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Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
Fight for Gotham City as the heroes or work alone as the villain in a miniatures boardgame for 2 to 4 players exclusive to Kickstarter.
19,303 backers pledged $4,403,197 to help bring this project to life.

Villain Campaign Pack

Posted by Monolith Board Games LLC (Creator)

Greeting Gothamites,

We have a bit of different update for you today. It involves something we said we wouldn’t do, but also something we said we were trying to do. Well, we’ve figured out a way to do the thing we said we wouldn’t do without impacting those we were worried about (our all-in backers) and also managed to offer a few things many have been asking for. But enough of this rambling preamble!

We are going to offer an add-on featuring a mini-campaign of 4 scenarios for villains (as heroes) and 7 hero sheets for these characters.

Our team has chosen the villains as we want to give them the freedom to create the scenarios they think are best. Here is the list of the selected ones:

Villain 1: Bane

Bane sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron
Bane sculpted by Arnaud Boudoiron

Villain 2: The Riddler, Scarecrow or The Joker

The Riddler (by Arnaud Boudoiron), Scarecrow (by Irek Zielinski) and The Joker (by Arnaud Boudoiron).
The Riddler (by Arnaud Boudoiron), Scarecrow (by Irek Zielinski) and The Joker (by Arnaud Boudoiron).

Villain 3: Two-Face, Penguin or Harley Quinn

Two-Face (by Irek Zielinski), Penguin (by Edgar Ramos) and Harley Quinn (by Edgar Skomorowski)
Two-Face (by Irek Zielinski), Penguin (by Edgar Ramos) and Harley Quinn (by Edgar Skomorowski)

As you can see, the mini-campaign will revolve around Bane as the main protagonist.

Face A: Bane and Face B: Bane Venom
Face A: Bane and Face B: Bane Venom

The mini-campaign takes place on the four maps of the base box(es). You will play as Bane and some of the worst criminals of Gotham City he has allied with. Bane’s plan is to use them to take over the city and break its protector, the Dark Knight.

The story begins where you have already seen the heroes, in the abandoned subway station under the city hall. The villains allied with the Court of Owls and they attempt to collapse the building in order to create chaos.
Is this improbable alliance going to hold without betrayal? Will the heroes be able to stop those villains before they take control of the city?

We are planning on allowing each hero player the choice between one or three villain characters just as we do in the regular adventure mode scenarios. There will likely be some progression such as equipment carry-over or character unlocks, but not anything in the way of ‘level ups”. This is a last-minute addition, so we are striking a balance between what we know you want, and what we can responsibly promise to you.

In order to do this, we had to make it financially viable. But don’t worry, for our all-in pledgers, this add on comes free. You will receive it with your all-in pledge and the price of that pledge will not increase.

But others who want to add this to their pledge must pay 10$. Also, and this is very important, you will require a copy of the Versus Mode add on to play these scenarios.

The reason being: you need to use the hero tiles for the scenarios. That’s right, the villain player becomes the hero. So, to be clear, you only need the core box(es) and the Versus mode to use this add on. We hope this massive stone hits a lot of birds, and that you like what we’ve come up with.


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    1. James Robinson on

      Well, I didn't notice this update, and missed out on the content.
      Really hoping they offer this later on...

    2. Missing avatar

      NandorV on

      * @Erymsaz: It's a good idea to change the artwork, but ppl now can switch the figures according to the states of Bane.

    3. Missing avatar

      NandorV on

      Please, add more characters as in the Villain Campaign Pack!

      Even if they are without any scenario or not included in the all-in pledge, it would be much easier to make custom gameplays.

      @Erymsaz: Yeah, probably I'm gonna do that too.

    4. Erymsaz of Arkham on

      Well, now that we are hitting the non-venom Bane, I think you should change the non-venom Bane side of the sheet to match with the new model.

    5. donnbobhardy

      @Zach - And my ruder response is that its more greedy to demand that you be given something for free.

    6. donnbobhardy

      @Zach - I'm not sure you understand exactly what is going on here. There is a difference between a sheet and a tile. The base game comes with tiles for villains and sheets for heroes. The tiles go in the river and are controlled by one player.
      In VS, you get TILES for all of the heroes, including the SG heroes. None of these tiles are available in the core, but you get the hero sheets and the villain tiles in the core.
      This expansion gives you villain sheets, which are not offered anywhere else in the campaign, but the villain players will be fighting against a single hero player, so that hero player needs hero tiles, which come from the VS expansion. That's why this expansion requires VS in order to play.
      And frankly, asking for $10 for something that they didn't plan but are offering us because of all the people who have been asking for campaign-mode, villain sheets, and more add-ons, is not that much.

    7. Missing avatar

      Zach Eagen on

      Its getting greedy to not just include this in the core set. I’ve backed both expansions but dont need versus.

      Im not buying something i dont need, but i would liekt he villian campaign.

      Not to mention that all ot requires is some hero boards, and all stretch goals come with the tiles for the versus mode for free.

      So why not just give the villian canpaign for free.

      Getting too greedy

    8. Missing avatar

      Jesse Wareing on

      NICE!! I was already more than satisfied as an All In backer, but this pushes me over the moon! Nice work, Monolith!

    9. Griffinman01 on

      This made the All-In pledge tasty enough to grab for me. I was already going for everything but the Batmobile since I thought $35 for that and the dice pack was a little much (would rather just have the dice pack and save the money). Getting this as a freebie made that $35 easier to stomach.

    10. John Dossa on

      Interesting indeed. Makes All in a good choice with all the KS goodies. I am looking forward to see how this works soon!

    11. donnbobhardy

      @Gregory - The text won't. KS doesn't let you change the text.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gregory Long on

      It’s not a big deal but when will the “All in” pledge reflect that this is included in the purchase?

    13. Vincent on

      But a suicide squad’s scenario added would be perfect.

    14. Vincent on

      This is a nice trick to make people buy the all-in. That’s what I will do. Because I didn’t want to buy the bat mobile but now, I just have to add 35$ to get new dice, new villain scenario and the bat mobile. That’s fair.

    15. JS Bragg on

      I totally missed a key word...not only did they give us the villain sheets we've been asking for...but also a mini-campaign all in one. Thank you Matt and Monolith!

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Reiss on

      If they add a card for Deadshot and Killer Croc, we could play the Suicide Squad in some scenarios.

    17. Rand Chua TL on

      Need to rest of the villain sheets? :p

    18. Andreu Sánchez Simón

      @Alan Scholting - As I've understood (from Monolith comments), no. Every scenario will have a set of characters to choose from (just like the example in this update; one character A; another to choose between B, C and D; and another one to choose between E, F and G; though maybe some scenarios have more or less heroes to choose from).

      That said, there will appear for sure tons of fanmade scenarios, and I think I read Monolith themselves were going to work on more scenarios as well.

      Also, you can always switch heroes and villains as you wish, The only real issue could be about balance.

    19. Dominic Tsui on

      THANKS! Monolith!

      This is a real surprise and must buy!

    20. Dane Bude on

      Some comments to those that feel this is unfair.

      The "all-in" pledge implies everything for one price. They couldn't charge extra for non-duplicate content. I'd be surprised if Kickstarter would even allow it.

      At the same time, they probably couldn't afford to print up 5,000 plus of these for what is left from the core pledge after all the existing content. As such, they had a choice: charge a small amount for core pledges, or don't make the option available at all.

      If you prefer the 'not at all' choice, you still have it. Your pledge hasn't changed at all. You're still getting exactly what you'd be getting if they hadn't offered this. After all, this is a late-added extra, NOT a stretch goal.

      And here's the free bonus, even if you don't want this: This will cause thousands of people to either pay the ten bucks or up their pledges by $180. Today has already been the third highest day in the past two weeks, and they day isn't over yet. We'll likely surpass any other day after the first week. That means more stretch goals unlocked that ARE part of the core pledge with absolutely nothing removed. Win-win for everyone.

    21. Dane Bude on

      The Versus pack has an extra command board, not a bat-tablet.

    22. Baylock on

      For a moment I felt like betrayed.
      A given word is of no price to me and I felt like this was a spit on our face.
      As a completionnist, I was going to drop the Batmobile because, by principle, I wouldn't have taken this add-on and if I don't take it all, then I'd better get rid of the least interesting add-on in the process.
      But the fact that it finally happened to be free for all-in backers and that they kept their word here just made my faith in this KS stronger.
      No because I will spare 10$. It's not about the money really (it is but not that much).
      But because they kept their word.
      And I'm sure that, all in all, it is a good incentive for some people that will join the all-in club.
      Well done.

    23. Joey Culotta on

      the Versus mode has a 2nd one

    24. Missing avatar

      Fang Yin on

      Please! add one more bat-tablet !

    25. Missing avatar

      Felipe Martins on

      By the way - this "simple" feature brought me to do the ALL-In pledge. Nice move Monolith!

    26. Missing avatar

      Felipe Martins on

      I see this as a universe of new possibilities! Very nice to have the villains as individual players againg one player controlling all the heroes. Thinking this way each villain / hero should have a sheet and a tile (to be played individually or in the command board). Don´t want ot bring this a trouble to monolith, but it definetly is openning the world!

    27. Missing avatar

      Tim Arnold

      Simply Awesome!

    28. BreezingThrough

      nvm got to that section it is part of it.

    29. Missing avatar

      Alan Scholting on

      @Monolith - So, hypothetically...could we use these villains as heroes in any of the other core campaigns as well?

    30. BreezingThrough

      Is it part of the All in pledge?

    31. Hound of Tindalos

      Now, Please add TALIA

    32. Kaladin on

      This is an awesome update. Thanks Monolith :) :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Kevin Gleeson on

      Monolith, you suck ....... I have had to change my pledge to demonstrate my unhapiness. I have changed to all-in because this add-on makes it incredible.

      Hate you guys so much........... Forcing me to up my pledge by including this....

    34. Missing avatar

      Jan-Frederic Hormann on

      feels like christmas , really cool

    35. TobiLee on

      YESSSS!! I have been asking for THIS since day one, thank you monolith!!!

    36. dajebriza

      What an amazing gameplay add-on. You guys are so great!

    37. Missing avatar

      Eddie L Gloria on

      This, I love! This is an incredible add-on! I'd pay extra for this! haha

    38. Jason on

      Awesome addition! With 7 hero cards for villains, that opens up a lot of possibilities for fan-made scenarios.

    39. The King of Average on

      This is absolutely AMAZING! Love it! :D More scenarios are always welcome, and the chance for me as the typical "Overlord/Nemesis/Villain" to control Batman :D

    40. John Merrow on

      Awesome! Any chance we can Pup a card for Mr. Freeze in as a stretch goal?

    41. Missing avatar


      Nice :-)

      Any chance this will be expanded to include all villains as dashboard cards ?
      It definitely opens the game to scenarios where Batman & co has to play the part of the 'evil overlord' .

      I do wish the 'juiced Bane' looked a little more *eh* 'juiced', but then this is pre-production art so you probably have that planned already (right ?).

    42. Tyler Tinsley on

      Brilliant! You have given people what they want in an effective and smart manner! Who thought just a few character sheets could boost the value of the all in pledge so well. Great job.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bethov 7 on

      +1 with Dondon, Ivy, ClayFace would have been great adds for this mode.
      A big thanks to Monolith

    44. DomitienAW on

      That's just incredible!

      Guys, you rock

    45. Teskal Flink, Wereskunk on

      Very cool, I hope there will be also a Suicide Squad pack.

    46. Matt John Collaborator on

      Sergio, it's not a Versus style campaign. It just requires Vs mode because that's where the hero tiles can be found. It's a collection of Adventure mode scenarios, each for 3 Heroes (except they are villain characters) vs one other player (who controls heroes on the Villain board).

    47. Neilzebub on

      Thank you for the unexpected bonus! :D

    48. Qumad

      Cool and pleasantly suprising update.
      Keep those coming =D