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Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard.
For 2 to 5 players.
Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard. For 2 to 5 players.
16,038 backers pledged $3,327,757 to help bring this project to life.

Death is only the beginning...

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

Far to the South of Conan's home there lies a dry, arid land where a rugged, dark skinned people eke as much of a life as they can out of the sands. The environment is not the only danger in these lands however, there is a darker, more sinister power at work, one that man should have known to leave well enough alone but the promise of power is too tempting for some. Now the dead rest uneasily beneath the sands and monstrous beasts devour men like cattle as the great and powerful watch on, eternally.

Presenting Conan: The Boardgame's Second expansion, written by Bruno Cathala, the author of Five Tribes, Cyclades and Abyss. Delve deep into the sands of Stygia, through undead crypts and hordes of undead abominations to discover the real evil that lurks beneath this sunburnt land.

Included in this expansion is:

  • 1 exclusive Assassin hero
  • 1 Thot-Amon Leader
  • 10 Giant scorpions monsters
  • 1 Scorpion broodmother monster
  • 5 Assassins minions
  • 5 Eternal guard minions
  • 1 double sided game board
  • 4 scenarios by Bruno Cathala

You've read it, you finally have the opportunity to oppose Conan to the most powerful sorceror of all time: the infamous Thot-Amon!


"With an inhuman cry Conan caught up his fallen sword and leaped into the path of the hurtling horror. But even as his sword went up, the forefeet of the black beast smote him like a thunderbolt and sent him hurtling a score feet away, dazed and bruised. Yasmela's cry came hauntingly to his stunned ears as the chariot roared"

by. Robert E. Howard - Black Colossus

Sculpted by Gaël Goumon
Sculpted by Gaël Goumon

 Also some of you will have noticed that the price tag has decreased on this expansion. Well, we originally planned to release a discount pack for purchasing both expansions. However, we thought this may be a little unfair to those who only wished to purchase one set. So instead, we decided to lower the price of both the expansions so everyone could be happy! Enjoy!

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    1. Drake Alexander on

      Son of Set, bowl coffin, Priests of Set all sound like awesome additions, Reaper!

    2. Emery Calame on

      The five free SG mummies and both sets of five free SG skeletons are not listed as being KS exclusive. They will probably be sold at retail in some form.

    3. Abbath on

      No additional spellcards for the sorcerer? Sounds strange

    4. Sithlord - Hero Necronaut of Brimstone on

      @ Reaper - your list sounds like a great expansion.

    5. Missing avatar

      Reaper Steve

      "Delve deep into the sands of Stygia, through undead crypts and hordes of undead abominations..."

      I love the sound of this expansion, but where are the hordes of undead?
      Scorpions and assassins are OK, but should not be the preponderance of minis. Remember, the skeletons and mummies in the King pledge and stretch goals are KS exclusive, so you can't assume a retail customer will have those. As Adrian stated: "How about changing the contents to reflect the tales rather than the on-line game. Give us mummies, a Son of Set, a bowl coffin, The Black Ring, a gigantic snake, Stygian archers and spearmen, Priests of Set!"

    6. Henry Lopez

      Now we're talking. Inceasing my pledge as well! Great job!

    7. Jared Bond

      Any undead scenarios?

    8. Jérôme Lambert on

      Great! I increased my pledge :)
      The King Pledger has just been updated with the new expansion and the new price for the Khitai expansion =>

    9. Matt Drake

      You guys are killing me. First you make Khitai a better deal, then you make it cheaper, and now there's another full expansion. It doesn't help me any that the scenarios are from Maublanc, Bauza and Cathala. I am having a hard time not spending a lot more money.

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Jensen

      I will say, that while I have played the online game, I would really like to see more things from the stories, or even the first two live action movies, than the online game.

      Also, more apes.

      Also, are horses or mounts equipment or part of any scenario? Seems to be me horse stealing could be exciting to run. To say nothing of enacting the attack on the village or the battle of the mound from the first movie!

      I am excited by the expansions though!

    11. Guinch Willmanx on

      Only 4 scenarios for 50 Bucks ? What the heck ? Will you offer as Many free online scenarios on expansions as you'll do on the main game ?

    12. Mike Malley on

      "There was a time," he said with unconcealed bitterness, "when I, too, had my ambitions, beside which yours seem tawdry and childish. ... "Wits and swords are as straws against the wisdom of the Darkness," growled the Stygian, his dark eyes flickering with menacing lights and shadows.

    13. Jere Kasanen

      I hope you (@Jamie) can shed a bit more light into this marvelous expansion... I know that Bruno can do wonders, but maybe a hint on what new to expect from this expansion might push me over the edge ;)

    14. Björn Magnusson on

      I would have liked some snake and baboon monsters but giant scorpions are nice too.

    15. Carmen on

      I'd also like to see maybe a couple more snakes (not necessarily giant, but still large) instead of a bunch of scorpions; I also like that bowl coffin with naga idea.

    16. Emery Calame on

      Adrian I'd love a 'god in the bowl' naga with clay pot coffin . I'm not sure that Stygian archers and spearmen would be all that distinctive from...archers and spearmen. And we already have a giant snake in the main box along with a crap load of mummies in King and a reasonable amount of them in SG.

    17. Simona Dostalova on

      I love what the Monolith has done with the prices. However, I personally will not buy the expansions because of the recent dollar changes, unknown shipping and me spending too much money during last year on games. If I like the game, and I think I will love it, I will deffinitely buy them later. Sorry guys for not helping with the SGs, but at least I pledged for all of the smaller add ons which should not change shipping charges so much.

    18. Eric D. on

      Same as the other, wondering if we would get 11 time the same sculpt for the scorpions?

    19. Chris Scalzo

      You still have to pay for shipping for this... so buying now might not save you money on shipping.

    20. Missing avatar

      Adrian Coombs-Hoar

      Correct me if I am wrong but is this expansion taking its inspiration from the Age of Conan online game? I play it quite a lot and have seen the contents of this expansion in the game. How about changing the contents to reflect the tales rather than the on-line game. Give us mummies, a Son of Set, a bowl coffin, The Black Ring, a gigantic snake, Stygian archers and spearmen, Priests of Set!

    21. Marco Tonino on

      Cool, again. If had to choose I'm leaning to the first expansion, but mainly because I got a lot more info on that one.

    22. Missing avatar

      õ¿õ on

      @Josh Platten But the benefit is you get them in 6 months to a year from now, U2!

    23. Missing avatar

      Paul Cooper on

      I think I'll just be buying the KS exclusives and wait until the expansions and non-exclusive add-ons hit my OLGS. All the add-ons are starting to hit the epic levels of Zombicide, and that's not a good thing.

      Besides, what guarentee do you have that the expansions will come the same time the base game ships?

      I just got my KS Cthulhu Wars base set and I am still waiting for all the add-on expansions. Same situation with Zombicide Season 3. I expect all those non-exclusive add-ons to hit my door step the exact same time they will be available through my OLGS.

    24. Toni Apostoloski

      Man oh man this is getting pricey. From the game itself to all the extras, how much longer can my greed withstand all this cool stuff?

    25. Missing avatar

      jfrank on

      Could the two pieces of concept art with the mask be Natohk? Then the quote would be correct and have nothing to do with Thoth Amun?

    26. Eduardo Guimarães on

      Great expansion! Isn't it too many scorpions :P Are the scorpions sculpture diferent than the one from the streach goal?

    27. Missing avatar

      Adrian Coombs-Hoar

      Menele, the quote they use is from 'Black Collossus', which is absolutley nothing to do with Thoth Amun!
      Go read the description underneath the picture of Thoth Amun, normally the text quoted comes from a tale that features the character in question, this quote does not!

    28. Ur Shulgi on

      Ok, he spelt Thoth Amon "ThoT Amon", but I don't see another mistake. Furthermore, we already have Nathok (300K SG° :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Adrian Coombs-Hoar

      I also would have cheerfully have seen five scorpions swopped for five members of Thoth Amun's 'The Black Ring'.

    30. Eric Arsenault on

      @Josh: But once you factor in the additional shipping fees, your not saving anything, but you do get it faster yes.

      Like you said, its a personal choice and I will just have to wait a little bit more ;p

    31. Missing avatar

      Adrian Coombs-Hoar

      Oh dear, not only have you spelt Thot Amon (I believe the correct version should be Thoth Amun), but you have confused Thoth Amun with the Sorceror Natohk- 'the Veiled One' from the tale 'Black Collosus'! I would love to see Natohk and his Demon steed pulled chariot but you would need to either make him as a Stretch Goal or put him in another expansion. Either way you need to correct your errors!

    32. jphoenix on

      Bottom line on prices. Yes, you can get these cheaper from online retailers later. But the benefit is you get them now instead of 6 months to a year from now. So if you want them now, it is better to buy it now and also it helps stretch goals. So really it is a personal choice.

      Here is an example, on the Arcadia Quest campaign you could buy the Beyond the Grave expansion for $48. The game shipped almost 6 months ago and there is still no release date for the expansion. Also miniature market shows the retail of the expansion of $59.99 and they are selling it for $47.99 on pre-order. So really you are saving no money there.

      So who knows how much this expansion will retail for and when. But still each person can make their own decision on buying them. No right answer here.

    33. Jared Bond

      PLEASE give the scorpions a more active pose!!!
      (but the rest looks great - is it just me, or do they seem to be eavesdropping on our comments....)

    34. AGN1964 on

      Seems like good value! Another winner.

    35. Sanguinius on

      an undead expansion with more scorpions than undead miniatures?!
      and why is there no image or at least an art rendering of all the figures inside it?
      which, by the way is also missing for the khitai expansion.
      i need more info before i decide to buy it

    36. Missing avatar

      Stephen Dondershine on

      So awesome! Added another $50!!!

      The price is more than fair. Perhaps some can't afford it, but that doesn't mean the price isn't right--it means you can't afford it!

    37. Erwan Sablé on

      Et de l'argent qui part encore plus vite... J'ai fait mon pledge au tout début de la campagne (EB) et je n'ai toujours pas retouché à ce pledge, voulant voir ce que vous me reserviez, et je dois dire que ça va faire mal quand je vais le changer... Au budget uniquement hein. Le reste n'est que joie et allégresse.

    38. Mr Bushtroll on

      half the scorpions and triple up on the assassins and i'm game.......may yet just to get the assassins.

    39. Shane (CoffeeGnerd)

      Undead! One of my MANY weaknesses! Cha-ching, here -- have my whole wallet!

    40. Eric Arsenault on

      @Ryan: Well said. The discount is minimal and when you factor in increasing shipping for each expansion, it will be close to double or more what I will later pay online !

      I like the content but I will have more than enough of it from my King pledge and some extras when I get the game...

      By charging too much now; they are missing on sales and also future sales from people who might not remember / care about those expansions once they have played the game.

    41. Jarlaath on

      You guys at Monolith are insane !!!
      This new expansion looks amazing (with B.Cathala inside^^) for 50$ and you adjusted the price of the Kithai expansion.
      I applaude you, nothing more to say.

      @Bino, it means that these heroes can only be found in their respective expansion. you won't be able to purchase them separately.

    42. Emery Calame on

      So, did you guys run out of "h" or has someone trade marked the Egyptian deity Thoth?

    43. Max Maloney on

      @Ryan If MSRP is $55, they are probably closer to $40 than $35 even from online retailers. That's still enough to make me pause with all the other potential add-ons. The question is how soon these will be available at retail. If you play this game a lot, you might be sad to wait a year to get this expansion (and most expansions released in Kickstarters take a long time to hit retail). Then again, if you DON'T play it a lot, you may not need the expansions for a while. Tough choices...

    44. John Favaro

      Nice! I'm glad to see the increased value on the expansions moving forward.
      Totally hope I can put more funds towards this after this weekend :)

    45. BL on

      I'm not sure I understand, are these "exclusive" heroes only packaged when purchased with this kickstarter? If that's not the case, why even use the word exclusive since it's misleading?

    46. Missing avatar

      Spencer Carney on

      Thot-Amon is friends with Dart Vader.

    47. Nostromodamus on



      Look it up if you don't know what slang the kids are using these days...

    48. Fr. Ryan M. Lozano

      STILL not enough content to justify $50. I'll wait and buy it later for closer to $30-$35. I think you guys are really missing the boat here on volume sales - you'd sell and make more offering this at a lower price point, but right now you're pricing a lot of your backers out of the market on this and the other expansion.

    49. D R

      I am a big fan of Bruno Cathala games, especialy Shadows Over Camelot one of the first cooperative board games.

    50. Graeme Henson on

      Isn't that supposed to be Thoth-Amon?