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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
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Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

Mythic Battles: Pantheon is full of beautiful miniatures, as well as being a great game. Of course, everyone has their favourites, and the Manticore is one of mine. I think he’s a wonderfully frightening beast.

Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez
Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez

This new $18 add-on brings the terrifying Manticore to your game. It includes:

  • 1 Manticore miniature.
  • 1 Dashboard with stat clip
  • 5 activation cards
  • 1 special scenario

So what’s a Manticore anyway, and how does it fit into Mythic Battles: Pantheon?

It was in the deserts of Persia that the Manticore was found. He was introduced to the Greeks by a Greek doctor who visited the court of the Persian king. Some say this was Asclepius himself, others ascribe the account to a lesser known figure. Whatever the truth of the matter, it was Apollo, father of Asclepius, whose interest as aroused.

How it ended up in Greece no one knows, but it soon crept its way into the dark corners of the Greek mind. It preyed on the feeble-minded and gullible, building cults to itself out the easily swayed. Its vicious raids served as retribution for those who fell from its grace, and as a fearsome portent of its might.

Apollo saw this foreign monstrosity ravaging his people, and took it upon himself to banish the Manticore to the deepest and most obscure corner of Tartarus. Wherever Apollo found the beast’s cults he wiped them out, doing his best to erase all knowledge of the monstrosity from the Greek mind.

And then, when the Manticore had been all but forgotten, the gates of Tartarus were flung wide, and as the Titans escaped few noticed one more black shadow on the land…

In game the Manticore is a versatile and potent unit. It is the first 5RP unit released, and it is worth every point.

Its basic stats put it on a par with the Hydra or Cerberus. However, it’s quite a different beast. It lacks Cerberus’ Guard talent, which makes its role very different. It cannot regenerate like the Hydra, meaning it cannot pile in to the enemy with quite the same abandon. So what’s so good about the Manticore, and what’s it’s role?

Mainly, the Manticore serves to sow chaos and death across the battlefield in a rampage of carnage. It’s fast. A basic move of 2 is bolstered by the ability to fly, which means that it can ignore enemy units and terrain to get at whatever or whoever it wants. The crowning glory in its mobility is its 5 activation cards, 1 more than either Hydra or Cerberus. One more activation card than normal might not sound like a lot, but it’s a big thing, believe me. It’s effectively a 25% increase in an already high speed, or a 25% increased chance to have a card in hand for retaliations…

Which brings me to wreaking carnage.

A basic 8 attack and defence is already potent, and that’s before we consider the Manticore’s Powers. The first, Vile Presence, is Passive, so is always in effect. This gives -1 attack and -1 defence to every unit in the same area as the Manticore, so its 8 attack is always against a reduced enemy defence. Then it has the Scorpion’s Sting. At the end of its activation, the Manticore gets a free additional 5 dice attack with a range of 1, just in case something needs finishing off. And no counter-attack is allowed against this sting either, which makes it particularly powerful. Of course, something this large and unpleasant also has Block to stop its foes sneaking off, plus Mighty Throw to smash its enemies out of the way.

The Manticore uses the same base as the Hydra: 105x70mm. Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
The Manticore uses the same base as the Hydra: 105x70mm. Sculpted by Gautier Giroud

As a package, the Manticore is a devastating unit, able to fly about the board delivering death wherever it pleases, and able to reduce the effectiveness of any foe. Hardly surprising Apollo took exception to it wandering about.

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The Manticore model itself is the centrepiece of this set, but let’s not forget the scenario. This pits the Manticore against 3 Heroes who don’t want to see if running their lands after it claws its way out of Tartarus. The scenario can be played as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 1, or 3 vs 1, with one player taking the Manticore and the others controlling one or more Heroes.

Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud


Sculpted by Gautier Giroud
Sculpted by Gautier Giroud

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    1. olivier on

      @Telgar ah ok merci beaucoup s'est ce que je viens de faire merci beaucoup

    2. Telgar on

      @olivier: tu augmentes ta promesse de 18$ (donc 117$ si tu étais à 99$ précédemment)
      Après la fin du KS, tu pourras choisir quelles extensions tu veux prendre (et même décider à ce moment-là de prendre encore plus)

    3. Jean Von Popowl' on

      Un peu bizarre les cornes ?!
      Aussi bien celles des satyres que de la manticore ...

    4. olivier on

      ont fais comment pour la sélectionner en plus ??

    5. Kris Dalman on

      I think the Manticore should only be $15 like the other add-ons. It seems like your paying more to get less. So I am going pass on this one.

    6. Telgar on

      There is still a "typo" on the manticore in this page and on the campaign front page where 4 AoW cards are stated and displayed and 5 on the Manticore board.

    7. Css on

      Lol I did think it looks a bit like a moth too, with the horns and the hairy front. But I actually love that look and think it's great as it is.

    8. Missing avatar

      Popidus on


      Killing image ! Killing mini !
      Dessin et figurines sont des tueries !


    9. Missing avatar

      Le Vern Xavier on

      Wonderfull model !

    10. Glenn Manser on

      And how easily can you see Conan fighting this thing???

    11. Glenn Manser on

      Wow...simply, Wow!

    12. NecroNuke9

      One of the best models of a Manticore I have seen.

    13. Thuillier Loic on

      Wow, love the fig, love the gameplay.

      Seeing the fig in resin, green, I was thinking about have a different color for titans/gods, monstres, heroes, troop, like boards. That can be very a huge increase for people who doesn't paint figs (and for painters, they use black or white Under paint in all cases)

    14. Clint Lee Werner

      This is awesome. Perhaps the best manticore model I've ever seen. Love the venom dripping from his stinger.

    15. Chris on

      I look forward to seeing this Manticore on the board in Mythic Battles...and in the Book of Skelos, of course. Please, don't forget to make a tile or two for this monster. I wouldn't want any of the add-ons to miss the full Conan treatment. Cross-compatibility is a huge asset for me and justifies every penny I will spend on this project. Thanks for listening!

    16. Kordo, Lazy Company on

      Oh okay dashboard should be replaced with text, makes sense.

    17. Sascha Tanner on

      ehm, proofreading maybe???
      Text: "It lacks Cerberus’ Guard talent, ..."
      Dashboard right above: Talents: Guard, Torment, Block ...
      Text: 5 activation cards
      Graphic: 4 activation cards

      Please tell me you will put more effort in proofreading for the game. I don not want to see another conan mess.

      Btw: does an enemy model get -2 defense because of Torment and the passive ability?

    18. Kordo, Lazy Company on

      This beast is awesome I must agree but, it has no mighty thrown right?

    19. Ukail on

      @ Zachary

      It has been reported. The correct number of activation cards is 5.

    20. Ian Allen

      The horns have 2 parts. The first part where they come out is fine - if you stopped there it would look cool. The 2nd part of the horns where it continues out and is rounded looks weird. Lop that 2nd part off and you have a bad-ass manticore.

    21. Ian Allen

      I like the figure for the most part. I think it would look better with smaller horns.
      Those horns are all rounded and weird and look like big moth antennae.

    22. Missing avatar

      zachary on

      Don't know if its been pointed out that right above where you show what we get it says 5 activation cards but should be 4

    23. Timothy on

      Another add on......great

    24. Timothy on

      Another add on......great

    25. Teowulff

      he's fluffy! ^^

    26. Missing avatar

      David Thompson on

      a definite purchase for me

    27. Missing avatar

      The Pit on

      waow....really really dangerous looing mini. Really like it. Plus its unquenesse as a 5pts unit (for now) makes it a total must have....ah yeah, it's pretty lethal also ;)
      tell me the scenario is some kind of solo mode like "hunting the beast" and I'm totally in!

      and, yeah, let's assume the picture is an old dashboard that has been updated with some play tests.... the litteral description must prevail according to former actus.

    28. Missing avatar

      buliwy on

      un peu cher pour moi

    29. Nigel Phillips

      The manticore looks very angry, and then I noticed lion's mane implies it's a male beast, but it lacks the required appendage. No wonder it's in a rage

    30. Kazzigum 'Burning Skeletons' on

      Umm wow. I was gonna try to avoid most of the Add-Ons, except some of the expansions, but.... This is a must have.

    31. Dorthonion on

      I added for this too - I want to see a painted version before the end of the KS (hint hint)

    32. Missing avatar

      Seb_Super on

      @marc: but you will buy it in the pledge manage :)

    33. Bazz

      WOW stunning isn't even the word this is next level, how do you guys keep smashing it out of the park :)

    34. Mary Death on

      Looks great....$18 is a lot but the figure is really good looking.... so....just raised my pledge.

    35. Missing avatar

      marc on

      Why all the add-ons have to be kickstarter exclusive. All this beautiful mini that i cant afford, It sucks.

    36. Ukail on


      A huge mini, KSE, with a custom scenario .. We are at the right place..

      I'm sure that the dashboard not up to date will be corrected soon.

    37. mark keedwell on

      well worth the 5 cost

    38. Runeclaw on

      I did expect a nasty Manticore, but I did not think it would be a single add-on and Kickstarter exclusive.
      We shall see if I add it to my pledge, I do have limited money and there is a lot more stuff on its way.

    39. Runeclaw on

      Some of the dashboards they show pictures of are a bit old have have changed after extended testing. So trust the text more than the pictures.

    40. Stepan Papez on

      The horns look like moth's antennae. In the picture they look cool.

    41. gawain_77 on

      @Selkares: ...and Torment should e replaced by Mighty Throw.

    42. Missing avatar

      Hoseman on

      Dashboard says 5 activation cards and there's only 4?

    43. Missing avatar

      Seb_Super on

      i think the text is right.The picture must be from an old version of the monster.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jens Larsen on

      [Crying silently] But... but... my money...? Won't you let me keep any of it...?

    45. Missing avatar

      Selkares on

      Yes, looks like the dashboard picture is false (according to the text).
      Guard should be replaced by mighty throw.
      That or the description is mistaken