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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. David (Jack) on

      Where is the Basilisk? :D

    2. NecroNuke9

      The Teumessian Fox was an unexpected and unique choice.

    3. Jason Perkinson on

      I am also disappointed in the Chimera figure. The whole blindfold thing is just terrible over the lion's face. The iron poles and chains are unnecessary and just look to out of place. The snake's head looks nothing like a snake what so ever. The Chimera needs a total make-over.

    4. Ian Allen

      I've been a fan of almost everything you've done so far, amazing work - but i've got some issues with this set.

      While I understand not going with the standard 3-headed Chimera from recent minatures companies, if you are going to make the 3rd head a snake for a tail, go all the way. Lets see a real snake looking head on this one. That little thing at the end of the tale looks like it has 3 jaws - it reminds me of the world's tiniest sandworm from Dune. It's pretty underwhelming for what should be a 3rd scary head.

      The blindfold on the lion head is just dumb. Please remove that. Monsters running around blindfolded is just ridiculous. It makes it seem like the sculptor was just lazy and didn't feel like doing proper eyes and face. What's next, give it a cast on one leg and maybe it hobbles around using a crutch?

      And that fox looks nothing like a fox. It looks like a wolf with a too large, unwieldy tale stuck up over it. I wish you would try again and make the fox look something like an actual fox. Even a fox on steroids, but the classic long skinny snout, thin body, sharp ears, etc. - are just missing on this one.

    5. Michael Clark on

      Just take all my money. Just take it. *sigh*

    6. Herbert Geekswain on

      @ Clint: I hope you are correct, that would be awesome!

    7. Peter Sikachev on

      Chimera's special ability icons in the top row look different from others... why?

    8. Bazz

      That Chimera is stunning, an amazing mini.

    9. Missing avatar

      Olivier Timsit

      J'aime beaucoup la chimère, telle est très … dérangeante. Son bandeau, ses ailes, ses chaînes, c'est autre chose de plus inquiétant, le genre d'apparition qui me fait penser à Kult. Denrière le mur des illusions...c'est bien pire. Et cette chimère est bien pire que celle attendue.

      Le Basilic, enfant d'Echidna? Dans sa nombreuse progéniture, je n'en ai pas trouvé référence.

      Je n'aurais jamais pensé que le renard de Teumesse puisse faire partie de la ménagerie de MBP. Il faut dire qu'ils l'ont fait particulièrement impressionnant ce renard. II n'a plus grand-chose à voir avec un voleur de poules.
      Avec tous ces chapardeurs d'Omphalos, il va devenir impossible de tenir la ligne, même en resserrant les rangs des Phalanges. La compétence bloqueur est de plus en plus présente, mais les unités s'en affranchissant aussi. Peut-être faudra-t-il lancer Lélaps à leur trousse?

      I like very much thr chimera. It is very... disturbing. Its headband, its wings, its chains, it is something else more disturbing, the kind of appearance which reminds me Kult, the RPG. Behind the wall of the's much worse. And this chimera is much worse than this expected.

      Basilisk, a child of Echidna? In its numerous offspring, I didn't find reference.

      I would have never thought that the Teumesiane fox can be a member of the menagerie of MBP. It is necessary to say that they made it particularly impressing this fox.It doesn't look like any more to a thief of hens.
      With all these pilferers of Omphalos, it's becoming impossible to hold the line, even by tightening the ranks of Phalanxes. The skill block is more and more present, but the units exempted from it also. Maybe it will be necessary to launch Lélaps to their pursuit?

    10. Joe Crawford on


      That head is blindfolded so it can't be petrified by the goat head. That would be my best guess.

    11. Kazzigum 'Burning Skeletons' on

      You guys are crazy. The chimera is awesome and the box is worth it for that beast alone. BTW Monilith, you guys are killing me! I'm trying to keep this kickstarter reasonable and it's just not working.

    12. Kazzigum 'Burning Skeletons' on

      Really?!? You guys are killing me. I'm trying to keep this to a reasonable level, and you guys are not letting me! Ugh.

    13. Kazzigum 'Burning Skeletons' on

      Really?!? You guys are killing me. I'm trying to keep this to a reasonable level, and you guys are not letting me! Ugh.

    14. David Smith on

      @Reju... thats because these monsters/characters had the petrification ability, so the game has too.

    15. Missing avatar


      And Big box: Aphrodite Xpansion ;) (in two bundles).
      But... the another big box for Typhon bundle? maybe....?????? :)

    16. Missing avatar


      Idea for small box in Typhon bundle: Gryphos ;)

    17. Stepan Papez on

      Love it!
      Just a question - Why is the lion's head blindfolded?

    18. Clint Lee Werner

      And just a general observation for Mythic - If this box does go to retail, you might make the name more evocative by labeling the box as 'Spawn of Echidna'.

    19. Clint Lee Werner

      @Herbert - I have a feeling the last 'big one' is going to be either one or two Titans, possibly Typhon. So the reason they aren't a big expansion isn't so much in the matter of size as it is a question of numbers of models. Hera was the last of the big multi-model expansions, but I'm fairly convinced there will be a similarly priced box with one or two titans in it.

    20. Missing avatar


      WOW!!. AWESOME!!.
      To Teowulff: Yes, 3 heads: Lion, Ram.... and Snake ;) (the tail)

    21. Kanzen Hirukan on

      @Marco, yeah also looking foward for Kronos and Gaia.
      @Teowulff, Chimera already has 3 heads just look at it´s tail.

    22. Clint Lee Werner

      @teowulff - The Chimera's third head is in the tail, which is a serpent. The earliest depictions of the Chimera usually had the lion's head out front, the goat head sprouting from the middle of the back and the serpent as the tail. This design seems a compromise between modern RPG expectations and the classic original.

    23. Carl Svärd on

      My god, did you ever deliver! I absolutely love all these monsters, my girlfriend will be sure to favour the fox (might be dangerous since it looks really playable)! The early christmas continues~

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Clint Lee Werner

      Love these. Can't say I recall the Fox but very much applaud the model and slippery rules. The more animal-like monsters have been the real stars as far as I'm concerned. The Nemean Lion, Calydonian Boar, Caucasian Eagle, Colchis Bull and now this chap.

    26. Tracy Vierra

      4 more add ons to see the total value of the all in and the Titan.

    27. Marco

      Does this mean the short campaign will not feature Echidna?
      Or will she be in another bundle for sale afterwards the KS?

      Anyway another set of great figures glad I went for Thypon add-on. Now I just want that titan!
      And maybe Kronos father of Zeus? Pretty please?

    28. Teowulff

      Looking forward to the basilisk sculpt!! Chimera .. Isn't supposed to have 3 heads? :-o

      This brings the value of the titan pledge to $310. Can't wait for the last box!! =)

    29. Kanzen Hirukan on

      And the tale of the bleeding wallet continuous.

    30. Herbert Geekswain on

      @Kieran: I'm hoping so, but they said that they're done with the big box expansion. My fear is this will be a carry case or something, which will really turn me off the all-in to be honest. I'd never buy anything like that.

    31. Herbert Geekswain on

      Absolutely love this realisation of the chimera! I already have a 'classical' chimera with goat, lion and dragon heads, but this is really amazing - truly unique look that is super disturbing and sinister. It looks tortured - ahh! poor thing!

      The fox is also awesome - love its ability. That will be really annoying. I can imagine a scenario where you have to work together to try and trap the fox!

      I'm really anticipating the basilisk - if it's anything like the artwork it will be out of this world. I'm hoping it will be seriously, jaw-droppingly huge. There's only one thing more scary than a giant poisonous snake that can turn you to stone with its gaze...and that's a MASSIVE poisonous snake that can turn you to stone with its gaze!

    32. Reju on

      Petrification AGAIN ?? o_o

      Come on... that's the fourth unit using the same trick. I'm quite disapointed about that, as different powers would bring much more variety to the table...

    33. Peter "araziel" Cruickshanks

      Love the sculpt on the Chimera, but like Todd said, it's kind of a strange fit. Looks more like something you'd expect in a Skaven army in the game that shan't be named.

      Still, that's not really a complaint just an observation, it's aweome all the same.

    34. Enrique Aguilar on

      @Ken Lo : two more boxes to be revealed.

    35. Missing avatar

      kieran fergsuon on

      The larger of the blacked out boxes looks like a large expansion pack ($50?) And the dead square one, new map perhaps?

    36. Missing avatar

      Tibox on

      @ Ken Lo The total value of the bundle is 312 dollars so far but don't forget that two more items are coming to increase this value.

    37. Eduardo Guimarães on

      I really like the basilik, it looks loke it was chained and locked away somewhere, even blindfolded, and now it's loose and very angry :)

    38. Missing avatar

      kieran fergsuon on

      @ken lo

      It is at the moment, but there are a couple of blacked out add on to be revealed so that will add to the value.

    39. Missing avatar

      Joe Douglas on

      Ive been waiting desperately for the Chimera, my favourite mythological creature by far, and I have to say I'm quite disappointed with the face sculpt. What's with the half melted/half skull lion head? I'd rather it just be a lion head. She is the Nemean lion's sister after all. Hopefully it wasn't inspired by the dreadful Wrath of the Titans beast? Also the Chimera is Echidna's daughter, not her son. Of course, I'll be buying it anyway.

    40. Eyne Nacht on

      Holy Amphidromia! Wow! Super awesome!

    41. Ken Lo on

      Is my math right? the All in 299 is only worth 312 currently? so you save 13 atm?

    42. Missing avatar


      Dang it. I just simply can't afford it all. I'm so sad. Hopefully I can piece it together at retail ( but paying more. Ugh).

    43. Todd Ferrullo on

      I love the Teumessian Fox and look forward to seeing the basilisk but the Chimera looks odd to me. What is with the chain things and what looks like a blindfold on the one head?

    44. Luis on

      Nerdsgasm!!!!!!! Awesome! Better than Leo´s hair.!!!!!

    45. Dorthonion on

      Fantastic - 3 monsters and more stuff with them!