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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.

The Great Tome of Wisdom

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

We’ve shown you Gods, Heroes and Monsters by the dozen. You’ve got extra maps, new Divinity cards, Recruitment cards, and loads more. Whatever next?

Artwork by Loïc Muzy
Artwork by Loïc Muzy

This Mythic Battles: Pantheon Compendium is a collection of adventures and articles for the game. It has 3 main sections:

  • Campaigns
  • Painting Guide
  • Terrain Building Guide

An Ancient Tale of Blood and Woe

The Compendium includes 3 complete, and very different, campaigns. Each was written by a different author (or authors), and takes the core of the Mythic Battles: Pantheon game and twists it in a new way. We’ve tested these scenarios extensively over many months of gaming, and are confident you’ll enjoy them as much as we do.

The first campaign, Theomachy, is a 9 scenario, 2 player struggle for dominance. The Gods are divided into two alliances. Each player chooses a side, and plays a series of challenging scenarios against the other alliance.

The forces on each side ramp up throughout the scenarios, and vary considerably from one scenario to the next. One of the features of this campaign is the constantly changing forces. In some you fight with Troops alone, in others you will have the full draft at your disposal. You cannot play the same God in two consecutive scenarios, though you must always choose from the same alliance.

Variety is the keyword here. In each game, different forces try to achieve different objectives in different scenarios across different maps. Each scenario influences the following ones in an interlocking series of secondary objectives. These give you some interesting challenges to consider, because you can’t always do both objectives at once. If you survive all the way to the end then the last scenario in the series includes a BIG surprise.

Artwork by Loïc Muzy
Artwork by Loïc Muzy

The second campaign, Vengeance or Glory, is also for 2 players. It’s made up of 7 scenarios, charting the continued battle between Hector and Achilles. Yes, they both died during the Trojan War, but that was many years ago, and now the gates of the Underworld are open…

The campaign tells their story from their escape from Hades, to their final battle. Achilles’ aim is to stake his claim once more as the best warrior in all Greece. Hector is simply out for vengeance. They start without their Powers, drained by the debilitating effects of the Underworld. As they play each scenario they gradually regain their Powers, and slowly attract more and more followers. What starts as a tiny handful of Troops expands with each battle into a small army.

One particularly clever twist of this campaign is the way Gods are involved. Most of the time they aren’t. Instead, Hector and Achilles can use shards of shattered Omphalos to invoke one of the Gods. This has different effects depending on the God being invoked, and both Heroes can call on any of the 4 Gods from the core box. In the final battle, whichever God you have called on most in the previous 6 scenarios turns up in person to help that Hero.

We’ve included the initial few pages and one of the scenarios in this campaign below, to give you an idea of what these entail.



Against the Gods is our final 6 scenario campaign. It is entirely co-operative (or solo), and is designed for 1-4 people playing against the game. Each player takes a Hero or a Monster and fights together against a God. Each scenario is a battle against a different God, on a different map, with the final showdown uniting all the defeated Gods with the heroes against the Titan Atlas.

War Paint

The beautifully painted miniatures you see in our campaign were painted by a number of artists, including the talented Martin Grandbarbe, who wrote this guide. We are very proud of the quality of our miniatures, and from what we’ve been told, a lot of you would like to try your hand at painting them. This is not a requirement, by any means; it’s simply a way of expressing your own artistic skills and making your copy truly your own.

This guide includes every miniature in the core box, except Apollo (who is Kickstarter Exclusive). It takes each in turn, and goes through how to paint them, step by step. Along the way you’ll learn all the techniques you need to make your own set of Mythic Battles: Pantheon worthy of the Gods!

We’ll show you an example page of this painting section tomorrow.

Painted by Martin Grandbarbe
Painted by Martin Grandbarbe


Painted by Martin Grandbarbe
Painted by Martin Grandbarbe


Painted by Martin Grandbarbe
Painted by Martin Grandbarbe


Painted by Martin Grandbarbe
Painted by Martin Grandbarbe


Creating A World Like A God

Mythic Battles: Pantheon can be played without any terrain at all, or it can be played on beautifully modelled 3D boards, or anything in between. This section includes a variety of practical projects to help you enhance the look of your own battlefields.

3D Scenery created by Vincent-Thierry Savidan
3D Scenery created by Vincent-Thierry Savidan

Voice of Olympus





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    1. David Sterling

      Are the campaigns all new?

    2. Mike the Knight on

      Does this book use all the extra stretch goal and add on maps?
      I'm going to assume it only uses the core game board maps, which would kinda suck.

    3. Missing avatar

      Quintin on

      merci beaucoup!

    4. Julien D on

      Quintin : Vas sur "gérer mon engagement" et ajoute la somme pour le compendium à la somme de ton pledge. C'est tout. ensuite, lors du pledge manager, plus tard, tu n'auras qu'à cocher le compendium dans les options que tu prends.

    5. Missing avatar

      Quintin on

      comment fait on pour prendre le compendium en plus de la core box. je ne vois nul par on c'est marqué que l'on peux l'acheter.

    6. benisa63 on

      Quand vous dites couverture Hardcover, celà signifie que c'est une couverture cartonnée épaisse ?

    7. Missing avatar

      Edward on

      Great that the book is hardcover! That has convinced me to add it!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dominick P Piantoni on

      Mythic make Tartarus cages, they're all in every example. Can we also get some r ock landscapes. I'd personally want to not use any of the cardboard from the core box.

    9. Holotuerie on

      @ Pauchet :
      1) il y a une vidéo sur le sujet qui explique tout (ou presque, mais tu peux y participer si des infos manquent).
      Le livre est en couverture dure.
      Tout le matériel est en FR et ENG et mixable si tu veux des choses en ENG et d'autres en FR.
      Il est très épais, tu as 3 campagnes de 6 à 9 scénarios (de mémoire) et dédié aux KS.
      Le guide est pour les peintres débutants mais fait par un expert donc largement assez pour monter à un niveau confirmé en peinture.
      En théorie ce livre est le seul et indivisible et même si seule la partie campagne t'intéresse, il reste rentable. Pour rappel, les scénarios individuels ont une "valeur" de 5€, donc avec 25 scénar pour 30€, ça reste très intéressant.
      Il est probable d'avoir plus tard des vidéos ou pdf pour les figs du KS.

      @ Pauchet : You can have all information in the video. Leo explain many things.
      The book got a hard cover.
      All the pledge can be in FR or in ENG and you can mix if you want some in FR and some in ENG. As exemple, you can buy 2 titan pledge, 1 in FR and the other in ENG.
      The book is dedicated to the KS and give you close to 25 scenarios in 3 campagne.
      The book is really heavy, and even if you are just interested in the scenarios, it's still worth.
      The guide to paint is for newbies but you have informations for all minis in the corebox. So, even if you are a confirmed painter, it can help.
      Maybe we'll have later more videos or pdf about the painting of the KS minis.

    10. Niklas S on

      Great with hardcover, I wouldn't buy s softcover book :-)

    11. Ukail on

      @ Pauchet.. try this link it's the french forum dedicated to the game, you don't ask your questions in french at the right place.

      @ Pauchet : Essayes de lien, c'est celui du forum dédié au jeu. Tu ne poses pas tes questions au bon endroit.…

    12. PAUCHET on

      Bon comme beaucoup de personnes je me demande si nous allons avoir des réponses à nos questions. A savoir si le guide sera en français , combien de pages fera t il, quel niveau de peinture, si il y aura un autre tome comprenant les exclu kickstarter. Va t on avoir des réponses?


      I'm glad this book is hardcover ! :)

    14. W.A. on

      Lovely idea but the book do not need to be in hardcover please make it softcover and less expensive so more people will buy it. also please include the rulebook in there so we have a one stop option for all info.

    15. Ugo Perillo on

      Are this campaigns only available in this book? I am not intereste in the other sections..

    16. Vianney on

      D'abord merci de proposer un guide de peinture :) (même si j'avais compris que celui-ci serait directement dans le Corebox avec les scénarios de base...)

      Par contre, le livre est KSE et ne prend pas en compte le contenu KSE ? C'est étrange...
      Soit il ne faut pas le mettre en KSE et du coup le contenu est cohérent, soit c'est bien un KSE mais alors il faut inclure tout du KSE (peinture de toutes les figurines, scénarios avec toutes les figurines etc..).
      Parce que ça fait cher 29$ à rajouter maintenant tout de suite si il manque la moitié des figurines...
      First of all thank you for suggesting a painting guide :) (although I had understood that this one would be directly in the Corebox with the basic scenarios ...)

      On the other hand, the book is KSE and does not take into account the KSE content? It's strange...
      It is not necessary to put it in KSE and hence the content is coherent, or it is indeed a KSE but then it must include everything from the KSE (painting of all the figurines, scenarios with all the figurines etc ..).
      Because it's expensive $ 29 to add now right away if half the figurines are missing ...

    17. Sinko on

      I would buy a campaign book, especially with the solo games, but the other elements I would not buy so this would not be a good use of $29 sadly. I do want to see more solo/coop scenarios, though!

    18. Carl King on

      lovely looking book, but am split 50/50.

      half of me thinks this great as is, and the other half can't help thinking the painting guide should be in the core box as a SG as only core box models are in the book.

      can we have a paperback version for say $15, as $29 is a lot for a paint and scenery guide and 3 campaigns / scenario

    19. Gamborg on

      Simply epic. Thank you so much for this. This adds so much more value to the core box. In terms of gameplay this is the addon that offers the most value for money i think

    20. Sylvain Broche on

      Le guide de peinture n'était pas censé se trouver dans le livre de règles de la boite de base ? C'est ce que j'avais compris...
      Wasn't the painting guide supposed to be in the core box rulebook? I thought it would...

    21. David Smith on

      It is listed Eating.

    22. David Smith on

      Prefers campaigns in a separate book so you don't have to take a larger one with you with the possibility of damage and wear & year.

    23. Missing avatar

      The Pit on

      This book is totally must have.
      Those campaigns seems really interesting and différent from the basic games.
      Painting guide is never useless, exept you're already a master painter (even though i assume you can always progress by any means)
      Modelling scenery is a good way to replace decorum (especially those big rocks not included in this KS)
      => I will just miss a bit more of storytelling, but let's say wikipedia will serve is purpose.

      About those (righteous) critics:
      I'd personaly rather have another book for core rules, as when you're in the fog of war, a simple book is far more suitable than a fat book with multiple thematics.
      The absence of some greats minis in the painting guide is a pity, but M.Grandbarbe probably works on the guide for about several weeks, and could not be sur of what the KS campaign would provide. Exept for Apollo, yup. But the more you will try to paint following those advices, the more confident you will become. And after painting all the core game, I'm pretty sure you'll be able to paint the rest with more autonomy.

    24. Adam Fair on

      Yes, would really like to know the page count before upgrading for this - $29 is the cost of a lot of 300+ page RPG books, but whenever I've gone for art/scenario books in the past, they've ended up just being pamplets!

    25. Missing avatar

      Tinnete on

      At least 1 campaign should have be included in the core box... :(

    26. DD Games - Des Dés à Prod on

      C'est fantastique de commencer le jeu avec ce recueil de campagnes et de tutos de peinture. Vraiment bravo à l'équipe !

    27. Missing avatar

      EATENG on

      I noticed this compendium is not individually listed in the optional buys section, even though it has its own price of $29. It's only pictured in the all-in bundles. Is this an oversight?

    28. Teowulff

      Looks nice enough. That means the scenarios are not part of the core box, then.

      And agreed with Jacques and Rory, I wouldn't mind having the rulebook also integrated in this book, as easy reference and backup. I'm not a fan of a pile of booklets.

    29. Foxwhisperer on

      Since the Campaign book is KSE, I hope the campaigns contain possibility of using all figures (including KSE figures) and not just the figures in the base box. In Conan we have lots of figures with no scenarios to use them in (altough this will be remedied eventually, I hope).

    30. Missing avatar

      BATAC on

      Ce livre sera t il disponible hors les packs à 299 et 399 dollars ?
      Pour l instant je ne le trouve pas en dehors de ces packs. C est normal ?

    31. Rory Klein

      I agree with Jacques, I would also like to have one all purpose hardcover book containing all content for easy reference - available in both print and pdf. I would also opt to buy an extra softcover copy

    32. Jacques Nel

      This is really nice. What would be fantastic is if you could include the MBP rules too, so that we can have a single hardcover (?) reference book for the game.

      And I hope that this will be available in digital form as well?

    33. Missing avatar

      Chollet Julien on

      Le livre sera également dispo en Français?

    34. Archaon Everchosen on

      That's what I'm waiting for !!!

    35. Daniel

      Awesome campaign! Definetively what many will love, Coop/Solo campaign! Please keep working on solo/coop rules and scenarios!

    36. Guinch Willmanx on

      This is amazing !!!! Thanks a lot !!

    37. Missing avatar

      Bracken Rawlings

      Are the campaigns included in this only available if you get the compendium or are they campaigns that all backers will receive just you can get them neatly packaged in the book?

    38. SplitTheAtom

      This campaign sure is amazing. My wallet disagrees.

    39. Missing avatar

      Daniel Lin on

      Coop/Solo campaign! Finally, ok now I will increase my pledge. Please give us more co-op/solo campaigns and scenarios!

    40. Chris McGuire on

      @Belisarius Leo confirmed in the latest Live that the Compendium will be hardcover. Not sure about the answers to # 2 and 3 though.

    41. NecroNuke9

      Asclepius is back among the living. Maybe he is going to be a SG. Or maybe its wishful thinking.

    42. Jose Andres Galdames on

      If the book is Kickstarter Exclusive, as Apollo, why not include him in the painting guide?

    43. Belisarius

      +1 MrG0bi need some more info.

      1)Will the book be hard cover
      2) Will the book be as thick as shown - how many pages
      3) What paints will be used as the reference colours

    44. Missing avatar

      Vertseper on

      Read the hydra scenario, i am not sure how it works... If the hydra moves a space when the dice is rolled, is she able to go back to any of the marked spaces? Does the hydra have 2 movement usually? I just dont remember.

    45. MrG0bi on

      how many pages for the campaign book ?
      this is a beginner guide for painting ?
      Wich peinture ? citadelle ? army painter ? prince august ?

    46. Missing avatar

      Seb_Super on

      Typhon all-in is everything.So it's in.
      Titan all in is everything gameplay related.So it's in.


    47. Ryan Benedict Silva

      I also want to know if the compendium is in an all-in pledge.

    48. Carl Svärd on

      Will this be included in the Titan / Typhon pledges? Seems likely but the art has not been updated.