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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.

The Hot Gates

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

You all know Leo: the endlessly enthusiastic star of our Leo Live shows. Well you might not know that his full name is actually Leonidas – just like the famous Spartan king who led the 300 at Thermopylae. This being the case, we could hardly produce a game set in Ancient Greece without paying homage to that archetype of selfless bravery.

The Thermopylae map board is a $10 add-on that includes 1 double-sided, 60cm square, mounted map, plus 1 scenario. The map board itself is a high-quality item, using the same specification as the ones we used for Conan – if you have that game then you already know how good they are!

Artwork by Georges Clarenko
Artwork by Georges Clarenko

The map shows the battlefield, the cliffs, and the nearby sea into which you can force your foes. It offers a nice choke point for movement that gives the whole map a very different feeling to the others. Movement is restricted and controlled, and positioning is critical.

Artwork by Georges Clarenko
Artwork by Georges Clarenko

The scenario allows for flanking of the Thermopylae position as well as frontal assaults, and makes the most of the unusual terrain types and layout of this new map.

Like all of our map boards, the Thermopylae map can be used for skirmish games as well as scenarios, making it a really exciting addition to the range. More maps means more flexibility and more replayability.

While the main purpose of this pack is to revisit Thermopylae, we obviously didn’t want to give you a map with nothing on the back. So, having planned this in advance, we asked our board artist, George Cl4renko, to paint our open sea board at twice the width. One half we used for the sea board in the Poseidon expansion; the other half we use here for the flip side of Thermopylae. This means that you can put the two sea boards next to each other to form a double-size area for really big sea battles! And, because they were originally one piece of art, they fit together perfectly.

Artwork by Georges Clarenko
Artwork by Georges Clarenko

Blue Monday

Blue stat clips are go! You ask, and we deliver!

This new $3 add-on provides enough stat clips for 5 dashboards in Titan Blue. It will be included in every TYPHON add-on bundle.

Voice of Olympus


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    1. Missing avatar

      Julian Rivas on

      Bad idea to make one half a sea map like everyone's saying. That's some dumb "4 weiners, 3 buns" shit.

    2. Stevan Corrêa on

      +1 for beach map instead of the sea map

    3. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Oleksiewicz on

      It was a really bad idea to choose Sea Map as a second side!
      A lot of people who hasn't decided to buy Poseidon expansion probably will not buy this add-on as we can read in comments (me too).
      Please give us a choice! More of us prefer maps similar to the main side.

    4. Carl King on

      i am not buying the Posiedon expansion so i too won't be buying this as no need for a sea map

      pity, but there it is

    5. Missing avatar

      Olivier Timsit

      An excellent idea, Jens Larsen. If this beach can fit with one of the core box map, a lot of people could be glad. It can be used for creating scenarios inspired by the quest of the Golden Fleece or the Odyssey. It will be also perfect for some battles of the Trojan War.
      Une excellente idée, Jens Larsen. Si cette plage pouvait se connecter avec un des cartes de la boîte de base, elle pourrait être utilisée pour créer des scénarii inspirés par la quête de la Toison d'or ou de l'Odyssée. Elle pourrait aussi être parfaite pour quelques batailles de la guerre de Troie.

    6. Drake Alexander on

      Jens Larsen is a genius!

      +1 for beach map, really amazing idea.

      Troy (walled obstacle map sounds good as well...)

    7. Clint Lee Werner

      Anybody else shocked the Troy didn't become a map as well? The walls would make for a very interesting battlefield.

    8. gawain_77 on

      rocks7thebeach was meant to be rocks/the beach

    9. gawain_77 on

      Couldn't you design Thermopylae so that its fits next to poseidon expansion sea map? Atm it looks as it doesn't fit because of the rocks7the beach at the upper right touching the edge of the map too much + water colour of Thermopylae maybe differs from sea map? I think there would be only minor adjustmenst to make it work.

    10. Joe Crawford on

      Maps look great, but I agree with Jens - having a beach/cliffs whatever other land feature is appropriate, would make the 'sea' map much more flexible.

    11. Eric

      The sea map looks awesome. Can't wait for it. Also, can we get a video of Leo yelling, THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Dominick P Piantoni on

      I'm in the small minority that think the hot gates idea is terrible and like the larger map for sea battles. This history of that battle make this an extremely limited map. The Spartans with less man power used that area as a chokehold against a larger force. The art is cool with the bodies piling up but I don't find this map useful or fun for a variety of scenarios. It appears both sides of this game board are extremely limited. I'm already all-in with the typhoon bundle when they announced those options so everything has been extra icing for my cake since the bundle options appeared.
      Keep up the good work gents, this is a minor gripe for me, considering all the other great things coming my way.

    13. Missing avatar

      JayJ on

      +1 for beach on side B (or even 1/4 spaces ocean and spaces 3/4 beach)


      The Thermopylae map is great, but 1/2 maps is useless if we don't take the Poseidon expansion... ! That's not fair... :(

    15. Foxwhisperer on

      As long as there are enough boats for 2 map scenario, i'm ok with having a second sea map.

    16. Teowulff

      +1 for beach!;-)

    17. Robecorp on

      +1000 @Jean Larsen, map side B = Beach ! Great idea !

    18. Tanghar on

      I don't have money for the expansions, so I was waiting a lot about this ad-on to add new maps to the core game. Unfortunately, one of the two maps is useless without buying Posseidon expansion... :(
      I pass my turn.

    19. Missing avatar

      Micha on

      What Jens said.

    20. Missing avatar


      Five or six Titan Stat clips ? ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on

      I can't help feeling this is a lost opportunity.

      If the sea map here had been of a beach, linking seamlessly with both an existing land map AND with the sea map of the Poseidon Expansion, THEN there would have been a basis for a truly spectacular battle/scenario, spanning not one, not two, but three whole maps!

      And it would also be able to play D-Day storm the beach scenarios!

      AND the beach map is not completely irrelevant for backers who do not plan to acquire the Poseidon expansion.

      What do you say, Quirkworthy? Could you perhaps pass that idea along? If it is not too late?

    22. Michael D. Kelley (MVP Boardgames) on

      Add me to the group not buying this because of the sea side. No interest in the Poseidon expansion, so $10 for a single map and scenario isn't enticing when I can get a whole big box expansion for $40.

    23. Guinch Willmanx on

      Thermopylae ! Now I miss Persians ;) thanks a lot to sell a tremendous map for 10 bucks. Pledge updated.

    24. Missing avatar


      great, just great! 10 bucks for a map and scenario is fine, and i even get more water for free.
      as it was the ships in the poseidon exp that made me finaly back this game, thats just great.
      also i look forward to some funny island-hopping scenarios and/or battles with just land units.. or some funky scenario about a greek guy and some friends floating in the sea for days to finaly reach the shores of a mysterious island.. an bunch of peacful pigglets grazing on the meadows beyond the beach.. and black shadows with pale blue eyes mustering the new arrivals from the forests border... just great!

    25. Gamborg on

      Not getting the Poseidon exp either. Turned off by the sea map

    26. Grediel on

      What if we don't get Poseidon expansion? Does it make the other side useless?

    27. Teowulff

      Yea - I'm also surprised about the why of the extra sea map.

    28. Missing avatar

      EATENG on

      Why a sea map? is it even usable if you dont get the poseidon expansion? And even if you do, is there a need for a double sized map of nothing but water?

    29. Frank Lee on

      I think I might get that, though a second land map would have been nice.

    30. Celestial Fortitude

      I was all over adding this to my pledge until I saw the second side was just sea. I aint getting the Posiedon expansion so I aint spending $10 for one map. Please please change this to another map that doesnt require an expansion to use!!

    31. Teowulff

      Nice map, looks like a good tactical battlefield!

      Still hoping for clip set with 2 blue, 2 yellow.

    32. Karlos on

      The map is included in both bundles (Titan and Thypon).

    33. Missing avatar

      Jacob Ahnstedt on

      Is it only me it bugs that it says 5 Titan stat clips and it shows 6?

    34. Missing avatar

      Olivier Timsit

      Quelques Immortels Perses auraient été les bienvenus pour compléter cette belle carte.

      Some Persian Immortals would have been welcome to complete this beautiful map.

    35. David Sanchez on

      First side very good artwork and interesting rules. But the second side... more sea? Do we really need more sea?

    36. David (Jack) on

      Blue clips, new map oooohh love you guys this Ks is the Best EVER !!!

    37. Peter Baars on

      The map should at least be in the Typhon bundle.

    38. Tracy Vierra

      They should be in at least the all in one.

    39. Missing avatar


      oops Wait are the maps included in the bundles?

    40. Missing avatar


      wait wre the maps included the bundles?

    41. Marco

      Looks great!

      The big sea map screams for 5-6 player battles!

    42. S

      Is the map going to be in any bundle?

    43. Jeffery Griese on

      I count 6 blue stat clips in the photo (here we go again ;))