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Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard.
For 2 to 5 players.
Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard.
For 2 to 5 players.
Relive the epic saga of Conan and his companions in a boardgame inspired by the writings of Robert E. Howard. For 2 to 5 players.
16,038 backers pledged $3,327,757 to help bring this project to life.

Wave 2 info and a new scenario


Hi Adventurers,

Here is a status update of wave 2:

  • Asia: Shipment is completed.
  • Australia/New Zealand: The container arrives at the end of the month of May in Australia. The parcels will start shipping beginning of June.
  • USA/Canada: The shipment is completed since May 10th.
  • Europe/South America and rest of the world: Philibert will complete shipping the parcels on Wednesday, May 24th. Because of a change of transport contractor, the parcels for the following countries will be shipped beginning of June: Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Peru, Chile, Guniea.


Please note that if you have an issue with your parcel, you may contact:

The processing of the support requests sent to Philibert will start this week. You should receive a reply to your request shortly.

Please note that all you need to know for your support requests can be found here:


And here is a new scenario for Conan:

The Terrible Lovers: A 3-players scenario that uses the content of the Brom box, and the Ships game board.

You can download the scenario here in French:

and here in English:

The updates are also published in French on our Facebook page:

That's all folks!

ONLY FOR US AND CANADA BACKERS - Shipping information from Ship Naked - 3


Greetings Conan Wave 2 Backers!

As of May 10th, 2017 we have successfully picked, packed and shipped all US and Canadian reward packages that included artbooks for Conan Wave 2.

We send a shipping notification email for each package when it goes through our local processing facility. If it’s been a few days since this update date and you have not seen your notification email, please check your spam folder.

For questions about tracking and shipment status, or if you receive your package and any pieces are missing or damaged, please contact us at

Thank you for your support for Conan Wave 2 and Monolith

- Ship Naked

ONLY FOR US AND CANADA BACKERS - Shipping information from Ship Naked - 2


Greetings Conan Wave 2 Backers!

As of April 28th, 2017, we are picking, packing, and shipping Conan Wave 2 reward packages that include the artbooks out to you. If we run into any snags, we'll provide an update to Monolith so they can let you know here. We’ll also provide them with another update once all picking and packing is complete.

These shipments are for all remaining orders that include Artbooks. For orders that didn’t include the Artbooks, your campaign rewards have already shipped out in the previous weeks.

You should receive a shipping notification to the email you included in your survey or pledge manager when your package label is printed or scanned through the local facility.

Thank you for your support of Conan and Monolith

- Ship Naked

Wave 2 - Status update


Hi Adventurers,

Wave 2: Shipping and support

The shipping of Wave 2 is moving forward nicely. It will take at least 2 more weeks to complete.

For Australia and New-Zeland, it will take a bit more time as the shipping will start mid-May.

If you have any issue with your wave 2 parcel:
- For USA and Canada: please send your request to
- For Asia: please send your request to
- For Europe, Russia, South America, Africa and the french DOM-TOM: please use this form

You can find all the information about who to contact for your support requests here:

Missing punchboards

Missing Punchboard
Missing Punchboard

These are the Life point markers for the add-ons. If you ordered at least one of the add-ons during the Kickstarter campaign, you will automatically receive the correct number of punchboard.

If you purchased an add-on in retail, we have supplied Asmodee with copies of the punchboard. Here is the information on who to contact based on your location:

Campaign book

You can download the Campaign sheets here:

We have started a BGG thread to answer the questions and clarify the issues here:

Revised rulebooks

We will start printing the revised rulebooks shortly. They should be shipped out to you in June.

That's all folks!

Last day to order your revised rulebooks!


Hi Adventurers,

We would like to remind you that today (April 24th) is the last day for those who want to order the revised rulebooks for Conan.

You should have received a message on the email account used during the KS campaign to connect to Fluent (

All the information on how to connect to Fluent are in the update below:

Here are some answers to the some asked questions regarding Fluent:

1) Fluent has no link to the Wave 2 of Conan. It only manages the rulebooks reprint.

2) Fluent only collects your requests for the revised rulebooks. Basically, it is only opened to let you tell us: "I want to receive the revised rulebooks".

3) You do not need to specify how many copies you want. You will automatically receive the number of copies corresponding to the number of games you have pledged on Kickstarter and/or on the previous Pledge Manager, and in the corresponding language. Please do not take into account the summary of your request at the end of the process in Fluent.

4) The add-on page as no use here. It is only a technical page we cannot remove;

5) For those who purchased their game in retail, we will supply Asmodee with revised rulebooks in June. They will distribute them directly through their after-sales service or through the retailers depending on the country

That's all folks!