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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.

Life in 3D

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

The voice is hoarse Today, it is unfortunately not the Voice of Olympus that you will hear to introduce you to this new optional buy. Jake had to take his wife in emergency to the hospital, for what we hope will be an alert without consequence. Our apologies for this upheaval, we wish a speedy recovery to Jake's wife, and a quick return for the beloved Quirkworthy.

3D Terrain

We received a lot of requests about the 3D scenery of the game…and the dice! Today’s update is an answer to this request.

As you all known, Mythic Battles: Pantheon is played on different boards each divided into areas. Each of these areas has a terrain type, indicated by an icon. If the ground is empty of 3D terrain, then no rule applies except in special cases (stairs, water, …). If you place a 3D terrain element on an area, the terrain type is then activated, and a small special rule applies. For example, if you place a tree on a forest zone, the forest rule applies: units in the forest gain a +1 bonus against ranged attacks. If you place a column on a ruin area, then the units in these ruins benefit from the ruin rules and thus gain a +1 bonus against melee attacks. Ruins and forests are examples of the game scenery, and are found on the various boards available in the core box and the expansions.

Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier


Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier


Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier

In the core box, you will have cardboard 3D scenery to be assembled. This add-on allows you to replace them with beautiful plastic terrain: ruins and trees in particular. The Greece of Mythic Battles being plunged into chaos, they are of course broken columns and distorted trees whose leaves were burned or blown by the explosion caused by the struggle between Titans and Gods.

Note that in an area, you can put up to 3 terrain elements: 3 columns, 3 trees… It’s your choice in any game that you start in skirmish mode. In scenarios however, the setup will be imposed (1 tree in this area, 3 in this one, none there…).

Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier

One of the super cool things in this game is that some units use the 3D elements to throw them at distant units or to break them on the skull of their enemies! The game is very cinematic. The Heraclean Strength power or the Force of Nature talent are good examples. That’s right, Heracles can uproot trees and throw them over to his enemies! When a 3D terrain has been used, it’s taken out of the battlefield. If there are no more 3D elements in an area, then it becomes a normal one, with no special rule. A forest without trees is no longer a forest.

Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier


Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier


Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier

As you can see, this terrain is not just eye candy, they have a real use in the game. The cardboard 3D elements provided in the box are enough for a beautiful experience. But if you want an even greater immersion, you may want to replace them with these superb sculpted trees and columns, specifically designed for the game. And they can be painted so easily… ;)

Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier
Sculpted by Gregory Clavilier

You also have 10 blue Omphalos in the box, instead of the classic red ones you have in the box. What are they for? As you know, Omphalos are special gems of divine energy that Gods fight for. In the Skirmish mode, you only have one type of Omphalos. But you’ll see that some scenarios introduce new special Omphalos, be there shards, or more powerful ones, or less powerful ones… We’ll provide tokens every time it’s necessary to distinguish a normal omphalos from a special one. But having a new different color will look better. Finally, if you want to create your own scenarios (and you should!), it might be useful to have these special looking Omphalos.

Dice, dice, dice!

Another recurrent request: dice!

10 dice are provided in the box, which is enough for any attack, as the max attack is capped at 10.

That said, some players are not lenders. Having your own dice is so much better, isn’t it?

Now, you can have some more dice, and we even give you a choice. You can choose between another set of 10 Battle Dice, the ones provided in the base box, or 10 Classic Dice, for those who prefer numbers to sword symbols. Let me remind you that these special six sided dice are numbered from 1 to 5, the sixth face being blank. The 5 is the "explosive" side, hence the special symbol for the Battle Dice. Each time you get a 5, you can reroll it and add the new result to 5. This allows you to get target numbers higher than 5.



Well, that’s it for today! I would like to thank you all warmly. You make this campaign alive, with your encouragement, your comments, your suggestions, your shouts... For my part, I am always delighted to answer you on the Kickstarter Lives and I look forward to the next one!

See you soon!



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    1. Telgar on

      @QW talking about scenery... Are there additional Omphalos cards delivered with the blue Omphalos of the terrain set add-on?

    2. Tyrell on

      Trees and rocks for SG? Please!

    3. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof Oleksiewicz on

      Battle Dice are good but they should be more thematic.
      Swords looks awesome but we should have a possibility to choose different colors (light blue, light green, gold...)

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher Ulm

      Ah, thank you for he clarification!

    5. jstenzel

      I like the trees quite a bit, awesome job on those. However, I use terrain bits for multiple purposes and not just one game (as I'm sure many others do). There are many settings that will benefit from trees like this.

      With that in mind, can we please remove the shields/skulls/etc from the base? They'll just look out of place depending on the setting I'm using them in. The first thing I'd do if I got terrain bits like this is shave all that stuff off.

    6. Jasberfloob

      Liking the trees however do we need 10 more pillars when the core game comes with 10 pillar standees which have already been replaced by SGs. Seems more logical to just have the trees, omphalos and some add in 2 obstacle rocks so the scenery from the core set is totally upgraded

    7. Teowulff

      I already have so much scenery (including Greek pillars) but the extra dice = nice!

      Btw for minis, I found (fir) trees with high stems are usually the easiest to put units under as they don't really occupy a lot of extra space.

    8. Darren Thiele on

      So are all the optional buys that are not kick starter only are still available to purchase at any time still after completion?

    9. S Buntenbach

      Hope we see 2x3 trees as sg

    10. Cyrano on

      They are great spooky looking trees, i do wish they were a little taller though.... just a little ,,

    11. David Smith on

      Being primarily a Wargamer than a boardgames, these trees will look fantastic on my battlefields.

    12. Shem on

      All the best to Jakes wife!
      I hoped that there would be some Stretch goals in the future to replace the cardboard Terrain stand-ins with 3d Terrain. Slightly dissapointed to see its only an add on now. And it doesn't even cover all the cardboard Terrain yet. Still, trees look nice!

    13. Stijn Callant on

      I am sorry to hear about Jake his wife. Whish her all the best and that evrything may turn out well.

    14. Ukko Kaarto on

      Hope that Jake's wife is allright.

    15. Chuck

      How about different COLORS of Battle Dice?!?

      Some colors that match with the base themed colors of the game would be nice. A cerulean blue to match the Omphalos...a turquoise that matches Atlas' background color...the gold background of Apollo...and obsidian black (just to name a few).

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Curtis on

      I absolutely love the scenery. Thank you. A great addition to the board and I'm sure will help games come alive. I wish it were slightly bigger (as most of the monsters and all of the gods/titans will tower above the trees) but still will gratefully add to my pledge.

      I second the importance of family and add my good wishes to the others for a good outcome for Quirkworthy's wife.

    17. Missing avatar

      Shane Brasher on

      Any chance of getting some large rock scenery?

    18. Thuillier Loic on

      Trees are wonderfull ! was thinking not interested in this kind of add-on, but they are unique.
      big job sculptor !

    19. Malamute on

      Oh,... and trees and columns are always nice.

      I like that all these items and all miniatures and boards have many cross purposes for me in other RPG games.

      Keep up the good work. My wallet is yours. hahahaha.

      Um,... ouch.

    20. Malamute on

      I like the sword dice. 3 extra sets needed aye! 1 for all 4 players.

      If they were just numbered dice, I would just use a set of the million six sided dice I already have and count sixes as blanks.

      But the swords are cool,... so, 3 more sets please...

    21. Missing avatar

      David on

      @Christopher Ulm: These don't replace, this is an add-on. So, you use one set as normal and the add-on set as the special ones (if you get the add-on).

    22. Cornelius, Wanderer of the Ringtail Fox on

      @Christopher - I don't believe that you should replace the red Omphalos with the blue. They are, as you say, in addition to the red.

    23. Paul Richardson


      You still get the omphalos in the base set as well as these. So you have both colours.

    24. Missing avatar

      Christopher Ulm

      Regarding the Omphalos, the base game has red, these blue replace the red but you still have to use a token to make it special? I would have thought the blue should be in addition to the red so that you don't have to use tokens. Kind of defeats the purpose of a new Omphalos other then the color. Thoughts?

    25. Hugo M Santos on

      I was expecting to see some plastic trees and rocks as Strech Goals... Any chance?

    26. Footballzs on

      Wishing Jake's wife all the best and hope everything turns out well.

    27. Chris on

      Board games are great, family is priceless. Hope all is well for Jake's family.

    28. Peter Sikachev on

      Why would we need the EXTRA 10 columns?

    29. Missing avatar

      Xarlaxas on

      Gorgeous terrain, and I can see it being useful outside of the board game too! :D

    30. Jan Schattling

      Absolutely beautiful landscape options. .
      I don't mind the swords, they are almost basic Roman numerals.
      Puh... 18 days to go and I have already tripled my base pledge for add-ons.
      Looks like there will be no other christmas presents for me. ^_^

    31. David Smith on

      Yeah, the sword dice ar not so easy to read, thats for sure. At this stage of the campaign, I can't see any reason why the basic box can't have the numeric dice.

    32. Runeclaw on

      Very unlikely. The core box is 90% done so they will not be able to do that change at this time.
      If you just want numbered dice, you will have to buy the extra ones.

    33. Hild on

      Any chance that the classic dice (with number) will replace the battle dice (with sword symbol) in the basic pledge? I mean some backer prefer numbered dice, and it seems more suitable for that game to be able to read straight forward the value of the roll instead of counting on each dice the value and then adding them altogether. Well, just asking because I'll prefer numbered dice in the core box...
      Anyway, I wish a good recovery to QW's wife!

    34. Runeclaw on

      Ah, so the broken columns in this add-on are not the same as the ones we unlocked before. Nice, more variation. I will probably add this to my pledge.

      Extra dice is also good to have, but I need to think about it, so many other nice things to spend money on here.

      A question: "The Heraclean Strength power or the Force of Nature talent are good examples"
      What is the difference between the two?

    35. Todd Ferrullo on

      I wonder if they realize that there are 11 dice depicted in the picture even though only 10 come in the set.

    36. Krzysztof Olszewski on

      Hello, is there any chance that you can show plastic elements in comparison to the related components from cardboard ? Thx in advance...

    37. dchasek on

      The one thing I regret not getting for Conan was the scenery stuff. What little came in the box I thought would surely be enough I was wrong... They really make the board come alive that much more.