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Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
Become an Olympian God and fight beside the greatest heroes and monsters to ever live in this beautiful miniatures board game.
13,635 backers pledged $2,669,009 to help bring this project to life.

Master of the Forge

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

Mythic Battles: Pantheon is a great game straight out of the box. However, the world of Greek myth is vast, and there were many fascinating Gods, Heroes, and Monsters that we just couldn’t fit in.

We’re including some of our favourites in the Stretch Goals as free gifts for our backers, but we thought we could do more. So we did.

Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi
Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

This is the first expansion we want to share with you, and it’s on fire!

For just $49 you get:

  • A 2-4 player narrative campaign in 6 scenarios
  • 1 new board, with 2 new maps
  • 1 new God: Hephaestus, the crippled God of the Forge
  • 1 new Hero: Pandora
  • 5 new Monsters: Prometheus, Talos, Acamas the Cyclops, Colchis Bull, Caucasian Eagle
  • 8 new Troops: KS Exclusive Mechanical Warriors (4), Lava Golems (4)

The Campaign 

(by Tony Berart & Emmanuel Crochet)

This expansion adds Hephaestus to the game in a brilliantly crafted tale of loyalty, reward, and treachery. This narrative campaign lets you pit the Gods against each other in a struggle for the fate of humanity itself. Literally. The fate of humanity. That’s important.

Now I’ve been told what happens, and it’s tempting to explain to you the plot twists and surprises that lurk in this extensively tested 6-scenario campaign, but that would spoil things. You really want the experience of playing this through without knowing what will happen next. That’s far more enjoyable.

The campaign can be played with 2, 3 or 4 players. You decide at the start how many will be involved, and carry on like that through to the end. The author has playtested the scenarios hundreds of times, so they run smoothly and are well-balanced. It’s a great example of how you can take the characters, relationships, and stories from ancient myth and build a whole new story around them.

A New Battleground

As well as the campaign, this expansion includes a new board, with two new maps to play on.

One side is the Forge of Hephaestus himself, with the twin channels of water and magma that feed it. The channel of water has a current to drag along unwary units, though aquatic units can swim along it as normal. The magma channel is hot, very hot, and falling (or being thrown) in hurts.

The other side is inside a Volcano. Rivers of lava make dangerous obstacles and change the positional play dynamic of this deadly board. Plus, units with the Mighty Throw skill will have endless fun chucking their enemies in the lava. I don’t think that’s ever going to get old.

WORK IN PROGRESS by Charles Salom
WORK IN PROGRESS by Charles Salom


New Gods, Heroes, Monsters and Troops

Mythic Battles: Pantheon is full of great miniatures, and this expansion adds a lot more to the mix.


Artwork by Loïc Muzy
Artwork by Loïc Muzy

To show her independence from Zeus, Hera conceived Hephaistos alone. Although he was born crippled, he quickly became the patron god of blacksmiths, fire and volcanoes, and the most outstanding craftsman among the immortals. Hephaistos made many exceptional gifts for both mortals and gods, including the arrows of Artemis and Apollo, and the impenetrable armour of Achilles.

Sculpted by Stéphane Simon
Sculpted by Stéphane Simon

Hephaestus is married to the beautiful Aphrodite, but his wife cheats on him regularly with Ares. Discovering the lovers, he dragged them in front of the Pantheon, where both were humiliated. After this he retreated from the world, shutting himself up in his volcano home, working day and night to improve his unparalleled mastery of the forge.

He is revered for his talent. Athens alone dedicates many festivals and places of worship to Hephaestus in an effort to attract his favours to their artisans.

In combat, Hephaestus is an exceptional warrior, despite his lameness (move 1). This is due, in part, to his powers. The first of these, Fire of the Forge, allows you to attack all units in an adjacent area and then temporarily prevents them from performing any action whatsoever.

His second power, Divine Smith, gains him the assistance of the Lava Golems he designed, protecting him from the attacks of his foes. These troops, in addition to his high defence, make him particularly difficult to bring down.

Sovereign god of volcanoes, Hephaestus is the embodiment of the power of fire and forge!

Lava Golems

Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi
Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

These creatures are some of the attendants of Hephaestus. They are utterly dedicated to him, and do their best to protect him from harm.

Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron
Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron


The unit of Lava Golems is included (at no cost) along with Hephaistos when you choose that God to lead your army. As long as the 4-model unit is complete they gain an attack bonus. In addition, while at least 3 remain in the same place as Hephaistos, that area cannot be the target of an area attack – very useful indeed when he is faced with the thunderbolts of Zeus, or the scenery-throwing skills of Heracles.


Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez
Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez

Pandora was the first human female, created by Hephaistos on the orders of Zeus. She was blessed by each God in turn, receiving gifts of skills, clothes, jewellery, and, unfortunately, character traits. Athena gave her grace. Hermes made her deceitful and gave her the power of speech so she could tell lies…

She is most famous for opening a box that released pain, disease, and a thousand other evils into the world.

Sculpted by Yannick Hennebo
Sculpted by Yannick Hennebo

Unsurprisingly, Pandora is not a combat-oriented character. At least, not most of the time. She does have a good defence because she was blessed by all the Gods, but this much-favoured character is not to be trusted.

If she pays 1 Art of War card she can open the box again to release more Woes into the world. This forces all players (including herself) to discard half the cards they hold in their hand. She also has Hope. This was what remained when the evils escaped from the box all those years ago, and for 1 Art of War card she can find it again. This gives her +1 attack for every card she has in her hand (up to a maximum of 10). So she can attack even with a starting value of zero.


Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez
Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez

Prometheus is the Titan who made humans, and he loved his creations dearly. The Gods punished him for his presumption, and hid fire from the humans. Seeing this, Prometheus rebelled against the Zeus’ command, stole fire from the Gods, and gave it to his creations. In return, Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock and sent the Caucasian Eagle to pluck out his liver and eat it, only for it to regrow over night and be eaten again the next day. And the next…

Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron
Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron

Though he is small for a Titan, Prometheus is both strong and tough. With attack and defence of 8 each, and the power to Regenerate like the Hydra, he is very dangerous in a fight. And as if these raw stats were not enough, he also has the Block, Mighty Throw and Force of Nature skills.

On top of those combat abilities Prometheus brings 2 Art of War cards with him when he is recruited to your army. His second power is Primordial Fire. This can only be used once per game, at the end of his activation. When Primordial Fire is triggered, all players go through their own discard piles and take any Art of War cards back into their hands. This unique power has the potential to be a real game winner.


Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi
Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

The giant bronze automaton known as the Talos was built to defend Crete from any who might attack it. It is known mainly from the tales of Jason and the Argonauts who confronted it while returning with the Golden Fleece. As they neared the island, the Talos threw huge boulders at the ship to try and sink it. Avoiding these, Jason landed, and with the aid of his wife, Medea, he was able to destroy it.

Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron
Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron


The Talos is a bronze giant, so it should not be a surprise that it is a bit slow ,with only 3 activation cards. However, being bronze also makes it very tough, with a defence of 10 and 10 Vitality. Taking inspiration from its story, it can throw scenery like Heracles, and has the Block and Guard skills to protect other units and barricade the way. As the Talos is made of hot metal it is dangerous to attack him – getting too close can get you burned. So, every time he is attacked in close combat the attacker suffers a 5 dice attack. This is in addition to any counter-attack the Talos might decide to do. Troops beware!

Acamas the Cyclops

Artwork by David Demaret
Artwork by David Demaret

Hephaistos is the best smith ever to use a forge, but even he does not work alone. He has 3 cyclops assistants who help him in his labours: creating the many magical gifts he bestows on the other Gods and their favourites. One of these assistants was Acamas.

Sculpted by Stéphane Simon
Sculpted by Stéphane Simon


As an assistant in the forge of Hephaistos, Acamas is predictably strong and resilient. The most damage he can take in any one attack is 2. Any more is ignored. He also has some molten metal with him, and when he attacks, all other units in that area are hit by splash damage. He has Block, Mighty Throw, and Force of Nature to round out his fighting skills. Acamas is not subtle: he is a straightforward fighting Monster, and a dangerous one at that.

Colchis Bull

Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi
Artwork by Guillem H. Pongiluppi

The Colchis Bull was a gift from Hephaistos to king Aeëtes, who was a son of the God Helios, and father of the sorceress Medea. Yoking the Bull and using him to plough a field was one of the seemingly impossible tasks that Aeëtes set for Jason in order for him to win the Golden Fleece. The Bull breathed fire, and would have burned Jason alive if Medea had not helped him.

Sculpted by Irek Zielinski
Sculpted by Irek Zielinski


The Colchis Bull is a large Monster, made of magma, and with a suitably belligerent temperament. It is fond of charging, like the Minotaur, and has a similar ability to attack all those who get in its way while it does so. The Bull also breathes fire – a 6 dice area attack with a range of 1. And if this fire-breathing and rampaging monstrosity did not sound dangerous enough already, he explodes in a ball of fire when he dies, causing a 7 dice attack on every unit in the area!

Caucasian Eagle

Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez
Artwork by Stéphane Gantiez

The Caucasian Eagle is a giant bird of prey, sent by Zeus to torment the chained Prometheus by eating his liver every day.

Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron
Sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron


As a flying Monster, the Caucasian Eagle is a rarity. Mythic Battles: Pantheon does not have many flying units. This gives him some unusual benefits, and makes him particularly manoeuvrable. His stats are 6 attack and 7 defence, though his real potency only appears when you consider his powers. The first of these allows him to re-roll any blanks he gets on his dice when he attacks a non-flying unit. With his second power, only flying units can ever counter-attack against him. This makes him much more resilient than you might expect.

Naturally, given his history with Prometheus, he gets Torment…

Mechanical Warriors

This unit of Troops is a Kickstarter exclusive.

Artwork by David Demaret
Artwork by David Demaret

These Mechanical Warriors are just a few of the many automata that Hephaistos has made to help around the forge. They serve as expendable soldiers when Hephaistos needs to defend his home.


Sculpted by Edgar Ramos
Sculpted by Edgar Ramos


This unit of 4 Troops is mainly notable for their ability to throw fire in an area attack, as long as at least 2 of them remain. Very few Troop units have area attacks, so this may come as an unpleasant surprise for your opponent. The mechanical Warriors also have Guard, as defending the forge is one of their normal duties.

Finally… While these characters are all part of this campaign, don’t forget that they all work just as well in the skirmish mode of the game too. Simply add them to the draft when you next play, and see how they change the tactics of the familiar Gods, and add new synergies to familiar units.

Voice of Olympus

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    1. kenneth white on

      Hephaestus's head different then the stat card and activation cards still the best sculpt.

    2. Thomas on

      It says Talos only has 3 activation cards - But his statcard shows 4. Tiny error.

    3. Mark on

      @Quirkworthy will the stat card for prometheus be the same color as for Atlas?

    4. Andreas Bäsken on

      Really nice expansion, but.. I Would like to see Prometheus with Titan rules, like some other backers mentioned. ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Elia Charalambides on

      As an artist I completely understand creative license and wholeheartedly back your exploration of your very own interpretation of these classic myths in this great project you've put together.

      One thing I will note though is that creative license is often successful when the rendition of an artist's perspective stays consistent throughout the entire project. Making all the pieces feel part of a greater whole. For that I have to echo some people's concern with how Hephaistos' face is represented in relation to all the other gods you've portrayed.

      While I have no objection to how he is represented, he just seems to not "match" the other gods. He feels like he's from a different game.

      As the Gods are a player's avatar I commend your artistic direction in humanizing them by depicting all their faces. By hiding Hephaistos' facial features it detracts from this humanization and alienates him. Making subconsciously difficult to empathize with a faceless avatar.

      Again great work, I just suggest to give him a face to match how you are portraying the other Gods.

    6. Raven Shadowz

      @Litaudon, I think the Hephaisto's sculpt looks awesome.

    7. Missing avatar

      Litaudon on

      Really disappointed for Hephaistos's sculpt. For me he doesn't look like a god from greek mythology at all and doesn't fit with the other gods's sculpts. He looks more a hell-like blacksmith. It's sad because i really like the others sculpts from this add-on. :(
      Am i the only one to feel that?

    8. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      What a fantastic optional buy
      Well done chaps.

    9. Joe Crawford on

      @Peter Baars

      Just add whatever amount you wish for any extra stuff you want (beyond the basic $99 pledge). This amount helps pump up the project during the fundraising process and may lead to more stretch goals being unlocked. If you can't afford it now, you can always add extras once the fundraising process has finished and the backer surveys are sent out (this is where you confirm your address and add extras). Hope that helps.


    10. Peter Baars on

      I'm new to this. Do I just have to raise my pledge by $49 to get this expansion?

    11. Joe Crawford on

      This expansion is excellent. I am rarely critical of sculpts but in this case I have one minor gripe: Hephaestus is supposed to have 'withered' or 'malformed' lower limbs. The legs on this model look like Usain Bolt's. It's the equivalent of sculpting Richard the Third with a nice straight back. Don't get me wrong - the Hephaestus mini looks sensational - I just wish he had dodgy legs.

    12. S

      Overall, if he isn't classified as a Titan and they are using an alt story behind him, they should change the description of him then. So not to confuse anyone of who/what he is in the gameplay of everything.

    13. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Well Prometheus is the brother of Atlas, so it' only natural to think he's a Titan.

    14. S

      Well, the smaller bit is probably already self-answered, he is classified as a Monster. Monsters are smaller then Titans. The only big connection I see of Prometheus being in this expansion is that he stole fire from Zeus to give to mankind, that he created. Outside of that, I can't really find anything else that Prometheus has in connection to the Olympian Gods other then siding with them during the Titan War.

    15. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Hey Samuel, i came here to add this. Why so much smaller too?

    16. S

      Why is Atlas classified as a Titan, but his brother, Prometheus, is classified as a Monster? Just curious of the thought process and choices.

    17. Bazz

      Feeling hot hot hot

    18. Missing avatar

      Dan V. on

      This is cool. And I like the look of the prometheus miniature a lot. But I'm not sold on buying this.

    19. Runeclaw on

      The retail version will have everything but the Mechanical Warriors in it (as the Mechanical Warriors are exclusive to this Kickstarter campaign). The suggested retail price will be $60, so $11 more than you pay for it here during the campaign.

      To add the money for the expansion and help us unlock more stretch goals sooner, click the big blue "Manage Your Pledge" button at the very top of the page.
      That will take you to the "Change your pledge" page. Here you can pick adding some other payment method (add a credit card) or do changed to your current pledge. Click the Change "Your Pledge button", then just change the numbers in "PLEDGE AMOUNT" to what you want (Standard God Pledge + the price of the add-ons). Then press "Continue".
      You will NOT lose your current pledge level this way (so it is safe to do if you have en Early Bird).
      Now you will come to a page saying "Congratulations, you have changed your pledge for Mythic Battles: Pantheon".

    20. Edward

      What will the retail version of the expansion have? Only the 4 lava golems?

    21. Missing avatar

      Jason Miszczyszyn

      Did Someone say "By fire be purged!"? ;)
      Those models look amazing.

    22. Caleb on

      Awesome expansion! However, isn't Acamas a little short for a stormt... I mean a cyclops?

    23. Jason Yeap on

      Wow! but that is kinda of a low blow. putting KS exclusive inside an expansion.

    24. Missing avatar

      The Pit on

      totally in love with the general design of this add-on....
      it really looks like an auto-buy for me....^^

    25. Runeclaw on

      @Dennis: There are a lot of errors on the cards and maybe some in the text. So let us point them out now so they have time to fix it before they send it all off to the printers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Henrik the viking on

      I like Hephasteus and Mechanical warriors sculpts most.

    27. Dennis Werfl

      Are there errors in the cards? Or in the text? Or am I unable to read them? Talso text says 3 activations and 10 vitality while his card shows 9 vitality and 4 activations, golem card show troop size of 3 but it should be 4

    28. DonUlfo on


    29. Frank Lee on

      Well that's how they get you.

      (I was wondering where that King's Pledge was!)

    30. Eclahn

      Well... I didn't need that money to eat anyway.

    31. Bruno Michel on

      Awsone! It would be good to see all miniatures at the same scale to see there "real" size

    32. FranHoiss on

      Seems a good idea to have a size comparison... Where is the spartan when you need him?

    33. Marco Poliakhoff on

      Can we have a picture of these minis together to see the scale please ? Not easy to find gods or troops like that. Thanks

    34. Björn Magnusson on

      Looks pretty spiffy.

    35. Runeclaw on

      The text for Acamas says that he has Block, Mighty Throw, and Force of Nature. And that "Acamas is not subtle". But on the card it says "Sneak Attack" and "Close Protection".

      Anyway, very impressive update with some amazing models that offers great skills. I love it!

    36. Vagabond on

      I love this Fire-Theme Expansion !!! can't wait for the Water-Theme one !!!

    37. Paint'Riot Studio

      awesome !

    38. Red_Rogue on

      WOW! Stephane Simon did awesome work as always! KUDOS!!!

    39. Teowulff

      Nice add-on, added! :-)

      Mostly nice and very nice sculpts, although Hephaistos .. no wonder Aphrodite cheats on him .. :-s

    40. Capt. Dan on

      wow really hot ;)