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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
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Painting Atlas Live!

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)
Tonight we have a special treat for all you Titan lovers. 
A few weeks ago we gave the talented artist Loïc Muzy one of our Atlas miniatures, and he has been painting him ever since. Tonight we’re going to watch over his shoulder as he finishes his masterpiece.

Voice of Olympus

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    1. Belisarius

      Anyone know if there's an English subtitled version? Without knowing what he is saying most of the painting info and tips are lost.

    2. Stepan Papez on

      No chains? Also why does he have his hands burned? Is it a result of the cataclysm that also burned leaves on trees?

    3. Missing avatar

      Patrice Hédé on

      It seems this requires a Facebook account. :( I hope it'll turn up on Youtube rapidly.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      That's not a euphemism

    5. Missing avatar

      Mike Foy on

      The rope work in atlas' back is amazing

    6. Guinch Willmanx on

      Facebook live on flash... not working on apple device. Sad me.

    7. Telgar on

      Great idea ! I really want to see ATLAS painted and am interested in tips.
      I hope this video will be available on YouTube


      agree with Garlok, this one is the only serious Titan !

    9. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    10. Eduardo Guimarães on

      I don't understand the complaing of the other Titans. My take is:

      Atlas: Very good classical view to appeal everyone

      Kronus: It's not what people expected, hence the complains, but who wants a game full of only bearded mans ? I don't. I was expecting something similar to the classical Goya painting but i liked it very much (and if i can paint him like the art, i'll be extactic)

      Gaia: What's the problem that she wears a dress? It's stated that "when she wants to influence events and interact with other Titans and Gods, she is able to manifest herself in this titanic form" . She is not an irrational monster, if she wants to interact with Zeus, Hades, etc, they all wear clothes, it's only natural that in this form she wears them too. My take at least.

      Enceladus: It's a mountain...that's it.

      Typhon: How can someone complain and call him Cthulhu or other things?? It's a huge cool monster and the description is not THAT different of the description in mythology.

      Sorry had to get this out of my system!! I liked all the Titans very much!!

    11. jstenzel

      Atlas needs to flex more, as none of those veins have exploded yet.

    12. Carl Svärd on

      Completely disagree with Garlok, but I can see where you're coming from if you prefer humanoid and less over the top figures. I absolutely adore Atlas / Kronos / Gaia / Typhon and the Kickstarter Exclusive one will probably get up there with the rest of them when I get some sick warm paints on him! Will tune in at 9PM CET.

    13. Missing avatar

      Seb_Super on

      @Garlok: wait until you see the other Titans painted !

    14. Eric M. on

      So much better than the other Titans!