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Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard.
For 2 to 5 players.
Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard.
For 2 to 5 players.
Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard. For 2 to 5 players.
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Adventures in an age undreamed of!


CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of. This is CONAN roleplaying as Robert E. Howard wrote it: savage pulp adventure battling ancient horrors in the Hyborian Age!

Monolith is pleased to announce our partnership with Modiphius Entertainment (Mutant Chronicles, DUST Adventures, ACHTUNG! Cthulhu) for their new Conan role-playing game! They share our vision of Robert E. Howard’s work: staying true to the form and spirit of his original texts and sparing no expense whilst doing so!

With an amazing line-up of writers: Timothy Brown (designer of the Dark Sun setting for Dungeons & Dragons), award-winning Robert E.Howard scholar and essayist Jeffrey Shanks (Conan Meets the Academy, REH: Two-Gun Raconteur, Critical Insights: Pulp Fiction, The Dark Man: The Journal of REH Studies, Zombies from the Pulps!), Jason Durall (Basic Roleplaying, Serenity, The Laundry), Chris Lites (Paizo, Savage Worlds, Omni, Slate) and artists: Sanjulian (Conan Ace Paperbacks, Vampirella, Eerie, Creepy), Carl Critchlow (Batman/Judge Dredd, Anderson: Psi Division), Mark Schultz (The Coming of Conan, Xenozoic Tales, Prince Valiant), Tim Truman (Dark Horse Conan, Grimjack, Jonah Hex), Phroilan Gardner (Age of Conan, World of Warcraft), Alex Horley (Blizzard, Heavy Metal, Magic: The Gathering) and many more, you can be sure that this is going to be one hell of an adventure!

But what does this mean for you guys? Well, they are planning some very cool select cross compatible supplements including new scenarios for the boardgame (yes, new scenarios for us, based on their campaign and scenarios), models as well as floorplan tiles that you will be able to use in your games of Conan!

Modiphius is already working on the roleplaying corebook for Robert E. Howard’s CONAN Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of to be released this Fall. A Kickstarter is planned for the summer to fund a larger range of roleplaying supplements, campaigns, and accessories to follow the core book.

For more info on this great new project, head over to and discover just what treasures and horrors await you! 


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    1. Elessar on February 10, 2015

      Well maybe it's me, as everywhere I play Modiphius follow short. First I play this game called Infinity (sci-fi cyberpunkesque skirmish) and Modiphius decided to KS an RPG in the setting. Now Conan on KS and who pops out? Yep Modiphius with the RPG on KS and interchangeable gameboards to follow up ...

      (I like the idea and I would surely look when it comes out, but I'm compelled to stress that they have a fairly amount of meat on schedule at Modiphius these days; they seem serious enough though)

    2. C on February 9, 2015

      Definitely please have Modiphius integrate their RPG and adventures with your miniatures and boards. Wizards of the Coast's adventures called for monsters whose miniatures did not exist in their D&D miniatures line, and used rooms you could not make with their tile sets!

    3. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on February 9, 2015

      Hell yes! Please keep us in the loop on the start of their Kickstarter campaign so no one misses it :)

    4. Nick D on February 9, 2015

      This is good news =)

    5. Mellekai
      on February 9, 2015

      Dear Jamie, what wonderful news. Please can you make sure, that your backers will be kept informed about the upcoming RPG KS project!. thank you very much, indeed!

    6. AstroCat on February 9, 2015

      I had really good success running a Savage Worlds Sword & Sorcery campaign using the Beasts & Barbarians setting, which I highly recommend.

      But this is very cool too, I look forward to checking it out and will almost for sure back the Kickstarter.

    7. AGN1964 on February 9, 2015

      @Jamie@Monolith Will they make resin versions of your minis? You have some great sculpts you could share with/license to them.

    8. Godfather Punk
      on February 9, 2015

      But... but... There's already a 'Riddle of Steel' rpg...

    9. Calibors on February 9, 2015

      still haven't used my mongoose Conan RPG o.O

    10. Alex Draper on February 9, 2015

      Id prefer savage worlds system too - great for pulp rpg adventure and mini heavy fights That said the old TSR system was marvellous - far better than 1d20 game. Barbarians of Lemuria has its downsides imo...anyway terrific news!!!

    11. Tahd Inskepp
      on February 9, 2015

      Excellent! Now how about giving us an option to order a duplicate set of miniatures so that board game can be left alone when playing the role-playing game?

    12. Lobo
      on February 9, 2015

      Sooo, any Mophidius artits for a guest dox? I see some great names on the Mophidius page. I'd like to see a Briclot box :)

    13. Lysukai on February 9, 2015

      Awesome! This is really great news! Cross-over campaigns between the boardgame and rpg scenarios sound pretty cool :)

    14. Badmojovoodoo on February 9, 2015

      Add an option for Barbarians of Lemuria as well and take my money.

    15. Badmojovoodoo on February 9, 2015

      Cool with a new Conan RPG, but the Barbarians of Lemuria ruleset is THE one to run Hyborean adventures with.

    16. Joseph Figueroa on February 9, 2015

      @Francis Sup sir! sorry i tend to lurk more lately then post haha, its a bad habit :)

    17. Francis Tommaso
      on February 9, 2015

      @Joe: Hey Joe! Fancy seeing you on here!

    18. Joseph Figueroa on February 9, 2015

      @Batei They are going to use their 2D20 system for the RPG, but i would not rule out the option for a SW conversion supplement. They did just that for Mutant Chronicles 3rd edition since a lot of players stressed they preferred the SW rule set.

    19. Francis Tommaso
      on February 9, 2015

      @Batei: Based on a cool barbarian setting I saw online (the name escapes me), the SW system could work real well for Conan.

    20. Jan Schattling
      on February 9, 2015

      That sounds great.
      I really liked their "Achtung! Cthuhu".
      Also everything that might make the game even more popular is good, as it brings new people in the store.

    21. Francis Tommaso
      on February 9, 2015


    22. Parinacotas on February 9, 2015

      How awesome is that !!! We'll be able to use the Conan boardgame maps within a rpg scenario ? adn to use rpg campaign to link several boardgame scenario ?
      Wohooooo ! This is way more than awesome !

    23. Batei on February 9, 2015

      I really like what Modiphius did with Achtung! Cthulhu and the Savage Worlds rule set. Any chance they will use SW and not create a whole new system to learn and use? Why fix it if ain't broke is my motto. :)

    24. Nameless on February 9, 2015

      Awsome news, really happy about this! The value in this campaing is through the roof! ;)