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    1. Hartley Holmberg on

      I've spotted a typo in the Traits section:
      Moral code has the Teddy Bear symbol which seems clear to be only for the "Harmless" Trait, and Rather should be the Skull with the Slash through it symbol.
      in all honesty I'm kinda stunned that one of Batmans traits wasn't marked properly in the Rules Books and that I seem to be the only person that has noticed?

    2. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones

      Very good. I appreciate the extra effort made to gaming instructions. 😁

      Any update on shipping?

    3. Giuliano Liguori on

      one of the best manuals I have ever read :) it is Crystal clear, and - combined with the video - it really makes it possible to start playing *right away*! if you think I am going to have to introduce the game to my friends - and they have almost ZERO experience of miniatures games before - this is a *HUGE* bonus :)

    4. Scott on

      It may not be a mistake. The rules reference two different things: a movement characteristic, and a move point bonus.
      The character gets 0 movement to start with, then add their move point bonus.
      If they want to purchase additional movement, they get their movement characteristic per cube spent.
      If these are two different stats (i.e. Montoya has move point bonus of 2 and movement characteristic of 1), then it would make sense.
      Additionally, it states on page 24 that you move point bonus is affected by what you're carrying (encumbrance). In reference to this, looking at the board (page 10), 8.5 has a 'cube = 1' symbol above it which might be the movement characteristic, and 11 refers to encumbrance.

    5. Missing avatar

      Borja Quero on

      Is this a mistake?
      Page 21 of the rule book: Each spent cube gives the miniature as many move points as their movement characteristic.
      Page 23. Renee Montoya (movement characteristic 2/2): She has to spend 2 cubes on her movement space to buy the additional al 2 move points required.

      In Conan each spent “cube” (gem) gives only 1 movement point.

    6. Fabian Roth

      Can't wait vor VERSUS mode. Most important feature for me since the evolution from Conan. Love that you can pick your team. Awesome work, Monolith!

    7. Matt John Collaborator on

      I appreciate the enthusiasm, folks.

      Daniel, we will provide tools for scenario creation on the Overlord, I believe.

    8. Missing avatar

      Daniel Hui on

      Thank you!

      Also, are you offering the campaign style template to the community? I'd love to see creators have them done the way you would've intended.

    9. Roch Jonathan on

      Manque plus que le jeux, ha et la figurine exclusive au coffret batman métal

    10. BreezingThrough

      Awesome thanks for the update...
      no further details on shipping... but still at least we have something game related to fill the time with.

    11. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Palmer on

      I love the Batcow Scenario.

    12. Dane Bude on

      Nice, thank you. It'll be great to be able to open it up and already know how to play. Some time for punching and assembly, and it'll be able to go on the table the same day.

    13. Rune on

      I cant wait to get my game :D

    14. Sam Hubbard on

      Whoooo! So happy. Thanks monolith fo being epic as always