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Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard.
For 2 to 5 players.
Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard. For 2 to 5 players.
16,038 backers pledged $3,327,757 to help bring this project to life.

Welcome to the Legend!

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

WARNING: I highly recommend you grab yourselves a keg of beer, have a beautiful lady sit on your lap and blast some epic music as you read this, it will feel a lot better

  • $3,327,467 Dollars
  • 16036 Backers
  • 95 updates
  • 55 Stretch goals
  • 22 Add-ons Over
  • 200 models
  • Officially the most successful board game on Kickstarter…

My friends:

Illustration by Georges Cl4renko
Illustration by Georges Cl4renko

"Let me live deep while I live; let me know the rich juices of red meat and stinging wine on my palate, the hot embrace of white arms, the mad exultation of battle when the blue blades flame and crimson, and I am content. Let teachers and priests and philosophers brood over questions of reality and illusion. I know this: if life is illusion, then I am no less an illusion, and being thus, the illusion is real to me. I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, and am content."

Conan - Robert E. Howard - Queen of the Black Coast

When we set out to make Conan, it was to give life to a saga that we all loved, to make a game that would remind us of just what it meant to be a gamer and a lover of high adventure.

But we weren’t alone, we were many and with your help, we have done so, so much more. This is not just a game anymore. It’s a symbol, a record breaker and a testament to just what this community is capable of.

Thank you for all your support, for all the trust you have placed in us. We will not disappoint.

Our tale does not stop here though, I will remain, bringing you regular updates on the project as it advances through the pledge manager, production and shipping phases. We still have plenty of models to finalize too so expect plenty of eye candy in the coming weeks!

You can also keep up with us on: Facebook:

Twitter: @Monolithedition Or my personal shenanigans on : @WhelpSlayer

As for what lies ahead for Monolith, well, you guys have blown our expectations out of the water. All bets are now off as they say but one thing is sure, you have given us the means, the encouragement and the determination to take this ball and run with it. This isn’t the last of you’ve heard of us…

It has been both an honor and a privilege to guide you all through this adventure. Peace out and until next time, may your blades be sharp, your treasure plentiful, may Crom hear your prayers and if he doesn’t, then to Hell with him!

I’ll be back…

Jamie & Monolith.


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    1. Gabriel Rahn

      Thank you Monolith for the great game and hank you for directing me to the project!

    2. Lindon Paxton on

      @Monolith: a great KS campaign. Really looking forward to getting the game sometime late this year or early next. Just one thing missing - the damsels in distress (we get a picture of one in Update #95) but where are the models - not an SG nor as an Add-on. These are so iconic Conan (much more so than a camel!). Maybe something in the pledge manager?

      If you want someone to develop scenarios I am willing to help (I run one wargames club and attend two others so can get a wide variety of players).

    3. Missing avatar

      morelli on

      bien joué à toute l'équipe.
      quant à nous, que nos parties soient épiques.

    4. Crimson Ghost on

      Basil Poledouris is Pounding away as I read this last update!!

    5. RobotechX on

      now all the email alerts will stop.....

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexis Drymiotis on

      Hey, congrats! Any estimation on when the pledge manager will be active? I'm guessing after you account for shipping ?

    7. Loig

      your numbers are off... it's actually 16,038 backers with $3,327,757... just saying ^^

    8. Robert Mckenzie on

      Nice art. I hope it is included in the art bookbook.

    9. Missing avatar

      michael newbanks on

      Soooo, when do you guys think you will start the John Carter of Mars Kickstarter?

    10. Missing avatar

      Mike Fl on

      Besides waiting, please SUBSCRIBE and click "RECOMMENDED" (top left of BGG page)
      that will help to increase the hotness of this 1000 conan-fans-vote to support the game on BGG!
      Here all officially painted CONAN miniature pictures will be released. Stay tuned!

    11. Stefano K. on

      @James: I was thinking the same. In fact I completely agree that "successful" is definitely not the most appropriate word to use right now. Time will give us the answer. For now it's "just" the most funded board game on KS. Congrats Jamie for the great campaign and I look forward to affirm at the end of the year that Conan is the most successful b. game on KS.

    12. Missing avatar

      Seb_Super on

      @James it means it is the most successfully funded boardgame on Kickstarter.

    13. Missing avatar

      James Edwards

      "Officially the most successful board game on Kickstarter…"

      No. With all due respect this is nothing but bravado that sounds good but is meaningless UNLESS your only measure of success is how much money you generated with no thought to fulfillment or customer satisfaction.

      It might be the most well funded board game on Kickstarter but only time and your performance from this part out will determine if its the most successful

      WHEN it is fulfilled within a reasonable time frame from the scheduled completion date with no major changes or "adjustments" to the scope or cost THEN you can claim its the most successful board game on kickstarter.

    14. Djinn on

      La campagne est le nouvel étalon du genre.

    15. Lorne Pearce on

      Congratulations on an excellent campaign!

    16. Agreave (A Dining table set IS required) on

      @Monolith, enjoy this evening your legacy is assured!
      *Cough* still waiting on that DVD smash up though! :)

    17. Jared Bond


    18. Missing avatar

      Jack Davenport on

      I'm glad I backed, this was a wonderful project. Now I just need my Bank to let me spend my money and i'm golden, ruddy NatWest...

    19. Christoph Wassermann on

      My congratulations to monolith for a really well run KS campaign. Looking forward to playing the game!

    20. Tazar Yoot on

      It's not too late! Any chance we may see a chainmail variant of the Vanir Valkyrie?

    21. Missing avatar

      troy chrisman on

      who do I contact? The kickstarter charge an incorrect card of mine. Not the card I wished to use. I want to fix this error.

    22. Monier on

      Congrats guys !
      Can't wait for October !

      thanks Monolith to revive this brutal license :)

    23. AJ the Ronin on

      The October 2015 delivery is not gonna happen. Knowing that I'm glad I backed. The King level was a great value. Worth every penny.

    24. Peter woods on

      Congrats! Its been really exciting seeing what stretch reward was coming next. Well done on a really engaging kickstarter. Cant wait for delivery date!!

    25. Happy Sunshine on

      congrats! looking forward to receiving the bace game sometime in the later half of 2016 and who know when for the rest

    26. Eric Johnson on

      Best of luck meeting that October delivery date! You guys are gonna be busy.

    27. Bobby-One Kenoby on

      AMAZING ! Congratulations !

      This last illustration is very cool. I think too, that would be the perfect illustration for the collector's box... or/and a big poster add-on :)

    28. Missing avatar

      das Grau Geist on

      Congratulations on a successful campaign.

      I am a little surprised that your closing picture shows a damsel that won't have a model, despite many backers requesting one to rescue.

      Or not? Is the depicted damsel in the base box or any of the adds?

    29. Marco Fregoso on

      come on, pledge! pledge more!...
      ops, did we finish?

      Thanks Monolith

    30. Angus Mol on

      Congrats with the deservedly mega-success of this amazing project. Seldom have I been so excited to be part of a kickstarted project.
      All the best in the coming months, which will be a very crazy period for you all, but I am positive passionate pros like you will be able to handle it.

    31. Mikael Jansson on

      Thank you monolith for all your Gard work. By Crom you have Done this KS Conanstyle. Jamie Keep up the good work, but I think you need some time off now ;) Take care.

    32. Luca Papalino on

      Thanks to Monolith and to Jamie and to all community, for this great experience!!!! It was, better to say it is a great CONAN adventure and more to come!!

    33. Chris McKenrick

      Congrats guys. Now the real work continues

    34. Danielle Siler on

      Now do what kickstarter was made for and take the money and run!

    35. Daniel M

      @Paul, yes you will be able to add funds in the pledge manager.

    36. adam w on

      Congratulations on the great campaign. I've got to say, I really like that last illustration, I think that would be the perfect illustration for the collector's box rather than what you have.

    37. Midgard Art on

      Boobies and a fur coat to end the campaign. Perfect!

    38. Mictlan

      By Crom, I shall go further into the night for glory and blood.

      Hope to see this beautifull bounty of sweat, blood and gold get into my mighty palace.

    39. PaniK on

      you missed $3,333,333 :-D

    40. WarWolf on

      Amazing piece of art to end this kickstarter was a perfect choice. Please make sure this artwork makes it in to the collectible campaign book. Congrats and thanks for the adventure.

    41. AJ the Ronin on

      Next project: The Eternal Warrior!

    42. Drogo Knotwise on

      Awesome, cant wait!!! I want the clean image (no text) of that photo there by Georges Cl4renko!!

    43. Dahkon on

      Congrats Monolith !
      My 2nd KS only but the most intense.

      Jamie good job there ! Hope you will all be able to sleep a little more ;)

    44. Alex on

      Congratulations guys! Pretty awesome to see such funding for a boardgame. Much better than the old days of a game maybe getting one expansion if you were lucky and not being able to find it anywhere!

      Great time to be a boardgamer!

    45. Wayward_Darkwolf on

      Congrats to Monolith on an major triumph!
      And congrats and thanks to Jamie on doing such a fantastic job presenting the game, interfacting with subscribers and driving on the pledges - I don't know what Monolith pay you Mate, but it ain't enough!
      Oh, and two fingers up to the idiots who whinged and moaned about the P&P, seemed to think Monolith was running a charity, stamped their feet and spat out their dummies and cancelled their pledges because they weren't prepared to pay the extra 30 or 40 bucks to get a load of free stuff worth well over $600, a lot of it exclusive to Kickstart (i.e. collectors items). They will kick themselves in years to come when they realise that if they hadn't been so short sighted, they'd have come off a lot better.
      Roll on October!!!!!!!

    46. Belgat on

      He he.
      I'll then reread Tad William's MST for the nth time, wait for that old pirate to release Winds of winter, and my box to be deliverd this coming fall. It means lots of beers and slivovica, joj.

    47. Paul Marzagalli on

      Ack! You added a few KS-exclusive add-ons that I didn't account for in my budgeting! I hadn't been paying attention the last few days, thinking that I had made sure all the KS-exclusive stuff is accounted for! Please tell me there will be a chance to add money to get those last two figurines that you added in this week (Red Sonya and the wolves)!

    48. Marco Trajano on

      Congratulations for your excellent work !!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Saevus on

      Par Crom je vais me vider un peu ou deux crânes de bon vin pour fêter ça ! A la vôtre les gars.

    50. Mirko on

      Thank you Jamie. Congratulations Monolith.
      I'm looking forward to see you in Essen in Oktober and to start playing some days later ;)
      If you deliver this year I will call you Crom.