalized my pledge in the PM I read this.

    10. Juan Tron

      Thank you. Nintendo wiped out my bank account last week.

    11. Nigel J

      @Stefano. Last time I looked Italy was still in the EU so no additional taxes.

    12. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      Wait, so people in countries Mike Italy will have to pay Aldo the taxation on goods?

    13. Missing avatar

      <insert catchy name here>

      It's a board game, not a transplant organ.

    14. portcullis on

      @P-AB you're right, delays of days - in essence -when we are already waiting a year are pretty insignificant, and the way QW et al. have run this campaign I'm pretty sure we'll be kept abreast of any future issues. That said I am still waiting for another game I pledged in Sept '15. Its been excuse after excuse (not naming names). I'm just about ready to give up on it.

    15. portcullis on

      @qw if fulfillment costs end up cheaper, how will you process/reimburse any refund/credit?

    16. Telgar on

      1$ pledges, right !!! This could account for some of the 20% missing backers !
      Well... they are bringing coffee to this good place ^ ^

    17. Pierre-Adrien Beauplet

      Oh come on, guys, why so much negativity? This update is filled with good news. They specifically said that the delivery date would not be impacted. And it doesn't sound foolishly optimistic either, there is still plenty of time until December!

      Worst case scenario, delivery is actually delayed by two weeks... Is this really significant after waiting for one year?

    18. Toxic Chibi on

      If it's any consolation I'm letting my dollar pledge go and not participating. So you can bump that down to 19.8% :) :)

    19. Quirkworthy

      @Steve Parksmith - yes, you can go back in and update your pledge if you want to.

      @portcullis - I don't follow your question.

      Voice of Olympus

    20. Donald Weed

      I had written you about a problem I had with the pledge manager and never got an answer. I had pledged for the All-in package which included the role-playing game. The pledge manager would not accept my pledge because the shipping address did not match my billing address (I have large packages shipped to a UPS store). I ended up just pledging for the all-game items with a few extras instead of being able to get the larger all-in package because I couldn't submit more for postage. Very frustrating.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      Phew. Thanks MB

    22. Travis on

      I wouldn't fault skepticism when dealing with delivery deadlines. We've all learned patience with Kickstarters; however, we've also learned the patterns. Extending the PM, certainly does have its consequences. I'm glad some people find relief in the extension, but we will always find we have less money when the bill is due. I would like to see a more pensive balanced approach here, pure optimism is a recipe for Kickstarter disaster. I am okay with delays, I defended Monolith due to it being a massive undertaking for a first time company, but they couldn't be convinced that their timelines were too optimistic. Please be a little understanding when backers express their concerns with deadlines, we have often sat through the same tragic script time and time again. Some collaboration is essential, but we are ultimately backing your vision based on your pitch -- a lot of which focused on how ready to go this game is...(let's go)!

    23. portcullis on

      @Timmoth, we shouldn't pay duties/GST/VAT anyway, it's not coming in 'til July 1 and only applicable to purchases made after that date.

    24. Timmoth on

      Cool, and rare, good news for Australian deliveries!

    25. Capt. Dan on

      Thats a really good news for me 2 more weeks might give me the time i need to get all the money i need
      Thanks guy's

    26. portcullis on

      So, with the new prices on fulfillment, what happens to those of us that are locked and loaded? Especially if the "new prices" are inclusive of a reduction?

    27. Steve Parksmith

      hi can i update plesge then?

    28. Pedro Barrenechea on

      Thank god!

      My daughter was invited to the vex robotics world championships and totally killed my budget!

      Now I have a chance to raise some extra funds!


    29. Quirkworthy

      @Petr Molik - No good deed goes unpunished. So we extend the deadline to allow people more time, and that's a bad thing? How are we the bad guys for that?

      We've worked it out so that we can delay the PM deadline while not impacting the delivery date. I cannot see where this gets to be a problem for you.

      The whole ethos of KS is to allow an interplay between backer and creator in a way that a pure pre-prder system does not. All of your examples are us responding to requests from our customers. That's us embracing the KS concept.

      Voice of Olympus

    30. Quirkworthy

      @Telagar - this change in PM deadline does not impact our final delivery date.

      Voice of Olympus

    31. Bruce Ralston on

      Sigh. Disappointed at the delay but I could see from the many many questions on the comments thread that many folks were having trouble finalising their pledges. I too was waiting to see if more information was forthcoming but decided to lock it down because 'today is the day'. Or at least, it was.

    32. Doug and Gemmar

      I managed to lose my bank card on Friday - this will give me enough breathing room to get the pledge locked in once the new card arrives :) Now i can avoid finding someone else's card to finish it :)

    33. Petr Molik

      This is exactly how you lose all credibility by going back on your decisions.
      "We won't do late pledges" - "OK, we will"
      "We have one month to finalize PM because of production deadlines" - "Look, we found extra two weeks"
      I have a bad feeling that because of 20% who couldn't be bothered to finalize the PM, the 80% will learn in August that the December delivery is postponed to 2018 because of various "delays". And don't give me the excuse of a guy in Brazil on Japan waiting for shipping details - that is not 20%. I'd like to be wrong but, let's be realist after Conan experience.

    34. Telgar on

      80% seems low for the final pledge day (or is it like a final KS day ? ^^ )
      Can you please comment a bit more on the "workaround" ? I am a bit worried that delay now can mean delaying the target delivery date...