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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.
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      Wagner Ortega on

      Hi What is Polyphemus scale compared to the spartan?

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      Juraj P. on

      I was hesitating if I am really into this kind of game (nor even to buy an expansion), but the sirens' picture (with Poseidon as the second best) got me into this. I've never heard about Luic Muzy before, but seeing also his other pictures, he quickly became one of my favourite artist ever. I sincerely hope, that the sirens' miniatures will not be changed, because it would propably make me regret pledging for this expansion and consider choosing some other.

    3. Pedro Creao on

      I do not understand how the andromeda skill works, I use it on the opponent's turn, but I only lose life on my turn if I activate andromeda, is that it?

    4. Clancy Fern on

      I'm *obsessed* with that Scylla mini. And Poseidon looks eerily attractive.

    5. Ricardo E. Ortiz Calderón de la Barca on

      Please change at least the face of Poseidon. He´s too lovecraftian. More like a monster than a god.

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      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    7. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hale on

      While the anchor is a bit much, I actually really liked the Polyphemus sculpt.
      Many believe that the cyclops legend was created from misinterpretations of seeing an elephant skull. (see the linked picture)
      It even has toes reminiscent of an elephant. I feel the designer had this in mind.


      totally agree with "meanwhale" about what he says concerning Poseidon, and Polyphemus, and the ugly Sirens... :-(
      Not sure to take this add-on although a "Poseidon add-on" was an auto-buy for me.
      What a pity ! :-(
      Please... change Poseidon and the Sirens minis at least !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Maxime Mougin on

      Pour Andromede, je trouve que la figurine a un manque par rapport à l'illustration. Si le rocher et les vagues étaient intégrés à la sculpture, je trouve que cela donnerait bien plus d'ampleur à la figurine. Et le rocher et les vagues font complétement partie de ce qui est évoqué lorsqu'on pense à Andromède.

    10. Missing avatar

      Crahay on

      Just like others, i was teaching my son than in greek pantheon and legend, the sirens where half birds and not half fish... And then i saw this �

    11. Missing avatar

      Raymond Hale on

      How large is Poseidon comparatively?

    12. Missing avatar

      Laurent R on

      Je viens de les voir 8 tentacules.

    13. Missing avatar

      Laurent R on

      Il est mentionné 23 miniatures je n'en vois et compte que 15 , où sont les 8 manquantes?

    14. Missing avatar

      Doctor Faust on

      So, Poseidon is Cthulhu's brother... rather than that of Zeus or Hades... at least by familial resemblance.

    15. Ukail on

      @galenosteam.. according to differents sources Periphetes may be the son of the two gods.

      Can you be more specific on your sources ?

    16. Missing avatar


      Sigh. That Andromeda mini. Facepalm. And why no closeups of the sirens? Worried that backers are going to question how this game represents women?

    17. Missing avatar

      Johannes Thaler on

      I love this expansion. But I am really disturbed by Polyphemus' face. It looks nothing like a cyclops but like a Lovecraftian monster. Doesn't fit imo in a Greek mythology based set.

    18. galenosteam on

      You have an errata, Periphetes is son of hephaestus, has nothing to do with poseidon, it would be a success if you change the mini to the other expansion

    19. galenosteam on

      You have an errata, Periphetes is son of hephestos, has nothing to do with poseidon, it would be a success if you change the mini to the other expansion

    20. Missing avatar

      Tinnete on

      @meanwhale Itou :(

    21. Missing avatar

      meanwhale on

      Clairement une extension que je ne prendrai pas. Tant pis pour Scylla et Andromède (dont j'aime beaucoup l'idée de gameplay). En fait, parmi pas mal de choses que je n'aime pas, par dessus tout je ne comprends pas la figurine de Poséidon et son succès auprès de la communauté...

      Arès, Hadès, Athena, Hermès, Apollon, Zeus... Ils ont tous un look classique et excellent, alors pourquoi Poséidon se retrouve affublé d'un masque monstrueux, d'une tête de mort très fantasy en guise de décoration pour la ceinture et de tentacules pour plaire aux fans de Chthulu ? Polyphème dont j'apprécie l'allure générale, pourquoi lui avoir mis une ancre en guise d'arme, c'était pas plutôt un "spécialiste" du lancer de rocher ? Et Thésée, pourquoi cette énorme épée à deux mains ? Et ces sirènes dont vous n'avez pas osé montrer un gros plan, elles ont pas l'air de ressembler à grand chose. :/

      J'adorais tout ce que vous avez proposé jusqu'à maintenant (à l'exception de l'add-on de Minos), mais là y a pas mal de faux pas, qui j'espère ne seront pas réitérés par la suite. En plus, 75 dollars (donc 75 euros dans le commerce en France ?), c'est quasiment le prix de deux jeux "classiques" alors pour une simple extension, c'est non.

    22. Eduardo Guimarães on

      I can accept the poetic license of puting anchors and 2 handed sword in the game, but now we can't use the excuse "have you looked at the portraits of the epoch?" . Damn that was a good excuse to justify half naked woman :-P

    23. Missing avatar

      Francesco Novara on

      This is one of the most wonderfull game,i'm in love whith this!!!super exited about this new add on,incredible the beauty of the minis!!!...and about the sirens,it's true,they were birdwomen,but the mistake is justified.i really like!!!

    24. Teowulff

      @Caleb "By the way, is Polyphemus a time traveller? Where did he get that anchor?": I was wondering the same about Theseus and Periphetes with their big 2H sword and flanged battle mace.

    25. Missing avatar

      cpmartinez on

      is it possible to play poseidon and other minis of this add on, on another map (in classic mode). I mean on 'non sea' map. which would be weird ...

    26. Nathan Anthopoulos on

      Wow! There was so much content elsewhere I near completely forgot my favorite Greek God, Poseidon, hadn't made it into the game yet! I love this expansion, though I do wish Poseidon looked less like a sea-monster here. Really impressive work all around, guys!

    27. Missing avatar

      Kathrin Brüser on

      How can i add optional things like the addon to my cart? Btw it looks awasome!

    28. Ukko Kaarto on

      The person who accepted the sirens sculpt should be fired. No wonder there was no close up.

      Poseidon looks wicked though.

    29. Perry Grosshans on

      Hmmmm....upon a looksy in the interwebs, it appears that Sirens have been portrayed both ways: as bird women and mermaids. Interesting. I prefer the mermaids though, since we have harpies. :)

    30. Perry Grosshans on

      AWESOME! Amazing, simply amazing. LOVE IT! I'm not a total fan of Polyphemus' look, but I can live with it. Oh, and I'm not sure why everyone is thinking Siren's are bird women. Sirens lived in the sea, and tried to lure Odysseus from his ship just before they sailed into the clutches of Scylla and Charybdus. :)

    31. Hex on

      With that helmet (with two snakes facing each other) Theseus looks like one of those Thulsa Doom's goons from the original Conan movie - might have to make a scenario with him... :)

    32. Zach Ross on

      F* you, take my money ! :)

    33. Caleb on

      By the way, is Polyphemus a time traveller? Where did he get that anchor?

    34. Mr Bushtroll on

      freaking awesome minis...these will be making appearance in my D&D thinks i need to buy 2 of this add on
      as for Poseidon........AAA+

    35. Dan Fuller on

      This looks great and I'll have to increase my pledge at some point. While I understand that add-ons are entirely optional I do wish they would slow down a bit, (seems as though we are getting an add-on about every two days or so. Again I want to reiterate my understanding that these are completely optional, however the inclusion of Kickstarter exclusive models while not making them must buy certainly has an effect of moving/presenting them as such. This is not meant as a complaint just my observation/opinion. Hopefully no one takes any offense as none is intended, nor is this meant to indicate any dissatisfaction with the campaign so far. Perhaps if the Kickstarter exclusives in the Poseidon and Hephaestus add-ons and any other similar add-on expansions planned that will have a Kickstarter exclusive figure might be grouped together as a small add-on for those who would like the chance to get those Kickstarter exclusive figures but may not be able to afford each optional but at the moment.

    36. Xavier

      Love the Poesidon

    37. Caleb on

      also, don't like the Ctulhu-Poseidon, why are you guys going farthe away from classic looks?
      I mean, Athena, Zeus - classic! But then the hell judges and now this...
      I just wish it would be less fantasy...

    38. Caleb on

      I mean, I can picture a bunch of human(oid) troops riding a ship, but centaurs, spiders or hell hounds as a crew? Thet's just silly

    39. Eric

      The character figures look so incredible. Love the male and female models.

    40. Jared Bond

      +1 Bundle

    41. Caleb on

      how exactly ships work?

    42. Carlos D

      Who needs Kraken (not part of the Greek Mythology) ... when we got Scylla. This is a must get add-on :D

    43. Missing avatar

      Charles Lister

      Most impressive!!

      Love the sculpts - esp Poseidon (thats his leg - right?) Andromada and Scylla
      Be good to see the Siren minis??

    44. partenopei on

      oh, but agree with others, sirens were (are?) bird-women, not mermaids

    45. partenopei on


      was holding off on this as have backed two other KS recently and need to scale back but this expansion eroded resistance.

      as you can tell from my name, I kinda like sirens etc

      a truly exciting KS project. extremely impressive guys!

    46. Ian Allen

      Why is Andromeda not wearing a burka? I am feeling all tingly inside ... what does it mean?

      But seriously - that all looks amazing - I will be upping my pledge! Nice job!

    47. Xavier

      Need perseus

    48. Andrew Rees on

      Is there a mistake with Charybdis card? As it says "Abyssal Maw, Scylla makes a 6 dice area attack on all adjacent areas"

      Then in the description below her stat card it says "Her second power, Sea Abyss, is a violent area attack, which combines with her Mighty Throw to cause serious damage to an opposing force."

    49. Enrique

      Show sirens please.

    50. Missing avatar

      Tiancai on

      I'm speechless. This expansion is orgasmic.
      I'm raising my pledge